Brief Bat House Making Guide

51 Bat House DIY Plans

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  1. 1) Simple Bat House for Beginners
  2. 2) Basic Bat House
  3. 3) A Big Bat House
  4. 4) Affordable Bat House
  5. 5) Bat House Handbook
  6. 6) A Bat Box For Novice Makers
  7. 7) Bat House Guide From A Wildlife Conservation Office
  8. 8) ​Bat House For Expectant Mothers
  9. 9) Making A Two-Chamber Rocket Box
  10. 10) Building A Bat Nursery For The Yukon Bat
  11. 11) Mailbox Bat Box
  12. 12) Is It A Birdhouse Or A Bat Box?
  13. 13) Making A Small Bat House
  14. 14) ​Building A Cedar Bat House
  15. 15) Flat Style Bat House
  16. 16) Subtle Bat House In Your House
  17. 17) Wall Mounted Single Chamber Bat House
  18. 18) Another Simple Bat House With A Minor Twist
  19. 19) Straight To The Point Instructions For Making A Bat House
  20. 20) Thin Bat House
  21. 21) DIY Bat House For Your Garden
  22. 22) ​Putting A Bat House In A Building
  23. 23) ​A Four-Chambered Bat House
  24. 24) ​Three-Chambered Bat House Plan
  25. 25) ​Camouflaged Bat House
  26. 26) ​Video Demonstration For Australian Bat Boxes
  27. 27) Batman House
  28. 28) ​Bat House For Your Garden
  29. 29) ​A Classic Bat House
  30. 30) Urban Sanctuary For Bats
  31. 31) ​An “All You Need To Know Manual” About Bat Boxes
  32. 32) ​​Bat House In A Roof
  33. 33) ​Installing A Gable Vent Bat House
  34. 34) Simple Addition For A Better-Looking Bat House
  35. 35) ​Making An Uncle George Bat Box
  36. 36) Bat Box That Looks Like Batman’s Cape
  37. 37) ​Another Lady-Made Bat House
  38. 38) ​Basic Garden Bat House
  39. 39) ​Brief Bat House Making Guide
  40. 40) ​A DIY Bat House From The DIY Doctor
  41. 41) A Simple Bat House And Pup Catcher
  42. 42) ​Reclaimed Pallet Bat House
  43. 43) ​Repurposed Pallet Bat House
  44. 44) Detailed Two Chamber Rocket Box
  45. 45) ​Building A Bat House For Protection Against Illness
  46. 46) ​Bat House Guide From Construction To Installation
  47. 47) Small Bat House Guide
  48. 48) 14 Chamber Aluminum Bat House
  49. 49) Bat House Construction Guide For Microbats
  50. 50) Complete PDF Guide For Making A Bat House
  51. 51) Making A Bat Condo
  52. The Final Cut

Bats fulfill the important role of spreading pollen and fruit seeds so that flowers and trees continue to reproduce. Since most bat species also have a liking for insects, they can also be considered as natural pest and insect population controllers.

Sad to say, though, it is the population of bats that is getting controlled. This only means that if nothing is done for them, their numbers will continue to decline.

Aside from not disturbing caves (where most of them live), there’s one action that any person can take to make it possible for their population to be preserved to grow and even thrive – and that is to make a bat house for them.

This list will enumerate some of the bat house plans that anyone can try out in their own homes to help with the conservation of the bat population and species in general.

1) Simple Bat House for Beginners

Simple Bat House For Beginners

The key to learning something new is to start from the basics. Just like what is shown in the photo above, this is a simple yet very useful bat house.

Since the process for making this kind of bat house isn’t that difficult, beginners will find it easy to replicate the project in their own workstations. It also teaches them the skeleton of a good bat house.

Once you are comfortable with the basic bat house plan, that is the time when you can explore other options and create bat houses with different designs.

2) Basic Bat House

Basic Bat House

This guy provided almost every information that is needed in order to build a good-looking bat house!

Aside from specifying the exact measurements in making this project, he should be commended because he gave great care to what he is doing. He definitely deserves a spot in this list!

What made us say this so?

He made use of silicone caulk so that the bats inside will be protected from harmful weather elements. Now that’s considerate of him for thinking about what the future inhabitants of this bat house might need.

His other recommendation is using exterior grade screw that won’t rust easily. Now that’s one sturdy bat house!

3) A Big Bat House

A Big Bat House

Though this guy’s website is more concerned with tea, he did a great job showing us a DIY bat house.

He presented numerous tips when it comes to making the bat house and may be useful for other projects as well. For example, drilling holes first on the areas where the screws go in is a crucial step that should be always be applied so that the wood will not be damaged.

The guy also provided important notes on where the bat house should be placed so that the house will be both inhabited by bats and will keep them safe.

4) Affordable Bat House

Affordable Bat House
Affordable Bat House 2

If you are new to woodworking or DIY as a whole, there may be some hesitation to buy materials just so you can make this project. But even if you don’t buy wood, it’s possible to make a bat house!

In this project, scrap OSB (oriented strand board) wood was used in making the bat house. Though the material looks run-down as what can be seen in the first photo, it is sturdy and even “stronger than plywood”.

If you can find this kind of material for free, it can be used for making a bat house. After all, it is weatherproof and light.

And even if this wood looks old, it can be sanded so that it will look as smooth as what can be seen in the second image above. This will give your bat house a great aesthetic look while providing its function.

5) Bat House Handbook

Bat House Handbook

For those who want to contribute more when it comes to improving the population of bats and making homes for them, the information in the website where the bat house plan for the photo above can be found could help.

Not only does it provide the standards in making a bat house and how to make different bat houses, it also gives additional information on how to troubleshoot bat houses!

Since the content in the website is already complete, it can be readily shared with others. The information is also shown as results of an experiment, making those credible enough.

Whether you want to construct a single-chamber bat house or a four-chamber bat nursery, you will surely make it right by consulting the steps laid out in their guide.

6) A Bat Box For Novice Makers

A Bat Box For Novice Makers

This website truly deserves a spot on the list because of the numerous facts that she has provided about bats. It’s because of her enthusiasm to share more about bats that can get anyone interested in learning how to make a bat house.

She is also one of the few women who make bat boxes. Not many women are in the business of making a DIY bat house, but she was able to pull it off.

Her use of pictures in showing how she made the bat house is also helpful. Now, others who are also new this activity and would want to do it in their own houses will know if they have been following the steps correctly, as the photos serve as the basis for comparison.

7) Bat House Guide From A Wildlife Conservation Office

Bat House Guide From A Wildlife Conservation Office

The website which features the tutorial for this bat house provides interested people with a PDF copy that anyone can easily print out.

Aside from the detailed explanation in the PDF, the website also provides other information related to the installation of bat houses and their conservation in general.

There are even question and answer links that can be searched for and accessed by others who face the similar issue! They even launched a bat program, which is aimed at preserving endangered bat species by installing bat houses on houses of owners who are part of it.

This only shows that it is possible to unite for a common purpose, and that is to build more bat houses and help conserve its population.

8) ​Bat House For Expectant Mothers

Bat House For Expectant Mothers

Bat houses provide some sort of protection for these flying mammals. Since food can be abundant and there is security from predators, there is a higher chance for the females to reproduce.

But what if the bat house that they’re currently occupying is already full? Will there be enough space for the young?

With that in mind, it’s time to think about constructing a bigger house!

Their website provides instructions on how one can properly construct a four chamber bat nursery even if the whole process of making it has numerous details.

It also provides additional information when it comes to bats, heavily advocating towards conservation and even the proliferation of their numbers.

Now, any expectant bat mother will have enough space to nurture their young.

9) Making A Two-Chamber Rocket Box

Making A Two Chamber Rocket

If you want to further improve the art of making bat houses, you can try out a two chamber rocket box.

What I like most about their PDF file is that it gives everyone the opportunity to improve their skills in bat house making by showing a different way on how to build it. By following their plans, you can make a bat house that looks like it’s part of the pole but has another purpose.

The PDF file also provides information about the other bat house types that one can attempt to make. It’s surprising that there’s even such a thing as a bat condo!

Lastly, the FAQ section about bat houses found on the last few pages of the file is helpful for those who want to get started with it.

10) Building A Bat Nursery For The Yukon Bat

Building A Bat Nursery For The Yukon Bat

The Yukon area in Canada is doing its best to preserve its local bat population by providing instructions on how to make a bat nursery.

What we like about the guide for this bat house is that they are brief. It goes straight to the point, from the measurement to the instructions.

The website where the material can be found should also be commended. Aside from encouraging people to build a bat house, it also provides information about other environmental issues that others can also get involved in.

A similar tutorial can also be found on Instructables. The pictures on that site will surely prove to be helpful in constructing this bat house.