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How to Remove Mod Podge From Wood – Step-by-Step Guide


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Mod podge is a means of decoupage. It does not only act as glue but also as a varnished design. It is mostly used to create art and craft designs. Just like many of the acrylic products present out there in the market, mod podge also comprises several chemicals that refine it with the properties of a fixer.

One shall not make the mistake of comparing mod podge with the watered-down glue that was once a big part of our life back in school. Unlike that one, mod podge is a non-toxic chemical that finds its place in a variety of uses of our daily life.

From dry clearing the top surfaces of wooden furniture to wrapping the legs of a wooden stool, mod podge is an essential element for homes with considerable wooden furniture. If you are a creative being, then you’d certainly be well familiar with the myriad uses of decoupage. But when we are trying to put mod podge to work, it often happens that we end up messing the whole thing. And we need to believe that it’s not very unlikely. Being strangely sticky makes it a bit difficult to work with. And hence arises the need to ‘un-mod podge’?

But, would not that be an irksome task to do away with mod podge from wood? Well, it depends on what steps you are following, what chemicals you’re using, and how much time you are investing to restore the decoupaged area. Though it can be pretty confusing to follow the right steps. And that’s why here is a compilation of four steps on how to remove mod podge from wood.

Step-by-step guide on how to remove mod podge from wood

Step 1: How to remove mod podge from wood by using sandpaper

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Mod podge solids well with the wooden furniture surface. And while working with it, there is a high chance that you would stick the top surface with it. But there are ways to correct it. Wet and fresh mod podge marks can be removed by sanding the area.

• If the surface of the wood is varnished or is painted then might just have to accept the possibility of losing the paint job.

• With that, begin with sanding the area where the mod podge sits. (Even though you are working with the change of ending up with unsightly wooden top furniture, it is still better than discarding it in the dustbin right away)

• Remove as much fabric and paper off the surface as you can. (Even if you are not able to remove anything, worry not! We have got you covered in the coming steps)

Step 2: How to remove mod podge from wood using a spray bottle

The fact that in some cases mod podge marks can easily be removed, while in some it can be a very troublesome task depends very much upon the surface. You can easily remove the glue while it is still wet. But what if the chemical has hardened? Well, here are the steps.:

• Apply warm water to the decoupaged area by using a spray bottle.

• Meanwhile, soak a cloth in water for some time.

• After the cloth is perfectly saturated, spread it on the mod podge marked area.

• Leave the surface dampened for a good time of thirty to sixty minutes.

• After an hour, take the cloth away and you can see the hardened mod surface losing its binding now.

• Now it is the time to scrub. To protect the top surface of the wood from any damage, it would be better if olive is applied.

• Gently scrub the area thereafter. Taking utmost care of your wooden furniture, make sure that the scrubbing is not done too hastily.

• Now brush away the fine grains of sandpaper that must be splattered around.

• By now you can already find the mod podge peeling off.

To wipe the wood clean off the mod podge, repeat the steps at least once more.

Step 3: How to remove mod podge from wood using alcohol

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Alcohol is an essential element that helps in removing mod podge. Whether it is a dry or a fresh mark, using alcohol helps in weakening the bondage of the decoupage.

• Using a stained cloth, wipe off the decoupaged area as much as possible. Use some reasonable force to weaken the top layers of the mod podge.

• Now take a clean cloth and dampen it using rubbing alcohol.

• Thereafter, blot up the area using the alcohol-dampened cloth.

• Leave it for the next 10 to 15 minutes.

• After that, using a butter knife start scraping off the layers of mod podge layers.

• Instead of using sandpaper or a butter knife, you can use a Nylon pan scrubber. It is a safe option that does not damage the paint and the top sealant of the furniture.

Step 4: How to remove mod podge from wood using dishwasher

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When it comes to dealing with how to remove mod podge from wood, then a dishwasher always comes in handy. Follow these simple to use dishwashers.

• Smear the area with a layer of any household oil or even petroleum. Leave it that way for a while.

• Meanwhile, keep a solution of the dishwasher in the water ready.

• After thirty minutes, soak a sponge into the solution and start scrubbing the blotted area.

• Scrub for some time and check if the stains have started vanishing. Even if you do not find considerable differences, do not be alarmed because it takes a while for the dishwasher to remove the mod podge.

• Repeat the process until you clear off every bit of decoupage.

By following these steps you can remove the decoupage without a lot of effort. Just make sure that you are using the right chemicals and taking the necessary precautions while dealing with them. And there you go!