Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw Vs Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw

Comparison Review: Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw vs Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw



Had enough of uneven, unbalanced portable table saws? Now there’s a table saw that will rip through different materials without moving an inch. This is a cabinet table saw that gives you a large working space where you can work on different projects without delay. This table can be assembled and disassembled on site with tons of features for efficient cutting.

In the market, two brands shine when it comes to cabinet table saws: Powermatic and Grizzly.

The latest Powermatic table saw has a 50-inch fence which can give you plenty of room to work, cut and construct. This cabinet saw only needs 115 volts power to eat through different kinds of material for any kind of project. This updated Powermatic table saw is the brand’s gold standard in table saws. It is stable, durable and makes fewer vibrations because of its poly-V belt.

All these great features and more make this cabinet table saw a good addition to your workstation or worksite.

Meanwhile, the most updated Grizzly cabinet table saw comes with a powerful riving knife. This has a 10-foot left tilting table which will give you a lot of versatility. This has heavy duty cast iron trunnions with a cast iron table and a heavy duty cabinet. The riving knife has a quick release blade guard and a push stick. This moves up and down and will tilt with the blade to make intricate cuts. The Grizzly has a tough 3 HP 220V single-phase Leeson motor which is one of the strongest and most efficient in the industry.

This Grizzly cabinet table saw maybe a good power tool for your needs.

Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw vs Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw

Product DetailsPowermatic Cabinet Table SawGrizzly Cabinet Table Saw
Product Dimensions36 x 27.5 x 63.8 inches24 x 30 x 43 inches
Weight465 pounds530 pounds
Motor Power115 V, 1.75 HP220V, 3 HP
AccessoriesWith included attachmentsWith included attachments
Ratings9 out of 109 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to pick the right product

Here are a few pointers on how to choose the ideal cabinet table saw for your worksite or workshop:

  • A flat table is better

Your working table should be flat especially the area that is closest to the blade. This area is known as the most important part of the saw and should be completely flat. Use a plane to check for flatness. If the table you are thinking of buying is not flat in any area surface, skip it.

  • Splitter or riving knife

A splitter is a good idea but a better one is a riving knife because it moves up and down with the blade. You can use this for a variety of applications. With a riving knife, you don’t need to deal with a large guard in the way of your cuts. In most table saw models, the riving knife is easier to remove and will only need a simple overhead guard. A riving knife also makes your cuts safer.

  • With zero-clearance inserts

Of all the things that you must check when buying a cabinet table saw, you must check that it has zero-clearance inserts. Usually, inserts that come with the saw have too wide of a gap. Otherwise, you can purchase inserts with very little gaps or you can make your own.

  • Choose a solid fence

Your cabinet saw should have a reliable and solid fence. It should hold when you lock it down and won’t have any unnecessary movements. There should be no flex movement and the fence should be straight and true to make clear and clean cuts.

  • Table leaves

Table leaves increase the size or surface of your table saw. It does not matter if the leaves are not made of metal for as long as these hold the weight of the material.

  • Overall table construction

Your cabinet saw should be made of tough material and should hold for years of use. The most common material used to make cabinet table saw bodies is cast iron because this is durable and sturdy.

How do we compare Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw vs Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw?

  • Quality

The latest Powermatic cabinet table saw has a number of quality features you may find interesting. The most winning quality of this cabinet saw is its overall construction. It looks and feels tough and professional with its cast-iron body and updated cutting features. It has a powerful 1- ¾ HP motor equipped with a poly-v belt that can reduce vibration and motor efficiency. This updated cabinet table saw is actually the first saw that is wired for 115V use. Other quality features include a dust collection features, accurate fence system, and a sturdy miter gauge.
On the other hand, the Grizzly cabinet table saw has a variety of quality features which start with its heavy cast iron construction. A heavy cabinet saw body is needed to make accurate and clean cuts with a variety of materials. Its massive cast iron table and wings is another winning feature making it perfect for the large stock material.

  • Blade Size

The Powermatic and the Grizzly cabinet table saw both use a 10-inch blade. These blades are replaceable with extra blades available from local shops and from online shopping sites like Amazon.

  • Weight

The Powermatic cabinet table saw weighs a gargantuan 465 pounds which makes it sturdy and efficient as a table saw. Meanwhile, the Grizzly weighs 530 pounds which also is a tough table saw to move. This is a table saw that will give you a stable and efficient base to work on for any kind of project.

1) Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw

Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw

Why Use the Powermatic Cabinet Table Saw and Who is It For?

The latest Powermatic cabinet table saw is for professionals who want only pure power, precision, and clean cuts. This is for contractors, carpenters and professional woodworkers who work on-site or at the workshop.


The Powermatic cabinet table saw is a wired 115V power saw with a 1- ¾ HP motor with a poly-V belt. It is very heavy and durable making it steady for any kind of project. It can provide quick and clean cuts because of its durable base. It has good dust collection power that will remove dust and dirt as you use it. This has a hands free power switch so you can use this efficiently and safely. This has a tool-less guard assembly to make it easier to change the blades, for improved safety and maintenance. This Powermatic cabinet saw also has a sturdy miter gauge that pivots 60 degrees to either side for easy adjustments and to make a wide variety of cuts.

Main Features

  • Requires 115V power
  • With a collection hose for improved dust collection
  • With hands-free switch
  • With a tool-less guard assembly
  • With a sturdy miter gauge that pivots 60-degrees to either side
  • Easy adjustments
  • With a sturdy cast iron base and table surface
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


Where do you purchase accessories for the Powermatic cabinet table saw?

You can purchase accessories for the Powermatic cabinet table saw from local shops that sell authorized Powermatic products. Be sure to use only genuine parts, accessories, and blades to optimize the use of your power saw.

How do you care for your Powermatic cabinet table saw?

Use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe away dirt and dust on your saw blade and surface. Check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain this kind of saw.

How do you operate a Powermatic cabinet table saw?

Operating a Powermatic cabinet saw requires some form of training and this can only be achieved by months of training. There are a number of instructional videos online to help you operate this table saw.


  • With an efficient dust collection for improved sight line.
  • With a tool-less assembly that will let you change blades faster.
  • Has a sturdy miter gauge to let you make easy adjustments.
  • This has a strong, durable body.
  • Has a large working surface so you can work with larger materials.


  • Needs serious assembly once you get it.
  • Is very expensive but it does not come with a riving knife.

2) Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw

Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw

Why Use the Grizzly Cabinet Table Saw and Who is It For?

The Grizzly cabinet table saw has a 10-foot left tilting feature that could become the focal point of your workshop or workstation. This table saw is for professionals who want precision and quick cuts all the time. This is for people who know what a powerful table saw can do.


The Grizzly cabinet table saw is all about quality cuts and good performance. This has a heavy cast trunnion, precision-ground cast iron table covered with a powder-coated paint. It is powered by a 3 HP Leeson motor, one of the most powerful motors for power tool use. The motor connects to a triple belt drive to power it’s cast iron table and wings. Because of this table’s construction, it could give good cuts for a lifetime.

The Grizzly cabinet table saw has a camlock T-fence, a riving knife, heavy cast handwheels, a magnetic switch and a T-slot miter gauge, all of these features will make an efficient table saw for worksite use.

Main Features

  • With a 3 HP 220V single-phase Leeson motor
  • With a left blade tilt
  • With precision ground cast iron table
  • With cast iron trunnions
  • With a dust port
  • With a T-slot miter gauge
  • Comes with riving knife and blade guard
  • With a camlock T-fence with HDPE face
  • With a quick release system for changing the guard/riving knife
  • With a powder-coated paint
  • With standard and dado table inserts
  • With nylon runners inside fence head
  • This is precision hardened and ground polished cast iron top
  • With arbor speed of 4300 rpm, arbor size of 5/8 inch
  • With dado width of 13/16 inch
  • Maximum rip capacity of 291/2-inches
  • With 62 x 41 x 40 inch table


How do you maintain a Grizzly cabinet table saw?

You can maintain a Grizzly cabinet table saw by wiping the saw body, blade and working surface clean using a soft, clean and dry cloth. This will keep the saw clean and free from dust and of course ready for next use. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain or clean this cabinet table saw.

Where do you purchase accessories for a Grizzly cabinet table saw?

You can purchase accessories and blades for the Grizzly cabinet table saw from authorized online and local dealers. Make sure to use only genuine accessories and blades. Using generic blades and accessories can affect the way your saw performs.

Where do you take your Grizzly cabinet table saw for repairs?

You can take your Grizzly cabinet table saw to authorized repair centers near you. If you are unsure of the location of the nearest authorized repair centers then contact customer service. If your cabinet saw is still under warranty then you can use this warranty to cover your tool’s repair or parts replacement.


  • This gives you a variety of cuts for varying applications.
  • This saw looks safe, sturdy and efficient.
  • This saw has an easy to locate power buttons for safe use.
  • This will allow you to make different cuts with its versatile cutting abilities.


  • This cabinet table saw is one of the most expensive.
  • This needs major assembly before you use it.

The Final Cut

When it comes to power and features, the latest Powermatic and the most updated Grizzly cabinet table saws go head to head. Both have wide, strong and vibration-less work surfaces making it easier to work on a variety of materials and even on large stock materials. Both power tools look very sturdy and updated, with controls that will let you easily operate this tool.

However, when it comes to weight, the Grizzly is heavier and therefore sturdier and more efficient than other cabinet saws.

Both saws are very expensive but at least the Grizzly comes with all the accessories you need.

With the Powermatic, you still need to purchase a riving knife and other accessories, therefore, spend more.