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21 Woodworking Projects You Can Do With A Router


There is a bazillion of astonishing ideas one can get in his mind when thinking of woodworking using router. I have many of these findings with me that are related to the projects done by a router.

The finishing of the items made by the router is outclass. You should look through these items in detail. There are 21 items which I am sharing for your guidance. The great ideas that come out of this amazing machine, have no match.

1) Wooden Frame With Designs

Wooden Frame With Designs

I have created this wooden frame with a Router and I feel very happy when I look into that mirror. This mirror’s texture has designs in it and is very classy. You should try this wooden frame at home. You can create it with the router very easily. Just have a look on its image in detail and you would get an amazing idea.

2) The Floating Boat

The Floating Boat

Wow!! What is a great boat. Isn’t amazing to have a boat made of wood? It does look like a party boat or it can be used as a decoration piece. Anyway, this is the unique idea to create such boat and you can create it with a router very easily. Have a look at this image below.

3) Baby Bed

Baby Bed

There is a great idea to create the baby bed for your kids to play with. Your kids can play with it or you can make your decoration with it. It is created by a router and it is having a unique style that it can to and fro very easily. It acts just like a see saw. You can look through the image in detail.

4) Classy Cupboard

Classy Cupboard

The classy cupboard has many designs on it. You can use it in your lounge and can keep the essential items in it. I have made it by using the router machine, but it is not an easy task. You should be careful while making it. Have a look at the image.

5) Giant Robot

Giant Robot

It’s very surprising having a giant robot made of wood. But with the use of a router you can make it possible. Its hands and legs can move as they are not fixed, you can move them. It’s really very interesting to have a giant robot in your home. Have a look on its image for your guidance. You can take help from that picture.

6) Sacred Cross

Sacred Cross

Sometimes you really think that there should be a cross on the wall and it should be heavy too. I have made this new and latest invention of wooden cross and it is created by the router machine. This cross has designed as such that it relates to our religion. You can hang it on the wall for your decoration. Have a look at it’s image in detail.

7) Square Shape Rack

Square Shape Rack

Do you want to keep your DVDs and your books in a safe place? Here you can keep them in the square shape rack very easily. That is made of wood and the DVD’s can be adjusted to it. This is made of router and you can design it very easily. I have used many tricks in its design. So, have a look at the image of this rack.

8) Useful Bench for Everyone

Useful Bench For Everyone

This bench can be used in the parking areas of your house or in the lawn. It has bars and you can easily put your back on it. This is made by the router and the advantage is that it can be put anywhere in your home. Have a close look at its image, you would get the guidance on making it.

9) Running TV Trolley

Running Tv Trolley

Have you ever heard about the running trolley made up of wood? I have made this invention and it has many small drawers to keep your things in it. The interesting thing is that you can move it in your room and your TV can be moved with its help in your home. Have a look on this trolley that is made up of the router.

10) Doll House

Doll House

Now no need to purchase the doll house for your kids. I am introducing a new and latest type of doll house for your little ones. There are steps that come outside from the house and has enough space to keep the doll and other tiny toys inside. Have a look on its image and you can have the detail of it.

11) Owl Coin Box

Owl Coin Box

The amazing box which has an owl shape, your little ones surely would admire and like it so much. I have created it with the router machine and have added colors in it. You should make this owl coin box at home, and it is very easy to make. Have a look on its image and you can take further guidance from me.

12) The Up Head Tortoise

The Up Head Tortoise

This is for the decoration of your lounge and you can add many reasonable textures to it according to your demand. By using router, the decoration ideas are many and you should apply them as well. This tortoise has the head upwards, that leave a very touchy effect. Have a look on its image in detail and try making it at home and you would feel great.

13) Uncommon TV

Uncommon Tv
Uncommon tv

Televisions are many, but the TV having the frame made of wood is not seen commonly. So, I have created this TV and I feel that it is a great invention. I suggest you to make this TV at home, it is the frame and the box of that TV. This can be made on the router. Have a look on its image.

14) Beautiful Name Texture

Beautiful Name Texture
Beautiful name texture

I really like the texture of written word in wood. You can customize any name and written style on wood. This project can become amazed everyone. If you are creative, then you can write any texture in wood. Choose only that name which represents your personality. You also attract when you see this wooden project.

15) Elegant Corner Stand

Elegant Corner Stand
Elegant corner stand

For easy kitchen life, you just need a wood side corner. It’s unique style and I personally prefer that this one is the amazing project of wood. It can save your’s shelve from stains and you can customize the size of the wood corner stand according to your kitchen. It comes in a circle shape.

16) Cross Style Stool

Cross Style Stool
Cross style stool

This wood project just represents the value of multiple signs. when I saw the multiple signs I suddenly imagine that I must try to make a wood stool which represents the value of multiple signs and I think this is one of the best wood stool which I made, you have not seen it before. This wooden stool is only for one person.

17) Different Style of Bottle Stand

Different Style Of Bottle Stand
Different style of bottle stand

It really feels trouble to hang a bottle in shelve and this project can easy your life in a new style. When I saw, the crockery stand I suddenly think that I must try a new way to hang a bottle in shelve so that your children cannot pick the bottle easily and save from any damage. This bottle stand is made from wood. In this, you can put many bottles.

18) Dream Bed

Dream Bed
Dream bed

It’s really hard to find a strong wooden bed that’s the reason this project tells about how to save your money by spending in a right bed. I used this bed for my bedroom and I prefer to buy this bed for your dream house. For your comfort level choose the best wood for making this project.

19) Saving Drawers

Saving Drawers

This project is just to show that how to protect things in a kitchen. Multiple draws provide you to keep things safe. It was really a problem for me to keep things in one place that’s the reason I work on this project. You can save things easily and it can fit in your small kitchen. You can put the stove on it. The wooden saving draw tells about the value of saving things from destroying.

20) A Unique Bench

Unique Bench

Unique and different style of things can attract everyone eyes easily, that’s the main reason I choose this wooden bench for my garden so that it would be pleasant feelings to sit in it. When I saw this wooden bench and instantly I think that it must buy this for my garden.

21) Creative Painting

Creative Painting

Unique and different style of things can attract everyone eyes easily, that’s the main reason I choose this wooden bench for my garden so that it would be pleasant feelings to sit in it. When I saw this wooden bench and instantly I think that it must buy this for my garden.


So, it is the list of wood items made by the router machine. You can get ideas and make these amazing things at home. You can share these ideas to others wood workers too. If you like my creations you can leave your remarks, reviews, and comments. I would like to receive it.