Skil Flooring Saw Vs Ryobi Flooring Saw

Comparison Review: Skil Flooring Saw vs Ryobi Flooring Saw



In woodwork, a flooring saw is a type of saw that has a curve at the end, used for cutting through floorboards. These saws are primarily designed to cut through solid, laminate, and engineered flooring. There are different brands that are competing in the market for flooring saws, but Skil and Ryobi are among the most popular. For the purpose of comparison, we will consider specific models under both brands, and compare the features from there.

Skil Flooring Saw vs Ryobi Flooring Saw

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Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

The primary issue when it comes to cutting flooring is not only about the type of saw that you use but the type of blade. Here are some considerations:

  • Straight Cuts

Straight cuts can be performed using a circular saw, a chop saw, or a table saw. However, if you are working on laminate flooring, a flooring saw is often the best choice. A blade that comes with a tooth count of 100 or more is often a better option. In order to reduce or eliminate chipping, it usually comes with a leading edge which comes in contact with the face of the board.

  • Curved Cuts

When making curved cuts using a jigsaw, the similar principle is applicable. More teeth mean better cuts. Blades that can cut through metal usually have more teeth compared to wood-cutting ones. They are generally best when cutting laminated floors.

Overall, flooring saws are designed to meet the needs of workers who need to cut through laminated floors. However, each model comes with their own features. It would be best to identify first your purpose of use and start from there.

  • Size

There is a wide range of sizes that are available. The general rule of thumb is that anything with a capacity for cutting off 9 inches and more can do the job. An exception, however, is for portable cutters which may have as little as 5 inches blade in diameter.

  • Type and Material of the Blade

When looking into this factor, the best blade that can cut through a laminate flooring is high carbon steel. It would also be better if the blades are easily replaceable because this will further extend the shelf life of your tool.

  • Other Features

Storage solutions and weight, whether the model comes fully constructed or has to be assembled together upon arrival, these are issues that you need to take into consideration before buying. You may also want to look into other features, such as angled cutting, particularly for professional floorers. This is a rare option for budget models. Another factor is the warranty duration. Even though this is not really a deal breaker, but a long-term, generous warranty, backed by great customer service reviews, is a good backup just in case you encounter some problems.

Product Comparison Parameters

How do we compare Flooring Saw vs Ryobi Flooring Saw?

  • Quality

In terms of quality, both Skil and Ryobi models are considered as good options. They each have something to offer to the table. The Skil flooring saw, for one, cuts through solid, laminate and engineered flooring with ease. It is designed to create a miter, cross and rip cuts. Ryobi, on the other hand, is also known for their workability. Cutting is fairly accurate, though changing from crosscuts to rip can be quite challenging.

  • Price

The price of the flooring saws depends on the actual model that you are trying to purchase, as well as the number of features that are included in the product. This also goes well with the blade size and the weight, though generally, Skil flooring saws are more lightweight in design.

1) Skil Flooring Saw

Skil Flooring Saw

Why Use Skil Flooring Saw and Who is it For?

The Skil flooring saw is designed for individuals who are looking for a reliable tool that can easily cut through engineered, solid and laminate flooring with ease. These laminate floorings are generally challenging to cut through, especially when using other types of saws. In particular, Skil creates models that come in lightweight design, making them easy to transport and use, especially when there is a need to transfer from one location to another in order to complete a project.

With the Skil Flooring saw, installing new wood flooring becomes easier. You can easily make a miter, cross and rip cuts in solid wood, laminate, and engineered flooring within the same room where you are installing it. This means that you no longer have to run back and forth just to create cuts using a miter saw or a table saw since a flooring saw can do them right then and there. Its compact and sturdy design also makes it easy to use, even for beginners and DIYers.

Main Features

  • Crates miter, cross and rip cuts
  • Lightweight design
  • 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees miter detents
  • Die-cast aluminum miter and rip fence


Is it possible to use this flooring saw for a ¾ inch hardwood?

Yes, it can cut through ¾ inch flooring, though it is recommended not to cut through something thicker than this.

What is the blade size that can fit this model?

This model works with 4 3/8.

How can you change the blade on this flooring saw?

In order to change the blade on this model, you simply slide the saw assembly to the position that is farthest, removing the rear blade bolt cover, and rotating the cover away from the bolt of the blade. After, you can push and hold the arbor lock button. Use the included hex wrench turn blade bolt in a clockwise direction, removing it. Remove the bolt and washer, and remove the blade right through the kerf insert via the table underside.


  • Easier installation of new wood flooring
  • Sturdy compact design
  • Easier to use, transport and store
  • Lightweight design
  • Reputable brand


  • Connecting a vacuum can be really challenging

2) Ryobi Flooring Saw

Ryobi Flooring Saw

Why Use Ryobi Flooring Saw and Who is it For?

The Ryobi flooring saw is an ideal option for DIY installation of wood or laminate flooring. For example, the Ryobi portable flooring saw comes with a 5-inch diameter blade which can cut up to ¾ inch deep and can also create both crosscuts and rip flooring with ease. It comes with a lightweight aluminum construction which makes it easy to transport. Also, the dust collection system enables you to use the saw in the very same room you are working in.

This particular model is ideal for everything almost everything that you need when you are installing laminate flooring. It comes with a fence that you can easily slide and pop right into place. After getting it on position, lock down the blade easily. The fence can also be used as a guide, pushing your plank lengthwise along the blade, making the rip. If you need to make a crosscut, you just need to relocate the fence to the other side.

Main Features

  • Portable design
  • Easy to use even for DIYers
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Efficient dust collection system
  • Rip and crosscuts


Up to what depth can this model cut through?

The Ryobi flooring saw can cut up to ¾ inches in depth, doing both rip and crosscut flooring with ease.

Is this flooring saw easy to transport around?

This model is particularly designed to be portable, making it easy to carry around, with a dust collection system which allows you to use the saw in the same room you are working in.

How efficient is the dust collection system of this model?

The dust collection system allows this model collects twice as much dust as compared to other models.


  • Dust collection system collects twice as much dust
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Rips and crosscuts accurately
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design


  • Not much information about the product online through reviews

Alternative Choices

Aside from the abovementioned flooring saws, there are also other alternative options that can be used to cut through the laminate flooring. Here are some models that you can take into consideration:

1) Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter

This cutter is designed to offer precision cutting and is also highly capable of slicing through floor widths as long as 9 inches. It comes with an extremely sharp blade which prevents the splitting of boards or splintering of edges. It also comes with an extra-long handle, thus giving users with a maximum leverage, thus ensuring effortless cutting action.

This model comes with a lightweight design, which means that it can also be portably carried around, especially when doing DIY tasks. The manufacturer behind this model has chosen a blade that is made out of a high carbon steel which provides the assurance of durability and longevity. This tool is well-suited for cutting engineered wood flooring, PVC tiles and vinyl, vinyl siding or fiber cement, including pressboard lab siding.

2) Roberts 10-64 13-inch Pro Flooring Cutter

As a professional model, this flooring cutter is more on the expensive side. However, in terms of purpose, this model is well-suited for cutting clean edges, especially on vinyl flooring and siding, engineered wood, VCT tiles, laminate, foam and rubber tiles. It comes with a generous cutting width of 13-inches, with a 5/8 cutting thickness.

The blade is also replaceable and may be removed easily for sharpening. The manufacturer has chosen an aluminum construction for this model, thus giving it its lightweight design and rigid features. The handle is also extendable, allowing you to increase leverage, effortlessly cutting through all flooring types.

3) Bullet Tools 9-inch EZ Shear Sharpshooter Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

In terms of price, this model belongs to the mid-priced option category. It is well-suitable for cutting laminate and siding flooring up to a width of 9 inches with 5/8 inches of thickness. This model features a durable shear blade, with the capacity of outlasting 20 or more normal saw blades. It removes the hassle of using electrical cords while reducing the amount of produced dust.

This cutter also saves you time as it can be used and placed in the same room being floored, thus giving you complete efficiency in terms of cutting, measuring and installing the flooring. This tool is designed to cut through the laminate floor, fiber cement siding, engineered wood, luxury vinyl and other similar products.

4) Bullet Tools 13-inch Magnum Laminate Flooring Cutter

In terms of premium features, this laminate flooring cutter is considered as one of the best. It is designed as an extremely versatile cutter, and a generous cutting capacity of up to 13 inches in width, with a thickness of a full inch. This model is also designed in a way that it deals with airborne dust and mess which may prove to be a problem if you were using other flooring saws.

Since it comes in a compact design, you can cut where you are laying the flooring, thus saving you a good amount of time performing the task. It also affords a really low noise level while being used, which means that you can work on it any time of the day, or even night.  BUY NOW ON AMAZON

The Final Cut

Both Ryobi and Skil are known brands in the woodworking industry. Each of these products is designed to serve a specific purpose. Under the brands, there are different models to choose from. Therefore, everything still depends on your preference and purpose of use.

If you favor portability over functionality, then the portable Ryobi flooring saw may be best for you. If you are looking for more hardcore actions in terms of functionality, the Skil flooring saw is a good choice.