Sawstop Jobsite Saw Vs Bosch Worksite Table Saw

Comparison Review: SawStop Jobsite Saw vs Bosch Worksite Table Saw



Having a portable power saw is a blessing for any worksite project. It makes it easier to finish any project in half the time which is what all woodworkers want to achieve. A trusty table saw will make precise cuts and will prevent wastage. And since it is portable, you can take it anywhere, wherever a project can take you.

I was on the market for the right portable power saw last year when I spotted two popular power tool brands: the Bosch and the SawStop job site table saws. These power cutting tools were equally amazing with their superior cutting capabilities but each had their own winning qualities.

The SawStop Jobsite Saw is mounted on a mobile cart. This has a solid T-style fence equipped with an Ergol lock that slides and locks firmly with a push of a button. The blades can eat through a variety of materials like wood, wood panels, metal and more. It can even take thick wood and lumber!

Meanwhile, the Bosch Worksite Table Saw won’t easily lose to a SawStop model. It also has a stand but this one is a gravity-rise wheeled stand making it easier to setup and easier to keep away. This has a SquareLock rip fence that can improve cutting precision and allows one-handed operation. It has an efficient motor with 3650 rpm at no loads. It has a larger cutting table surface area so it can deal with the stock up to 25 inches wide.  A good power table saw to use for many job site applications.

SawStop Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart vs Bosch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

Product DetailsSawStop Jobsite Saw with Mobile CartBosch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand
Product Dimensions26.2 x 28.8 x 45 inches39 x 29.8 x 21 inches
Weight130 pounds124.2 pounds
Motor Power120 volts120 volts
AccessoriesCartWheeled stand, blade, rip fence,
miter gauge, smart guard, push stick
Ratings8 out of 109 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

Keep these good features in mind when you are in the market for table saws. Whether you are buying a job site saw or a workshop benchtop model, you must place quality above everything else. Shop carefully and stay smart when choosing the right one for your needs.

  • A worksite or workshop table saw?

If you wish to use your table saw at the worksite then you should insist on a job site model. This type of table saw is portable, compact and comes with its own table or stand. Some jobsite models also have wheels so the saw may be easily transported anywhere or to the job site.

On the other hand, stationary table saws or benchtop saws are for workshop use only. This type of table saw is very heavy, sturdy and are placed on top of a table or workbench.

  • The different kinds of the table saw blades

Saw blades are grouped according to blade diameter, arbor size, number of teeth, kerf size, speed, application and the material of the blade. Commercial table saws use 10 or 12” saw blades so if you wish to use a large saw then this is a good choice. You may also find portable models with 5” blades and these can cut smaller and thinner materials.

The number of saw blade teeth is between 24 and 80. Usually, large teeth are for cutting wood and other dense materials while finer teeth are for cutting delicate materials. The most common material to make blades is carbide, carbon steel and diamond. Of the three, carbide and carbon steel are commonly used.

  • Why a fence feature is important

The fence of a table saw is very important because this makes the saw more versatile. The most common fence design is a T-square fence which provides amazing accuracy. If you want to make cross cuts or angled cuts then you must use a fence with your table saw.

  • A powerful motor maters in a table saw

A powerful motor can cut through larger and denser materials in the quickest time. But not all table saws have the same type of motor. Smaller, portable table saws have direct-drive motors that operate on 120 V power for 2 HP. This is a good power saw for cutting thinner materials. Table saws with more powerful motors are mostly benchtop models and can produce between 3 to 5 HP. Table saws that have stronger motors rely on a belt drive to transfer the power from the motor to the blade. This can cut through thicker and larger materials.

  • Table saw safety features

You need safety features like splitters, riving blades and anti-kickback pawls. You must also look for the table saw features like guards and electric brakes. These features are all found in updated saw models.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare two products?

  • Quality

You can determine the quality of a job site table saw by its overall construction and make, its available accessories and parts, its notable features, its good points as well as its bad. You can say that the SawStop Jobsite Saw is a quality power saw because of its good points. First, it has a durable 1.5 HP motor that will rip any kind of material. With One Turn Elevation, you can raise or lower the blade of this saw. Its biggest advantage over other portable table saws in its cart. It has a solid T-style fence equipped with an ErgoLock. It’s a good power table saw to use for any job site project.

On the other hand, the Bosch has a few great qualities up its sleeves. It has a Smart Guard System which uses a modular blade guard, anti-kickback pawls and a riving knife system. It has a heavy-duty construction with 8-inch pneumatic wheels. The Bosch portable saw is a perfect addition to any worksite.

  • Price

The SawStop Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart is very expensive at around $1400 and this is possibly due to its updated features, good construction, top quality and durable materials. This job site saw is an expensive “investment” to any worksite. On the other hand, the Bosch Worksite Table Saw is less expensive. Considering its specs this could be a good alternative portable table saw to the expensive SawStop Jobsite Saw.

  • Blade Size

Both the Bosch and the SawStop Jobsite table saws use a 10-inch circular blade. Both tables saw blades are also replaceable. Replacement 10-inch blade for the Bosch and the SawStop are available online or from local shops. Make sure to use only genuine blades.

  • Weight

The SawStop Jobsite Saw weighs a staggering 130 pounds while the Bosch is not too far behind at 128 pounds. The reason for this weight is that the saw needs to be kept stable for it to deliver precise cuts all the time. But thanks to carts, these heavyweight power table saws, you can take these anywhere or wherever the job site is.

1) SawStop Jobsite Saw with Mobile Cart

Sawstop Jobsite Saw With Mobile Cart

Why Use the SawStop Jobsite Saw and Who Is It For?

The SawStop Jobsite Saw is for people who want the utmost precision and speed. It can deliver excellent precise cuts all the time because of its good features, heavy-duty body and great compact and transportable design.


The SawStop Jobsite Saw is a union between the SawStop Safety and he innovative and compact portability. This portable saw lets you enjoy the cutting precision of a table saw no matter where the job site is. This comes with a One-Turn Elevation feature that can raise or lower the blade in one turn of the handwheel. Some saws need over 25 turns to do so. It also has the Quick Tilt which quickly tilts the blade according to the angle your job requires at 1-degree increments. It comes with an ErgoLock T-Style Fence that can improve accuracy. It also has an onboard storage drawer for accessories.

Main Features

  • With a 120 volt motor
  • Weighs 108 with the cart
  • With a 10-inch blade
  • With extended table dimensions
  • With One Turn Elevation feature
  • With Quick Tilt
  • With an ErgoLock T-Style Fence
  • With an onboard accessory storage drawer


Can you use just any kind of blade with the SawStop Jobsite Saw?

To ensure that your saw works as expected, use only SawStop brand blades. You can purchase replacement blades from online sites and local shops that carry SawStop power tools.

Where do you purchase accessories for the SawStop Jobsite Saw?

SawStop job site saws have a number of accessories and these may be purchased online or you can buy from local shops that sell SawStop saws and accessories. Never use generic accessories but insist on genuine SawStop accessories.

Where do you take your SawStop Jobsite Saw for repairs?

There will come a time that your SawStop job site saw will need repairs. You must take it to an accredited service center for repairs nothing less. If your tool is still under warranty, take it to a service center along with the warranty card and receipt. Tools that are no longer under warranty will be charged for repairs and parts but still needs to be taken to an authorized service center.


  • With a stable base to improve accuracy.
  • With a portable cart to take this saw anywhere.
  • With an ErgoLock fence to make your cart stable when the saw is used.


  • Very heavy with the cart.
  • Lacks ergonomic and safety features.

2) Bosch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

Bosch Worksite Table Saw With Gravity Rise Wheeled Stand

Why Use the Bosch and Who Is It For?

The Bosch Worksite Table Saw is a portable table saw that is ideal for people who want precise cuts for a variety of applications in the field. It is a table saw that will give you years upon years of good use in the worksite because of its great features and portable design.


The Bosch Worksite Table Saw has a gravity-rise wheeled stand that allows you to take this table saw almost anywhere. The portable gravity-rise and collapsible cart/base let you adjust the table saw to meet your needs. It has an 8-inch pneumatic wheels that are strong enough to carry this power saw from job site to job site. It comes with a SquareLock rip fence that can improve cutting precision and will allow you to operate this saw even with one hand.

The Bosch worksite table saw offers high-precision cutting with its powerful motor. And because of its extra-wide table, it can take materials with up to 25 inches in width. This portable table saw comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. It is lighter compared to the SawStop making it a better choice for working in a job site.

Main Features

  • With a gravity-rise collapsible cart
  • With 8-inch threaded pneumatic wheels
  • With SquareLock rip fence
  • With a high-powered motor with 3650 no load RPM
  • Can handle stock up to 20 inches in width
  • With a one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee


How do you set up this table saw?

The cart of the Bosch Worksite Table Saw becomes its working table when folded out. A lock keeps the table in place as you work making it durable and safe even for tough applications. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up this table saw.

How do you maintain the Bosch Worksite Table Saw?

Keep the saw body and the work surface clean by wiping with a soft, dry and clean cloth. You may also use a soft brush to sweep away dirt and dust or use a vacuum to remove all the dust pieces before storage. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain and care for this table saw.

Where do you buy accessories and extra blades?

Buy accessories from online sites. You can also purchase genuine accessories from local stores that sell Bosch power tools. Remember to use only genuine accessories and parts.


  • This is portable and versatile. You can set it up when you need it and just pack up when you are done.
  • Gives reliable and precision results
  • Offers a bigger workspace compared to other portable table saws.


  • Lacks a dust collection system.
  • Very heavy to be transported.

The Final Cut

Considering all the parameters for picking the right table saw, the Bosch worksite table saw and the SawStop Jobsite Saw appears to be neck and neck in the race. Both saws offer good value and great quality results so there is no comparison here.  

The two saws have a compact design and have wheeled carts for easy transport. Both saws also offer cutting precision due to their dependable motors, overall good instruction and features.

Possibly the most obvious advantage of a Bosch is the price. Anyone who wants an affordable quality portable table saw should choose the Bosch Worksite Table Saw.