Spade Drill Bit Vs Hole Saw

Comparison Review: Spade Drill Bit vs Hole Saw



How do you create a perfect hole on wood? Do you saw the hole or do you punch a hole? The answer is you drill a hole and the best way to make a perfect hole is using a spade drill bit or a hole saw or a hole saw bit. With these specialized drill bits, you can make any size of the hole without ruining the material and at the quickest time. Creating a perfect hole for any application or project has never been easier. This is a comparison review between a spade drill bit and a hole saw. Understanding the difference between these two top hole-making tools will help you find the ideal power tool for your needs.

The spade drill bit is a drill bit with a tip that’s shaped like a spade. When this drill bit is attached to a high-powered drill, it can spin and create a perfect hole with minimal damage to the material. One perfect example is the DeWalt DW1587 3/8-inch spade drill assortment. This contains six commonly used high-performance drill bits that will surely help you with any project that requires hole cutting. These tips are made from a cubitron sol-gel mineral that creates sharp cutting edges with minimal wear.

On the other hand, a hole saw is a special attachment that is used to drill holes and plates. This is usually made from a very hard material like carbon steel which can make fast and clean cuts. The best example of a hole saw kit is from Tacklife. The Tacklife PHS01C is a 16-piece set that comes with mandrels, a hex key, and carbon steel bits. These pieces are made from heat –treated carbon steel which is more durable than other hole saw bits. The Tracklife hole saw bits can cover most popular hole sizes. These bits come in a convenient plastic storage case so you can take this kit anywhere you need to work on.

Spade Drill Bit vs Hole Saw

Product DetailsSpade Drill BitHole Saw
Product Dimensions8.8 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches7.7 x 6 x 1.5 inches
Weight9.3 ounces2.2 pounds
Number of Pieces6-piece set16-piece set
AccessoriesSelf-sharpeningMade of hardened high carbon steel
Ratings9 out of 108 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

There are a few things to consider when buying drill bits used to create holes. Although drill bits may just be drill bits, you still need to consider quality above everything else to purchase the right one for your needs.

  • What the drill bit is made of

Drill bits and saws made of heavy duty materials like steel or carbon steel is definitely the best way to go. Not only do strong and efficient drill bits withstand tough materials but will also allow you to drill through thicker and tougher materials as well.

  • Any special features of the drill bit?

There are but only a few features to check out. First is the bits ability to work with different kinds of power drills and drills with varying ranges. A versatile drill bit gives you true value because you don’t need to purchase separate bits for all the types of drills you have.

There are also drill bits with easy to remove adaptors which make these easier to use compared to regular drill bits.

  • Buying one bit or buying a set

Some drill bits are available per piece but most of the time these are sold in packs of 3, 5 or six or more. You might also find a certain type of drill bit of varying sizes in one set while there are drill bits or hole saws with varying uses in one kit or set.

  • Buying a generic or brand-based hole drill bits and saws

Consider genuine drill bits and hole saws that are made exclusively for your brand of a power drill. In case you want to use a generic drill bit or hole saw for your power drill, make sure that these are quality bits that will complement the brand of drill you have.

How do we compare Spade Drill Bit vs Hole Saw?

  • Quality

Measuring quality in a hole bit like a spade drill bit takes an excellent eye for quality. In the case of a spade drill bit, you must take special attention to the type of material the blade is made from. The latest drill bits in the market is made from cubitron sol-gel mineral which is known for its strength and sharp cutting edges. This material also has high cutting rates, longer life, and improved fracture toughness. This updated spade drill bit is self-sharpening with a Y-weight cloth backing. This drill bit will easily drill holes perfectly and at extreme speeds.

On the other hand, the most updated hole saw is made from heat treated carbon steel. This is recommended for cutting into ordinary wood, thin PVC boards and plastic with the best precision. This is a 16-piece set which adds value to your purchase. This kit contains hole saw bits from ¾ inch to 5 inches diameter hole. These drill bits are impact resistant with a cutting depth of 25m. These may be used with an electric drill, impact drills, and bench drills. All these quality features make this hole saw a bit a good alternative to create perfect holes for any project or application.

  • Blade Size

The spade drill bits are available from 3/8 inches to an inch in size. When it comes to hole saws, the most updated hole saw kit comes with 16-pieces attachments and measures ¾ inches to 5 inches.

  • Weight

Both hole-making drill bits are lightweight at less than 10 ounces per bit. But despite its size, these bits are strong and will last longer. These drill bits are very efficient and can be used to cut a hole on a variety of materials.

1) Spade Drill Bit

Spade Drill Bit

Why Use the Spade Drill Bit and Who Is It For?

A spade drill bit is for people who want to create holes of varying diameters for different projects. These drill bits may be attached to different types of power saws and tools for the best and most accurate cuts. It is for homeowners, hobbyists, carpenters, contractors and for woodworkers. This is for people who want a strong, reliable and efficient way to cut holes for different applications.


The most updated spade drill bit is made from tough and durable cubitron-based sol-gel mineral. This is capable of cutting different materials and creating holes without wasting any kind of material to make the cut. It can remove stock material with less heat and loading. These 3/8-inch to 1-inch drill bits will complement any toolset. The drill bits can be efficiently removed with a grooved shank for making bit changes. All spade bits come with heavy-duty shanks for extended life and durability.

Main Features

  • Made from Cubitron-based Regalite abrasive
  • Self-sharpening
  • With new cutting edges for high cut rates
  • Long life and consistency
  • Improved fracture toughness
  • Higher stock removal
  • Reduces heat and loading
  • With a ¼-inch ball groove shank for quick bit changes.


Where can you purchase spade drill bits?

You can buy spade drill bits from local distributors as well as from online shopping sites. These bits are available in packs of six which gives you more value out of your purchase.

How do you maintain the efficiency of your spade drill bits?

You can maintain the efficiency of your spade drill bits by keeping the bits clean and dry and to never use it on materials that it is not good at. For instance, this should not be used on metal, larger and thicker pieces of wood and so on.

Can you use a spade drill bit on any kind of drill?

Yes, you can use a spade drill bit on any kind of drill. This complements most regular drills in the market.


  • With very sharp edges for any kind of material.
  • With high cut rates, longer life for improving productivity.
  • Will enhance stock removal with less heat and loading problems.
  • Makes bit removal faster


  • Is not for all types of material.
  • May get stuck on the heavier stock material.

2) Hole Saw

Hole Saw

Why Use the Hole Saws and Who Is It For?

A hole saw bit is for people who would like to make larger holes than what a spade drill bit can create. A set of hole saw bits has bits that can make holes from ¾ inches to 5-inches in diameter. This is for professionals, contractors, craftsmen, hobbyists and for homeowners alike.


The latest hole saw bits are made from heat-treated carbon steel and have the most popular sizes of holes. This set of drill bits can make holes on ordinary wood, thin PVC board and plastic with good precision. You must use these bits on power tools with drill speeds of less than or equal to 1000 rpm to improve the function and prolong the life of the hole saw. These saw bits need to be oiled with an anti-rust oil on the surface to prevent natural oxidation. This is not for creating holes on materials like metal, density board, aluminum and stone.

Main Features

  • Made of heat-treated carbon steel
  • High precision bits
  • Can make holes from ¾ inches to 5 inches in diameter
  • Can be used on wood, thin PVC board, and plastic
  • Cannot be used on metal, density board, aluminum and stone
  • Should be used with anti-rust oil for maintenance


Can you use this hole saw on just any kind of drill?

No, you cannot use this hole saw on just any kind of drill, the drill must have at least 1000 rpm to be able to get the most out of this type of hole saw bit.

How do you maintain the sharpness and cutting power of these drill bits?

Aside from using the right type of drill, you must keep the blades clean plus make sure that you are using it on the right material. You must use it only on light materials including wood, plastic and PVC boards.

Where do you purchase these hole saws?

You can purchase this kind of hole saw from online sites that sell power saws, power tools, and accessories. You may also purchase these from local distributors.


  • Available in a variety of hole diameters from ¾ to 5 inches
  • Can cut through wood, PVC boards, and plastic.
  • Precise, portable and safe to use.


  • Will not work on metal, density boards, aluminum, and stone.
  • Requires oiling to prevent rust or corrosion.

The Final Cut

When you need to make small, perfect holes in wood and light materials you must use a spade drill bit.

If you want to make a larger hole then a hole saw will create a large one for you but only on light materials and not on metal and aluminum. 

Each type of hole-making drill bit has a particular use and therefore understanding which one would give you the best results for any type of project or application.