Bosch Plunge Saw Vs Festool Plunge Saw

Comparison Review: Bosch Plunge Saw vs Festool Plunge Saw



Plunge saws or track saws is a versatile power tool that can make more accurate cuts than a circular saw. This type of power saw comes with a guide rail that will give you precise cuts no matter what type of material you are working on. And when it comes to plunge saws there are a few good brands to count on and included are the Festool plunge saw and the Bosch plunge saw. This is a comparison review of the most updated Festool and the latest Bosch plunge saws.

The latest Bosch plunge saw is corded and efficient. It has a powerful 1400-watt motor with a precision saw blade that can cut through almost any kind of material. This plunge saw has heavy-duty precision blades and a matching guide rail system so mistakes are very unlikely to happen. You will find it easy to cut different materials with this plunge saw. This plunge saw has an adjustable speed so you can match the speed of the blade according to the jobs or material that you are working on.

The most updated Festool plunge saw is a power saw that can help you create precision cuts out of a variety of materials. This saw weighs so light making it a good one to take anywhere. With this saw, you will be able to cut timber, MDF, hard panels, aluminum and fiber cement with its extra sharp blades and tough motor. This latest Festool plunge saw has a guide rail for ultimate precision in every cut.

Summary Comparison Table

ProductBosch Track Saw  Festool Plunge Saw
Weight9 kg4.5 kg
Motor Power900 watts1200 watts
AccessoriesTrack, cord, tightening tool, bolts and more
Ratings5 out of 55 out of 5
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buying Guide

Take your time when buying power tools. Before you decide on a particular plunge saw brand or model, you must check these common parameters. Keeping these in mind will help you find the right plunge saw for your needs.

Corded or cordless plunge saws

Are you looking for a cordless or corded power saw? Plunge saws are mostly corded but recent improvements in tool motor power and battery power have produced more efficient and powerful battery-operated plunge saws. If you want to use a cordless model, choose a plunge saw with a longer battery life and one that will be able to charge quickly. The best you can find is a plunge saw that can run for a day in a full charge. If you are purchasing a corded model, choose one with a longer power cord so you can efficiently use this outdoors or at the worksite.

Plunge saw motors with variable speeds

A variable speed motor will allow you to modulate motor speeds according to the type of material you are cutting. Most professional power saw models are now equipped with variable speed motors for improved user control.

Safety features are a must especially for novice users

Using a plunge saw could be very intimidating for a novice user and therefore safety users are a must. One of these is a tool with a soft start system which prevents recoil of the motor during startup. Recoil can lead to shifting of the track and this can throw the track off balance if this happens very strongly and quickly. A tool with a soft start is also more comfortable to use if you are new to using plunge saws.

An electric brake is another safety feature and will safely and quickly stop the spinning blades. You need this to stop the tool for any reason. This is an added safety feature for some updated plunge saw models.

Do you want to cut larger materials?

If you want to use a plunge saw to cut through timber and natural wood then you must choose a plunge saw with a riving knife A riving knife is very important since this maintains equal distance from the two cut sides. The knife also prevents the two cut sides from closing back around the blade as the saw blades move through the material. A riving knife also prevents kickbacks.

Do you want to cut delicate materials?

Cutting through brittle materials is possible when your plunge saw has a scoring feature. This feature allows you to create a very shallow pass on a delicate material you want to cut and this pass scores the material. Another pass will let you cut the material without breaking it. This is for cutting fragile materials such as melamine, laminates, and vinyl.

Buy a power saw with complete accessories

Choose a plunge saw with complete accessories. Mostly plunge saws are sold in kits or sets that have complete accessories. A complete kit is more economical because buying accessories separately may become too expensive in the long run. The most common accessories that you should watch out for are blades, wrenches, guards, and rails. You can also purchase additional guide rails which may be added to an existing guide rail system for cutting longer and wider materials.

What We Look For


Purchasing only quality products should never be overlooked. Both the Bosch and Festool plunge saws have quality features that you must check out.

The Bosch professional track saw is a corded plunge saw with a good 1400-watt motor that can rip through any kind of material. You can create clean and precise cuts with this saw’s quality components, precision blades and guide rail system. Other quality features include dust extraction features and noise-reduced blades. All these make this plunge saw a good tool for your worksite or workstation at home.

On the other hand, the latest Festool plunge saw has good quality cutting features for different materials. This is lightweight, easy to use with ergonomic and safety features to give you ultimate control no matter what material you are working on. This plunges saw is for timber, MDF, hard panels, aluminum and fiber cement surfaces. Another top quality feature of this updated Festool model is its guide rail because this will give you accurate and clean cuts all the time.


The Bosch plunge saw and the Festool plunge saw use replaceable circular blades made from tough materials. These blades will let you cut through different materials and will allow you to use this saw for a variety of projects and applications as well. A power saw is only as good as its blade so make sure to use only genuine saw blades.


The Bosch plunge saw weighs less than 10 pounds and because this is light, you can use this in the field or to the worksite. The Festool plunge saw weighs less than 5 pounds which means it is lighter than the Bosch plunge saw and therefore it’s easier to take around.

Why Use the Festool Plunge Saw and Who’s it For?

The latest Festool plunge saw is for people who need a powerful and efficient power saw to cut through different materials. It is for anyone who likes a lighter saw to prevent strain on the hands and arms. It is for novice and professional users. This is for carpenters, contractors, homeowners, woodworkers, and hobbyists.

Short Review

The latest Festool plunge saw makes excellent straight cuts and plunge cuts using any kind of material. It is lightweight that will make any project quicker and more precise. It has a convenient switch so you can adjust the blade according to your needs. This tool will let you work with timber, MDF, hard panels, aluminum and fiber cement making it very versatile. It has a guide rail that will give you plenty of room to work especially on larger and thicker materials. This Festool is precise and will make clean, splinter-free cuts for any project.

Main Features

Here are the main features of the latest Festool plunge saw model:

  • With the brushed motor at 1,200 watts
  • No load speed 2000 to 5200 rpm
  • Power lead type  – plug lead
  • Saw blade diameter  160 mm
  • Bevel angle range – 1 to 47 degrees
  • Cutting depth 55 mm
  • With Dual Extraction Connection Diameter
  • CLEANTEC Connection System
  • With a patented Guide System
  • With FastFix features
  • MMC Electronics
  • With the quick acting brake

Q & As

Can you buy the accessories of this Festool plunge saw separately?

You can buy accessories and parts for this plunge saw from online shops like Amazon or from a local shop or store that sells genuine Festool power tools.

How do you change the blade of this Festool plunge saw?

The latest Festool plunge saw comes with a wrench that you need to unfasten the blade assembly. Simply remove the nut that holds the blade in place and replaces it with a new one.

Does the Festool plunge saw come with all the accessories you need?

This Festool plunge saw comes with complete accessories and a track system. You can extend the track by adding more tracks for larger materials.


  • Makes precise and splinter-free cuts.
  • For different materials like wood, wooden panels, acrylic and more.
  • Make safe and precise cuts for a variety of applications.


  • Very loud to use
  • Lacks usability and ergonomic features.

Why Use the Bosch Track Saw and Who Is It For?

The Bosch professional track saw is for people who want utmost accuracy and for people who need tools that can cut materials and components precisely. It is for people who want to cut quickly but safely.

Short Review

The Bosch plunge saw is a corded power saw that has a powerful 1400-watt motor. This has a precision saw blade that will be able to rip through almost any kind of material from its path. You will be able to create clean and precise cuts with its quality components, heavy-duty precision blades and a complementary guide rail system. This saw is easy to use. You can work indoors and still work comfortably without distracting noises because of its efficient dust extraction and noise-reduced saw blade.

This power saw has adjustable speeds to fine-tune cutting jobs depending on the kind of material or project that you need to work on. It has a Constant Electronic system to allow you to make the most accurate cuts at varying angles. You can use this on wood, panel materials, aluminum and acrylic glass. With all these good features, you can use this saw at the worksite or at your workshop.

Main Features

Here are the features of the most updated Bosch plunge saw model:

  • The rated input power of 1,400 watts
  • Weight 4.7 kg
  • Saw blade bore diameter 20 mm
  • Saw blade diameter  165 mm
  • Tool dimensions  310 x 240 mm
  • Cutting depth  (90 degrees) 57 mm
  • Cutting depth (45 degrees) 42 mm
  • Creates precise cuts
  • Offers a cleaner working conditions
  • With a Click & Clean System
  • Easy disc/tool change
  • With the dust extraction system
  • Soft start
  • Long lifetime

Q & As

Are there spare parts available for the Bosch plunge saw?

Yes, spare parts for this plunge saw are available online from online shopping sites. You can also purchase these from local Bosch distributors.

What materials can you cut with this Bosch plunge saw?

This Bosch plunge saw can cut different materials like wood, panels, aluminum and acrylic glass.

How do you maintain this Bosch plunge saw?

You must check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain this Bosch plunge saw. You may also use a soft, dry and clean cloth to wipe the saw blade and saw body clean and free from dirt and dust.


  • With a tough motor
  • With adjustable speeds for complete material control.
  • Features an easy blade change
  • Compatible with tracks made by Makita, Festool and more.


  • May or may not be available with a guide rail
  • Lacks ergonomic features


When you need a plunge saw with a powerful and more efficient motor, the Bosch plunge saw is your tool. This power saw can be used on a variety of projects and materials including wood, wooden panels, metal, and acrylic because of its good cutting power. However, when you want more usability and cutting features then the Festool is for you. This tool has come with Dual Extraction Connection Diameter, a CLEANTEC Connection System for easy cleaning, patented Guide System, with FastFix features, MMC Electronics and a quick acting brake for added safety. Always shop smart to get the best kind of saw for your cutting needs.