Dewalt Scroll Saw Vs Delta Scroll Saw

Comparison Review: DeWalt Scroll Saw vs Delta Scroll Saw



If you are looking at creating uniquely beautiful cuts on your workpieces, there is certainly a need for a high-quality scroll saw. The art of scrolling can transform the way in which you complete your woodwork. Choosing the best one that will fit your needs can be time-consuming, and you may not have it at your disposal. This is the reason why this guide is created.

In the industry of power tools, Dewalt and Delta are two of the key players, in terms of quality and performance. If you are planning to purchase one soon, looking at the features that each one has to offer is a good start. For comparison purposes, let us look at two specific models under each brand, the Dewalt DW788 1.3 amp 20-inch variable speed scroll saw and the Delta power tools 40-694 20-inch variable speed scroll saw. 

DeWalt Scroll Saw vs Delta Scroll Saw

Product DetailsDeWalt Scroll SawDelta Scroll Saw
Year Founded19581919
PriceDepending on the modelDepending on the model
Types of Table SawVariable Speed Scroll SawVariable Speed Scroll Saw

Buyer’s Guide

How to pick the right product

Before spending a good amount of money on a scroll saw, there are certain things that definitely need to be taken into consideration. Here are some of them:

  • Blade Types

This means the need to determine the type of blade saws that your scroll saw accept. There are generally two categories of blade types: pinned and unpinned (pinless). The pinned blades are generally much thicker, and they are typically used in completing much thicker cuts of wood, and not allowing finer detail cuts. On the other hand, there are the unpinned(or pinless) blades. They allow more options in cutting wood. There is a wide variety of these types of blades, allowing you to perform more detailed, and tighter cuts.

  • Throat Size

If you consider yourself as a beginner in the world of scroll saws, the throat size is no doubt one of the very first terms that you need to understand. This measurement measures the actual distance starting from the back of the blade, to the rear back “throat” of the saw. It is important to understand this because regardless of the throat size that you have, it is possible to cut through a piece of wood that is double in its length.

How do we compare DeWalt Scroll Saw vs Delta Scroll Saw?

  • Quality

In terms of quality, both Dewalt and Delta scroll saw models offer a high standard, with some similar features. For example, both models come with a double parallel-link arm design which reduces noise and vibration dramatically, while ensuring accuracy in cuts. They also use tool-free blade clamps which allows faster blade changes.

  • Price

Quite interestingly, both of these models also fall under a similar price category, though the Delta model is still more affordable compared to Dewalt.

  • Additional Features

Most of the features that are included are similar between the two models. The difference mainly lies in the actual performance, as some may prefer one brand over the other, depending on their purpose of use and preference.

1) DeWalt Scroll Saw

Dewalt Scroll Saw

Why Use DeWalt Scroll Saw and Who is it For?

If you are looking for a user-friendly configuration on your scroll saw, this is the brand to go. It comes with easy-to-access controls, variable-speed performance, and reduced vibration design, thus allowing you to achieve incredible precision. This model is also designed to help users in creating accurate and detailed workpieces with ultimate ease.

Main Features

  • Double parallel-link arm design
  • Exclusive tool-free blade clamps
  • Electronic variable speed
  • Arm design pivots
  • Oversized, cast-iron table


Does this scroll saw come with a stand?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You may still be able to order a stand separately, allowing you to choose the type of material for your stand.

Does this saw use pinned blades?

No. However, it is quite easy to knock the pins out. All you have to do is to drill a little hole in a wood piece, position one side of the pin to the pinned blades, tapping the pin out with just a slight tap.

Does this scroll saw come with a foot pedal?

The foot pedal is not considered as a standard tool, though it is also available.


  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • Easy and quick blade changes
  • Convenient placement of the liftable arm
  • Excellent material support
  • Ergonomic design


  • Some complaints regarding issues with durability

2) Delta Scroll Saw

Delta Scroll Saw Review

Why Use Delta Scroll Saw and Who is it For?

The Delta scroll saw is definitely for those who are interested in using a tool that is backed up by the reputation of its company. The company has been in the industry for about 90 years already thus guaranteeing quality. This particular model, for instance, is designed with convenience in mind. It comes with a variable speed which can be adjusted from a range of 400 to 1,750 SPM for a wide variety of cutting applications.

Main Features

  • Electronic variable speed
  • Dual parallel-link arm design
  • Tool-free blade clamp
  • Adjustable dust hose
  • Tilt table
  • On-tool blade storage area


Does this scroll saw come with a table stand?

No, it does not have. However, you can get one separately.

Is there a light compatible with this saw?

You may want to use the DEWALT DW7881 scroll saw work light, as it is designed to work with this saw. Still, the quality of the lighting may not be enough for your tasks, which is why it is recommended to get a good light right to the bench beside the saw.

Does this scroll saw come with a foot speed adjuster?

No, it does not have.


  • A wide range of cutting applications
  • Reduces over and undercutting
  • Improved quality and accuracy
  • Fast blade changes
  • Ergonomic design


  • Some issues with vibration

The Final Cut

DeWalt and Delta companies never disappoint their customers in terms of quality and performance. As seen in the two models compared above, the features are similar, and they even fall under a similar price range.

However, if you want to go for a relatively cheaper option between the two, you can get a good price with the DeWalt scroll saw model. Your decision ultimately depends on the actual purpose of use, as well as your preference.