10 The Bowl Board Cutting Board

24 Cutting Board Woodworking Projects


Cutting board is one of the most significant household items that is usually used to cut different type of vegetables and meat. It comes in different sizes, and of different material like wood and fiber. It has squared shape posture that’s also one of the advanced ways to cutting different things.

The cutting board woodworking projects are attracted to consumers to use them. So, in this article, I would like to describe some most significant cutting board woodworking projects.

1) End Grain Cutting Boards

01 End Grain Cutting Board

Construct these beautiful end grain Cutting boards are one of the most significant boards in the world. I have seen a plan for making these types of cutting boards. There is a lot of information available on the internet about this cutting board. If you are a newbie in the field on cutting board then you can get information from the internet.

2) Mike Schwing’s Cutting Boards

02 Mike Schwing Cutting Board

The Mike schwing’s cutting boards are pretty creative, innovative and beautiful. These cutting boards can be designed quite easily. The design of this cutting board is incredible. There are also a lot of beautiful aspects on this cutting board. There is a lot of individuals give importance to this cutting board for the reason that the look of this board is good.

3) Video Game Themed Cutting Boards

03 Video Game Themed Cutting Board

The video game themed cutting board is also known as Legend of Zelda Triforce cutting board. There are pretty few plans are available for this cutting board on the other hand they have made quite a hollow on the community of the star wars woodworking. You can use this for playing games on the other you can use for some other tasks.

4) Vaughn McMillan’s Working Woods 3D Cutting Board

04 Vaughn Mcmillan Working Woods 3D Cutting Board

Vaughn McMillan’s working woods 3D board can be made based on a comforter square that is surprising too and this is also a pretty beautiful woodworking project. Vaughn’s a veteran yet still approachable moderator ever at woodworking that is family related. A forum that is favorite to me due to woodworking that started up as a substitute to many other website.

5) Scrap Wood and Endbrain Cutting Boards

05 Scrap Wood And Endbrain Cutting Boards

This cutting board is pretty difficult for newbies on the other hand it is easier than those I have described above. It is clear that this simple stunning design is supplemented by easy to follow photographs. There is numerous people use this cutting board for the reason that it is an attractive cutting board.

6) Small Maple Cutting Board

06 Small Maple Cutting Board

Small maple cutting board is pretty popular in these days. This board is a good choice if you like to cutting a vegetable. The NSF approves maple for the kitchen use. You may know that the book of John is an instance of a cutting board developer whose line of maple boards is particularly certified by the NSF.

7) End Grain Cutting Board

07 End Grain Cutting Board

Whether you decide you cutting a thing at home you can use this board and with reliable cutting surface. End grain cutting board is available in different colors in the market. This board come in several types involving on the other hand not limited to pecan, cherry, teak and walnut. This cutting board is popular in the United States of America.

8) 6 Flat Grain Cutting Board

08 6 Flat Grain Cutting Board

Flat grain cutting board is also called laminated long grain cutting board. The flat grain cutting board is an easier to create than the end grain cutting board, particularly those above. I would like to say that long grain board have a tendency to wear out more rapidly than the end grain boards on the other hand they sure do look great.

9) Butcher Block Cutting Board

09 Butcher Block Cutting Board

In the preparation of food the knives are the eventual chef’s tool and everyone use knives. Prepping of vegetables generally includes knife work like chopping, dicing, julienning, chiffonier and slicing. Meats require filleting, chopping, deboning and quartering, which necessitate a larger working surface. So finally I would like to say that butcher block cutting board is best for cutting meal.

10) The Bowl Board Cutting Board

10 The Bowl Board Cutting Board

If you looking for a good way to stay organized during the serving your dishes, cutting, or chopping than the bowl board cutting board is beneficial for you. Inspired by the love of designer to entertaining and cooking, the billboard possibly adds natural urban chic to the kitchen. It is clear that the bowl board is a perfect cutting for any kitchen.

11) The Mocubo Storage Cutting Board

11 The Mocubo Storage Cutting Board

Mocubo is one of the most significant cutting board woodworking projects. In these days this project is quite popular and many individual use this. Mocubo is a bamboo board with three significant food prep containers. I would like to say that you will be capable to organize, dice and slice like a master chef deprived of breaking a sweat.

12) The Baguette Bread Slicer Cutting Board

12 The Baguette Bread Slicer Cutting Board

Do you want something a little more particular? I would like to say that sometimes you necessitate catering your cutting board woodworking project to your ingredients. The spectacular style is pretty good and permits for the serving and precise cutting of traditional baguettes. The baguette bread slicer cutting board is looking pretty beautiful. You will feel good when using the baguette bread slicer cutting board.

13) Cutting Board

13 Cutting Board

This cutting board is a cute way to serve cheese or tackle those chopping tasks in the kitchen. From horn to tail its appropriate wide and tall. Treat with mineral or vegetable oil on occasion. You may check for in-stock availability because the customer used to get something out of this description and we are going an extra mile with no compromise over the quality.

14) Lee’s Wood Cutting Board

14 Lee’s Wood Cutting Board

Lee’s Wood project is a durable cutting board with a stripe design on it. Gorgeous plain and convenient space to place any kitchen item for cutting. The end grain cutting boards had all the required specifications. No doubt it’s a great guide from Lee. It’s another gorgeous addition in the wooden serving / chopping boards with lots of fun.

15) Bored Stiff

15 Bored Stiff

The Board Stiff is not just a chopping board. It is a really well organized working place for the modern kitchens. You may try different knives on this chopping board on all surfaces. One can easily fix the chopped food and waste off the board. Everything you need – right where you need it. Cooking with this feels unfamiliar effortless and after a short while absolutely natural.

16) Hardwood Cutting Board

16 Hardwood Cutting Board

As its name describes the value of the product. Very elegant and simple. We designed it to be as easy to clean as possible. Scrub down the board with soapy water and dry it with a clean towel. It is that much easy and comfortable. Oil it once in a while makes it an astonishing product. A strikingly unique cutting board that’s main functionality is very close to professionalism.

17) Mini Wood Cheese Board

17 Mini Wood Cheese Board

Its a mini custom shape Wood Cheese Board. Stylish and an awesome kitchenware. Customized available in different colors. Shrink Wrap is also on the top. Classic vintage French wooden cheese board. It won’t even disturb the shape and also make a very sleek slices of cheese. Vintage cheese board. Very nice and simple. It’s in great condition but you might want to sand it down a little so it’s a little more smooth and easy.

18) 4 Cutting Boards PLUS

18 4 Cutting Boards Plus

The hardest wood that can handle whatever you throw at it. The durability ensures years of service. Rolling cutting boards, cutting boards designed to fit around your favorite bowl. Comes with the ultimate kitchen cheat sheet including internal temperatures, conversions, and ratios for basic recipes. It is capable of handling moisture for long periods of time without warping. Easily cleaned after work.

19) Treat Cutting Board

19 Treat Cutting Board

Inspired by our readers and with collaboration with industry professionals, The Culinary Cook brings you an amazing product that any home cooks or professional cook needs. This is Water & Warp Resistant. It’s a high quality & durable wooden contains wide space. The best thing is its safe for all sorts of knives. Working in all temperatures and having more tendencies.

20) Custom Cutting Board

20 Custom Cutting Board

Domestic users will find that owning a professional product like this to have unique advantages. Easy to store, lightweight and filled with the qualities you need on a daily basis. You could fit this board on your kitchen counter that is why it’s easy to use. The most important feature of this product which makes it eye-catching and brilliant is: there is no need to worry about the extra space to keep this board.

21) Easy-Settler Cutting Board

21 Easy Settler Cutting Board

Mega cool fantastic cutting board having beautiful and sleek design with smoother looks. Available is in eye-catching colors. A multi-functional board is with different cutting knives to let the process of cooking in the kitchen to be more easy and productive. Like bicycling when it is suddenly going slightly downhill. Like a gentle tailwind. While cooking. You can easily carry this for cooking a friends place. It feels actually exactly the way it looks.

22) Counter Edge Cutting Board

22 Counter Edge Cutting Board

It has a solid wood construction, which ensures years of reliable use. This kitchen cart features a solid wooden top, which works well as a chopping station. It includes four wheels for easy mobility. It is a wonderful combination of quality and beauty. It is perfect for adding extra storage space in your kitchen. This is also perfect for the kitchen.

23) Block and Roll Cutting Board

23 Block And Roll Cutting Board

Its specifically designed for professionals. Sleek tower silhouette containing a solid wooden top. Utensil drawer, two baskets and a bamboo shelf. Perfect fusion of fashion and function. Complements any gourmet kitchen. Overall Product Weight is less and easy to carry anywhere in the kitchen. Sleek and functional, this Kitchen Cart is a great solution to keep your kitchen organized.

24) Vegetable Cutting Board

24 Vegetable Cutting Board

This is a very unique, stylish and classy kind of Vegetable Cutting Board. Its designed is based upon to fix it with any of your favorite bowl available in your kitchen. A lot of features and benefits are being added to this single product. This item is very easy to use. The dimensions of this item are very user friendly. It consists of a specific extra space to carry the vegetables.


The cutting board woodworking projects are the need of every house. Many people worried how to choose a good cutting board. There are numerous cutting boards available in the market. If you use cutting board after researching that is beneficial for you. Some most important cutting boards may include constructing these beautiful end grain cutting boards, Mike showing’s cutting boards, video game themed cutting boards, Vaughn McMillan’s working woods 3d cutting board, scrap wood and end grain cutting boards, small maple cutting board and end grain cutting board.