The Red Rocker Adirondack Chair

118 Adirondack Chair DIY Plans

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  1. 1) Adirondack Chairs Lawn Furniture Plans
  2. 2) The Wood Employee Chair
  3. 3) Typical Adirondack Chair Plan
  4. 4) DIY Beach Adirondack Chair Plan
  5. 5) Black and Decker Adirondack Chair Plans
  6. 6) The Minwax Adirondack Chair
  7. 7) Timeless Adirondack Chair Designs
  8. 8) Scrap Adirondack Chair Plans
  9. 9) Colorful DIY Adirondack Chairs
  10. 10) Adirondack Beach Chairs
  11. 11) Redwood Adirondack Chair
  12. 12) Big Adirondack Chair
  13. 13) The Conventional Adirondack Chair Plans
  14. 14) Lowe’s Challenge Chair
  15. 15) Double Adirondack Chair Plan 1
  16. 16) Basic Red Adirondack Chair
  17. 17) Dual Adirondack Chair Plans
  18. 18) Ana’s Adirondack Chair
  19. 19) The $10 Adirondack Chair
  20. 21) The Pallet Wood Chair
  21. 22) DIY Beach Adirondack Chair
  22. 23) The Classic Black and Decker Chair
  23. 24) MinMax Adirondack Chair
  24. 25) The Cozy Adirondack Chairs
  25. 26) Golf Course Adirondack Chairs
  26. 27) 2 x 4 Adirondack Chairs Plan
  27. 28) The Classic Adirondack Chair Design
  28. 29) Building An Adirondack Chair Swing
  29. 30) The Yellow Summertime Adirondack Chair
  30. 31) Double Adirondack Plans
  31. 32) Pallet Adirondack Plan
  32. 33) Adirondack Beach Chairs
  33. 34) Classic Redwood Adirondack Chairs
  34. 35) The Biggest Adirondack Chair in the World
  35. 36) The Red Rocker Adirondack Chair
  36. 37) Traditional Adirondack Chair Design
  37. 38) The Blue Adirondack Loveseat
  38. 39) The Adirondack Rocking Chair
  39. 40) Classic White Adirondack Chairs
  40. 41) Double Adirondack Chair Plan 2
  41. 42) Simple Blue-White Adirondack Chair Design
  42. 43) Adirondack Chair and Matching Love Seat
  43. 44) Adirondack Lawn Chairs
  44. 45) Child Adirondack Chair
  45. 46) Cape Cod Adirondack Chair
  46. 47) Double Adirondack Chair Plan 3
  47. 48) The Jackman Works Adirondack Project Design
  48. 49) Canvas-Backed Portable Adirondack Plan
  49. 50) The Adirondack Chaise Lounge
  50. 51) The Pallet Style Design Adirondack Chair
  51. 52) Armless Adirondack Chair Design
  52. 53) Upcycled Adirondack Seat
  53. 54) DIY Garden Chair
  54. 55) Comfortable Pallet Chair
  55. 56) The Wilton Tool Classic Adirondack Chair
  56. 57) Main Street Cape Cod Adirondack Chairs
  57. 58) HomeTime Adirondack Patio Chair
  58. 59) The Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plans
  59. 60) Adirondack Pallet Chair
  60. 61) The How-To Specialist Tutorial
  61. 62) Waterlogged Adirondack Chairs
  62. 63) The MinMax Wide Adirondack Chair Plan
  63. 64) Carved Back Adirondack Chairs
  64. 65) Adirondack DIY Chair
  65. 66) Skip to My Lou Adirondack Chair Plan
  66. 67) The Cape Cod Chair
  67. 68) Simple Yellow Popsicle Stick Adirondack Chair Design
  68. 69) Shanty Chic Beach Chair
  69. 70) Adirondack Home Depot Version
  70. 71) Green Adirondack Chair
  71. 72) Colorful Patio Makeover
  72. 73) White Adirondack Chair
  73. 74) Reclaimed Lumber Adirondack Chair Plan
  74. 75) First Build – Redwood Adirondack Chairs
  75. 76) Adirondack Chairs Made from Pallets
  76. 77) Simple Adirondack Chair Plan
  77. 78) Adirondack Chairs of Ana
  78. 79) Red and Tall Adirondack Chairs
  79. 80) Home Depot Adirondack Chairs
  80. 81) Adirondack Chairs and Table
  81. 82) Adirondack Chair Plans
  82. 83) Very First Adirondack Project
  83. 84) Adirondack Chairs
  84. 85) Adirondack Chairs and Tables
  85. 86) First Adirondack Project
  86. 87) Adirondack Trio
  87. 88) Adirondack Chairs with Table
  88. 89) Adirondack Ski Chair
  89. 90) Adirondack Chair Set
  90. 91) Adirondack Chair Plans 2
  91. 92) Teal Adirondack Chair Plans
  92. 93) Pallet Chair Plans
  93. 94) Pallet Chairs Around a Fire Pit
  94. 95) Adirondack Chair Made Out of Wooden Pallets
  95. 96) Simple Adirondack Chairs
  96. 97) Easy Adirondack Chair Plan
  97. 98) Adirondack Chair with Plans
  98. 99) Easy Adirondack Chair
  99. 100) Adirondack Ski Chair 2
  100. 101) A Family of Adirondack Chairs
  101. 102) Solid Wood Adirondack Chairs
  102. 103) Side By Side Patio Adirondack Chairs
  103. 104) Folding Adirondack Chairs
  104. 105) Bright Orange Adirondack Chairs
  105. 106) Simple Striped Adirondack Chairs
  106. 107) Simple Adirondack Design for Patio
  107. 108) Pair of White Adirondack Chairs
  108. 109) White Ottoman for Adirondack Chair
  109. 110) Stunning White Adirondack Chairs
  110. 111) Lovely Adirondack Chairs
  112. Conclusion

An Adirondack chair is a simple chair made from wood. Also known as a Muskoka chair, this type of chair is generally used outdoors. Aside from wood other manmade materials may also be used. The very first Adirondack chair was made of 11 pieces of flat boards.  It has a straight back, a sloping seat, and wide armrests.

The first one to make an Adirondack chair was an American named Thomas Lee. He made his chair as he was vacationing in Westport, New York in the Adirondack Mountains in 1903. Called “Westport Plank Chair” Lee offered the design to Harry Bunnell who was a carpenter. Bunnell saw the possibility of commercializing the design and got a patent for it in 1905 without asking Lee’s permission. Bunnell manufactured the “Westport chairs” for the next two decades. The chairs were painted green or medium dark brown and each one bore Bunnell’s signature.

The modern Adirondack chair still holds the dramatic charm that the original chair had during Lee’s time but with a few modifications. The seat is now contoured, the back slightly rounded and the armrests wide and long.

You can find a large number of commercially-available Adirondack chairs but there are also DIY plans online. You may find chairs made of polymers and plastics instead of wood while there are some designs that stand true to using hardwood or lumber.

One of the most interesting things to build is an Adirondack chair. Not only is this type of chair lovely but it’s also functional and can give your backyard, patio or garden a much-needed facelift. You can build an Adirondack from lumber, reclaimed wood or leftover wooden pallets.

When it comes to tools, only basic tools are needed but if you have power fools then you can make projects faster and in a more efficient manner. Adirondack chairs are charming, interesting and easy to build once you got the right plans. Here are top 111 Adirondack woodworking plans to check out.

1) Adirondack Chairs Lawn Furniture Plans

This is a pair of matching furniture consisting of a classic Adirondack chair and a sofa. Painted bright red to contrast the greens and browns outdoors, this outdoor furniture can be used to read, relax or even take a nap.

Enjoy the warm sun and cool breeze as you sit with family and friends using this furniture pieces. The oversized Adirondack sofa has a basic design with very large wooden planks that extends high and wide.

It rises high from the ground though so this is something different compared to other Adirondack chairs. The chair also has a similar design and again it is higher from the ground so you won’t be sitting too low from the back. This plan is a must-see because it is a two for one design.

Adirondack Chairs Lawn Furniture Plans

2) The Wood Employee Chair

The Adirondack chair we have here is still under the works but you can see the effort that the builder has made to construct this chair. The chair is made from durable, treated lumber which is the material of choice for most Adirondack chair projects.

This type of wood can stand the test of the elements especially if you plan to leave this chair outdoors under the hot blazing sun or under the pouring rain. Now, this design is very simple, it has wide wooden planks to support your back while equally large armrests were also included in the design.

This chair sits on a frame which means it is sturdy and capable of taking any amount of weight. It is not certain if this will receive a coat of paint. What do you think?

The Wood Employee Chair

3) Typical Adirondack Chair Plan

This is a very large Adirondack chair with the classic seven plank backrest build. The difference is that this pair has wider feet and seems to be designed to recline farther than other styles. A coat of wood stain covers this comfortable pair, therefore, its sure as the sun that it can last for a long time outdoors.

This basic Adirondack chair plan is one of the easiest and you will be able to complete this easily even in a day or in a single weekend. And if you wish to apply a coat of paint instead of wood stain, make sure to use a weatherproof coat especially if you plan to leave your chairs outdoors.

Typical Adirondack Chair Plan

4) DIY Beach Adirondack Chair Plan

You’ve never thought that an Adirondack chair plan could be this easy right? This is a folding chair design made of two frames. The two pieces are connected with heavy screws to be able to hold much weight. The back has that typical recline found in Adirondack chairs however with this beach chair, you will be taken farther.

The frames are made from treated lumber, sized and cut accordingly. The seat is printed canvas so this is durable but washable. The canvas is connected to the wooden frame using strong fasteners so this won’t rip off as you sit. And because this is a foldable seat, you don’t need to worry about exposing this to extreme weather.

When it rains or if it gets too hot, simply fold it, pick it up and take it indoors. The plans to make this special Adirondack beach chair are easy to follow and could be your next weekend project.

Diy Beach Adirondack Chair Plan

5) Black and Decker Adirondack Chair Plans

Surely one thing you’ve noticed as soon as you see this photo is why this Adirondack chair is so close to the ground?

This Black and Decker design seems to have lost its legs but nevertheless the chair looks strong; perfect for sitting close to the ground and relaxing. The back has the classic seven plank design but is longer which can extend up to the back of the head.

The armrests are long and wide but become narrower as it moves farther. The seat is no less comfortable and great for relaxing, entertaining and even sleeping. This seat is obviously stained to protect it from the rain and the scorching sun.

Black And Decker Adirondack Chair Plans

6) The Minwax Adirondack Chair

This is not just an Adirondack chair plan but also includes steps on how to build a small circular table. A fantastic patio furniture pair, the chair is expertly made with a classic design. The backrest has a moderate height while the armrests are wide as well.

The seat has that usual reclining angle which will let you relax as it lifts your upper legs off the ground. Looking at the small round table, yes this won’t be enough to hold food and to eat from but it can hold a mug of hot choco, a book or your gadgets.

Both patio furniture fits perfectly on a deck or under a pergola and could withstand the elements because these have received a coat of wood stain. This Adirondack chair and table can easily upgrade your patio or backyard.

The Minwax Adirondack Chair

7) Timeless Adirondack Chair Designs

What a way to relax this weekend! This Adirondack chair design will surely sweep you off your feet with its full poolside chair design. The backrest has the seven plank classic design and the armrests are large to let you relax your weary limbs.

Now the seat extends to the back, like a typical Adirondack but it does not stop at the front because it juts out to cradle your legs. Imagine sitting on this comfy chair with a book in hand and a towel wrapped around you… This definitely deserves to be your next outdoor woodworking project.

Timeless Adirondack Chair Designs

8) Scrap Adirondack Chair Plans

Don’t throw those scraps of wood away! You can use these to make a scrap Adirondack for your backyard. This is a very simple design that you can surely finish in just a few hours if you have all the complete materials with you.

Just check out how easy the seats are and the backrest is just made of just a few pieces of reclaimed wood. This recycled seat may not have that deep recline that most Adirondack chair designs have but still, it holds true to the classic back design and armrest positions.

You can further improve this design by making the armrests bigger and the seats higher. But nevertheless, this is a good way to use wood that would just otherwise be thrown in landfills. Costs nothing, easy to make and durable.

Scrap Adirondack Chair Plans

9) Colorful DIY Adirondack Chairs

Do you want to collect all the colors for your patio? I would! These chairs have the classic Adirondack design with a moderately-high back and gently reclining the seat. The armrests are large while the seats are large and strong.

These were made from treated lumber and painted in different fun shades of color. It is not certain if these chairs were used near the pool, on a patio or in a garden setting but nevertheless, you can use it anywhere and take it anywhere too. These colorful Adirondack chairs should be your next backyard project.

Colorful Diy Adirondack Chairs

10) Adirondack Beach Chairs

These beach chairs are ready for summer action! One chair has the classic Adirondack charm with the large six panel back and swooping seat and one chair have an extended feet design. These chairs were made with tough, treated lumber made to withstand the rigors of cold salty air.

You can see that these chairs received an extra helping of color too. Actually, these chairs have more to offer than just being beach chairs. You can also construct one for your poolside or for your relaxation area on your patio or under a pergola.

But for this design, you can add a beach umbrella, a blanket, and a small table to enhance that summertime mood. Plans for this fun yet relaxing beachside Adirondack chairs are easy to follow with materials list and step by step instructions as well.

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