Step 3 Bottom Assembly

How to Build a Woodworking Bench | DIY Project


Are you looking for a project that you can call your own? Are you a woodworker who is planning to get a woodworking bench where you can complete more projects? A DIY woodworking bench is a good option that you can take into consideration. You can put all of your creativity into the design, and allow it to work its purpose.

Rather than spending a lot of money just to purchase a bench, building your own one feels more satisfying. A traditional workbench is typically made out of a sturdy table. However, a real woodworking workbench is designed to secure wood of different sizes as you perform other tasks including drilling, sawing, and sanding.

If you are wondering how to build a woodworking bench, you have come to the right place. Of course, if you ask different woodworkers, you might get different responses on the procedures. However, for this guide, we will be making it as simple as possible with beginners in mind. What are you waiting for? Let’s get our hands ready for this woodworking challenge!

For this, you need to have an intermediate level of knowledge about operating woodcutter, miter saw, and hand saw.

Items Needed for this Project

  • (2) 4 x 4 lumber boards
  • (2) 2 x 4 lumber boards
  • (2) plywood sheets
  • (4) 4 inches caster wheels
  • Minwax gunstock stain
  • Minwax polyurethane
  • Wood screws
  • Sandpapers
  • Washers
  • Circular saw/Miter Saw
  • Drill/Impact Driver
  • Orbital Sander
  • Pencil
  • Straight Edge
  • Tape Measure
  • Eye/Ear Protection

Step 1: Cut Wood Pieces

Step 1 Cut Wood Pieces

This project starts by marking and cutting all the wood pieces needed to complete this woodworking bench. A circular saw can be used here. However, if you do not have one, you can also use a table saw or a miter saw. After cutting all wood pieces, sand the boards, and you can now start its assembly.

Step 2: Top Assembly

Step 2 Top Assembly

The next step in this process is assembly. After cutting all the pieces following the cut according to your plan, grab the legs, top stretcher supports as well as the top lengthwise supports. Afterwards, choose one top stretcher support, spacing the others around 18 inches in distance. Use 2 ½ inches wood screws to put them all together. Before adding the wood screws, make sure to pre-drill the holes. Assemble them altogether.

Step 3: Bottom Assembly

Step 3 Bottom Assembly

Assembling the bottom part of the woodworking bench is quite similar to assembling the top part. At this point it is important to note that the backside lengthwise board at the bottom (or the board that you will see as the user) is connected to the inside legs.

This will allow for more space for you as the user or the workbench. All you have to do is to screw them altogether, similar to the previous procedure, but with a slight difference in the design of the construction. Check the video for a better detail into the step.

Afterwards, attach the caster wheels here, adding a washer on the screw top in order to make sure that everything is held securely and tightly.

Step 4: Cut and Attach the Plywood

Step 4 Cut And Attach The Plywood

For this step, you simply have to cut the top and bottom pieces of the plywood to size. Make your cuts depending on the dimensions in your cut list. Attach these pieces using 1 ¼ inches wood screws. Make sure that you pre-drill the holes first. There is no exact count of the screws that you can put into the boards, but you can be generous with this one.

Step 5: Stain and Finish

Step 5 Stain And Finish

There are different staining products that you can use for this project. One of the recommended options is the Minwax gunstock stain. Make sure that you test the stain first on a scrap wood piece before directly applying on your project. Cover the entire surface of wood completely, working as you go around underneath, and all areas of the workbench. Allow some time for drying and curing. Afterwards, add a clear coat of lacquer or polyurethane on your woodworking bench.

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This video on how to make a DIY simple woodworking bench is presented by DIY Pete in YouTube. According to the description of the video, this woodworking bench is designed as a simple, yet sturdy and functional. Aside from being fun and easy to make, it is also affordable.


Did you enjoy the tutorial? Rather than make a complicated tutorial, we have come up with a simple DIY project to help woodworkers of various skill background. We especially have in mind beginners as we know how tough it could be.

It is extremely satisfying to create your own woodworking bench, rather than easily get a ready-to-use one. While you may follow the process above step-by-step, you can also choose to insert your own creativity and style in making your own bench.