Riyobi Table Saw Vs Harbor Freight Table Saw

Comparison Review: Ryobi Table Saw vs Harbor Freight Table Saw



Table saws are indispensable power saws for any workstation or woodworking area. You need a table saw to make different kinds of cuts. A table saw is efficient, precise but bulky and heavy which is why the updated table saw models these days are compact and mobile. I am talking about the latest table saws from Ryobi and Harbor Freight.

Ryobi and Harbor Freight are very popular power tool and power cutting tool brands in the market which have the most updated products.

The Ryobi for one is a portable power table saw with its own X stand. It has a powerful 15-amp motor that will help you tackle a variety of materials and applications. It has a quick-folding stand so you can transport the saw to the worksite. 

Meanwhile, the latest Harbor Freight Table Saw is a table saw with a large working area for larger stock materials. It makes precise cuts all the time. It has a diamond dry blade with 40 teeth. It is simple to use and can be set up where you want to work.  

Ryobi Table Saw vs Harbor Freight Table Saw

Product DetailsRyobi Table SawHarbor Freight Table Saw
Product Dimensions34.9 x 22.9 x 22.9 inches8.7 x 6.7 x 6.3 inches
Weight50 pounds7.4 pounds
Motor Power120 volts120 volts
AccessoriesBare ToolBare Tool
Ratings5 out of 106 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

The following is a guide on how to choose the ideal table saw for your needs. A table saw is a huge investment so take your time choosing a quality model to give you years of good use.

  • Do you need a workshop or worksite table saw?

There are two general types of table saws: a job site or worksite table saw and a stationary, benchtop or workshop saw.

A job site table saw is taken from worksite to worksite because this is portable, compact and usually comes with a stand/table and may come with or without wheels. Stationary or benchtop saws because these use a table or a workbench to support the saw. Workshop saws are heavier, stronger and can take larger materials.

  • Check table saw blades

Saw blades come with varying diameters, arbor size, number of teeth, kerf size, speed, application, and blade material. Regular table saws use 10 or 12” saw blades but you will also be able to find compact table saws with smaller blades. The number of saw blade teeth is from 24 to 80. The most common material used in blades is carbide, carbon steel and diamond.

  • Check table saw motor

The motor power of a table saw depends on the saw’s size. Smaller, portable table saws have direct-drive motors that operate on 120 V power at 2 HP. Smaller saws can cut thinner materials such as wooden panels, vinyl, laminates and thin sheets of metal. Table saws larger motors are mostly benchtop saws with 3 to 5 HP. Table saws with stronger motors are equipped with a belt drive to transfer the power from the motor to the blade and these run on 240 V. Stronger motors can cut larger and thicker pieces of material such as lumber, flooring, and logs. But if you are looking for a table saw for general use (to cut the light to heavy materials), a powerful motor would be better to take any kind of material.

  • Fence and miter gauges

The table saw fence gives a table saw better advantage over other types of the saw. A T-square fence comes with a strong design and will give your tool improved accuracy. This is a feature to look for if you need to make angled cuts and cross cuts on different materials. Updated table saws usually come with a tool fence and miter gauge.

  • Tools with complete saw accessories

The most common accessories that come with a table saw sets and kits are table extensions, on and off switches, wheels, onboard storage, blades, wrenches, tables and dust collection features.

How do we compare Ryobi Table Saw vs Harbor Freight Table Saw?

  • Quality

The quality of a table saw is from the type of material the saw is made, the type of blade it uses, any good features or ergonomic features that are not available from other table saws. Harbor Freight Table Saw is a portable and efficient table saw equipped with a large working area for larger stock materials. It is precise and creates clean cuts all the time. It is durable and can eat through any material especially for a variety of applications.

The latest Ryobi Portable Table Saw is a versatile power saw with its own stand. It has updated features and a powerful 15-amp motor. It has many interesting quality features like its quick-folding stand that will allow you to transport this saw to anywhere you need to be work. This saw is simple and easy to use. You can set it up in seconds and disassembled immediately after as well.

  • Blade Size

The updated Ryobi table saw has a 10-inch sharp circular blade while the Harbor Freight table saw has a 4-inch blade. These blades are completely replaceable and replacement blades are available online and from local shops that sell genuine parts and accessories for Ryobi and Harbor Freight power tools.

  • Weight

The Ryobi table saw weighs at least 50 pounds while the Harbor Freight power tool weighs less than 10 pounds. Clearly, the Harbor Freight power tool is more portable, compact and efficient. The heavyweight creates stability for a table saw. This is very important if you need to cut large pieces of material.

1) Ryobi Table Saw

Ryobi Table Saw

Why Use the Ryobi Table Saw and Who Is It For?

The Ryobi table saw is a portable power saw for people who want to cut materials accurately and more efficiently. It has a large surface cutting area that works well with large, heavy and compact materials. It also has a powerful 15-amp motor. This may be the table saw that you can use at your workshop at home or at the worksite.


The latest Ryobi Portable Table Saw is a compact, easy to use and efficient power saw with an X-Stand. It has a powerful 15-amp motor to help you deal with a variety of materials like wood, wood panels, acrylic, tiles and more. it will also work with heavy-duty materials. It has a quick-folding stand so you can set it up and tear it down to transport it to anywhere you need to work. It is easy to use and can be disassembled after you are done without stress or delay. This may be the power table saw you have been looking for.

Main Features

  • With a 10-inch blade
  • With an X-Stand
  • With a powerful 15-amp motor
  • Can be used on a variety of materials
  • With a quick-folding stand
  • May be easily transported to anywhere you wish to work
  • Durable


Where can you take a Ryobi table saw for service?

Take a Ryobi table saw to an accredited service center for repairs. Look for the nearest service center according to your location or you can call customer service for help. If your table saw is still in warranty, take your receipt and your warranty card to get free service or even parts. If the saw is no longer under warranty, take it to an accredited service center for expert repair and for genuine parts replacement.

Where can you purchase a Ryobi table saw blade?

You will be able to purchase a Ryobi blade from an accredited Ryobi local shop or from an online site. Purchase only genuine blades and accessories and never use generic blades. This will only affect the way you use your table saw.

Can you use another blade for your Ryobi power saw?

You can’t use just any kind of blade to replace your original Ryobi power saw blade. You must use only genuine blades because these will always fit and will never ruin your power saw. Check manufacturer’s information about any techniques on how to replace blades on your Ryobi table saw.


  • With a powerful motor and large materials.
  • With a convenient X-Stand for a secure and safe tool.
  • May be transported anywhere you need to work in.


  • Cart legs look flimsy and may wobble.
  • Does not have wheels to move the heavy saw body.

2) Harbor Freight Table Saw

Harbor Freight Table Saw

Why Use the Harbor Freight Table Saw and Who Is It For?

The Harbor Freight table saw is for people who want precise cuts and an easy to use a table saw. It is for people who do not want a heavy power saw and would like to prevent hand and arm strain. This power tool is very light weighing less than 10 pounds so this could be a miracle for people who need an easy to carry power tool on the worksite.


The Harbor Freight table saw is a compact and durable power saw that has features that make it a woodworking tool. It has a miter gauge as well as two slots for precise angle cutting. It will give you a maximum depth cut of 90% at ¾ inches. It has a blade guard and transparent eye guard to protect your hands and eyes as you work. It has a blade diameter of 4 inches and uses a diamond dry blade. It also comes with a 4-inch x 40 tooth C2 carbide tipped blade that can tear through a variety of materials. It has a powerful 0.9-amp motor which can give you pure power. The table dimensions for this tool is 7- ½ inches x 5 – ½ inches so it’s a good enough working space for moderately –sized materials. This is lightweight and therefore can be used on a variety of applications and can be taken to any worksite or woodworking space.

Main Features

  • With a miter gauge and two slots for angle cutting
  • With a maximum depth of cut at 90%
  • With blade guards and a transparent eye guard
  • With a 4-inch blade diameter
  • With a 0.9-amp motor
  • With a moderately-sized working table
  • Can be used on a variety of materials


Where do you buy replacement blades and accessories for this power tool?

The best place to purchase genuine blades and accessories is from an online shop. However, you can also purchase accessories and blade from an actual shop that sells Harbor Freight tools and parts. Be careful and trust only genuine accessories and blades.

How do you take care of this table saw?

Follow the manufacturer’s information on how to take care or maintain this tool. For dust and dirt that has accumulated on the blade and saw body, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe these away. Use a small brush with soft bristles to remove dirt from hard to reach areas of the saw. Never use water and soap or any chemical cleaners on this saw blade or saw the body.

Are there any special warranties for this table saw?

For warranty information, contact customer service for Harbor Freight tools. You must keep your warranty card and receipt so you can use this in case you need to have your tool replaced or repaired. If your tool is no longer under warranty you must still take it to an authorized repair center for skilled and expert care. An authorized repair center will replace parts with genuine parts as well.


  • This is light therefore you can use it anywhere
  • This saw has safety features.
  • This is simple to use and easy to assemble.


  • This is very light and cannot hold very large materials.
  • This has limited features for cutting.

The Final Cut

Comparing the Ryobi and the Harbor Freight table saw was not easy because both tools were portable, easy to use and can make precise cuts but it’s clear that the Ryobi wins. This is because it can be used on larger and thicker materials whereas the Harbor Freight power tool is too light to take tough materials and stock.

Shopping smart by comparing products and looking closely at their good qualities will help you get the best tool for your needs. Because of this, you will also be able to find the ideal table saw that will give you years upon years of good use.