How To Make A Pyramid Out Of Wood

How To Make A Pyramid out of Wood


Ancient Egyptians built pyramids for the pharaohs and their queens. I was amazed at how they perfectly made the shapes and sizes with the right dimensions of it since way back before, building new technology techniques were not yet available.

I am a great fan of Nefertiti, the great royal queen of an Egyptian Pharoah. This gives me an idea to make this simple yet creative project. Now, in this tutorial, you are going to know how to build a pyramid out of wood. Stay tuned, relax and enjoy the step by step tutorial.

What You Will Need To Follow This Tutorial

  • Square plywood
  • Ruler
  • Spray Glue
  • Sand
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Masking Tape
  • Wood Glue

Just a quick tip, put the pyramid on newspaper, magazine or any accessible used paper before pouring the sand to reduce cleaning up, this would lessen the hassle. Make sure that the sand that you are using is dry and ready to be poured on to the wood pyramid to avoid clumping within the surface.

Step by Step Instruction in Making the Wood Pyramid

Step 1: Measure the sizes of the pyramid triangle with your choice of size and dimension

Using the pencil and ruler, trace the square plywood with the height and dimension that you prefer. Determine first the size of the pyramid before you choose the correct plywood.

Now, we should choose two plywood squares with the same size and consider the combined weight of each plywood. Just to give you a quick heads-up, the finished product may vary with the weight after the building structure.

Use the saw to cut the plywood to make an equal side of the triangle for our pyramid.

Step 1 Measure The Sizes Of The Pyramid Triangle With Your Choice Of Size And Dimension

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Step 2: Assemble the triangle sides with their long sides on the base to make four sides of the pyramid

In this step, we are going to use the second piece of plywood for the pyramid base. Place the four sides of the triangle with their long sides on the base to create the illustration of the four-sided pyramid. Using the masking tape, tape all the sides on the inside to firmly stand the pyramid.

Step 2 Assemble The Triangle Sides With Their Long Sides On The Base To Make Four Sides Of The Pyramid


Step 3: Glue all the sides using the wood glue to secure the pyramid structure

In this step, prep all the dimension to securely hold all the sides, use the wood glue along the horizontal surfaces of the base to glue all the sides. Make sure that you level all the sides including the base to make our project perfect, we don’t want our pyramid to be crooked. Allow all the sides to completely dry before continuing the next procedure, this is now the final structure of our pyramid.

Step 3 Glue All The Sides Using The Wood Glue To Secure The Pyramid Structure


Step 4: Pour the sand into the pyramid to add a rough and sandstone illusion

Spray the glue on the surface by following carefully the directions on the can. While the spray glue is still sticky, pour directly the sand on the pyramid, don’t forget to place the magazine under the pyramid to let the sand scatter on the paper to reduce the clean-up. Do not overdo the pouring of sand, we only need a thin layer of sand that is equally distributed on each side to keep it light and simple.

Step 4 Pour The Sand Into The Pyramid To Add A Rough And Sandstone Illusion

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Created and Illustrated by Dawn Marcotte

And there we have it, a nice, simple yet illustrative pyramid in just easy and quick steps. Did you find this informative, easy and enjoyable? You can also make this, this could be fun, exciting especially if you are making this for a decoration or a project.

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