Elegant Pallet Bed

14 Pallet Bed with Lights DIY Plans


Perhaps you have already tried creating a table or a stand using wooden pallets. Are you interested in taking things up a notch higher? What about making a pallet bed with lights?

The first thing that might come into your mind is that it is a difficult project to start with. However, reality dictates that it is actually easier than you think. At the same time, this project is a very cheap way to show off your creativity and unique style.

The assembly of fittings and parts will be done nicely in a way that it can even beat those industrial or manufactured structures for beds. As a bonus, these beds will also be fitted with electrical apparatus to create that gorgeous light effects that will make your nights interesting. This highly innovative concept on lighting will certainly amaze you.

You have definitely come to the right place if you are looking for a project to start working with. These 14 pallet bed with lights DIY plans will certainly bring out the artist in you!

1) Pallet Bed with Lights and Drawers

Pallet Bed With Lights And Drawers

Image URL: https://cdn.easypalletideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/pallet-and-plywood-platform-bed.jpg

One thing that you may have noticed right away is that all sides of the platform pallet bed have been turned into something that is storage friendly. This means that the sides of this bed contain the much bigger drawers. At the same time, the front side also contains a well-built shoe rack. This means that this pallet bed with lights is not just for resting and sleeping, but also a good storage solution for your things inside your room.

2) Pallet Bed with Under Lights

Pallet Bed With Under Lights

Image URL: https://cdn.easypalletideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/diy-pallet-platform-bed-with-lights.jpg

This pallet bed with lights offer a rustic yet highly modern pallet platform design. The lights are placed under the pallet of the bed, thus making the light appear like its coming from somewhere beneath. This is quite interesting because most beds with lights choose to have the lights installed somewhere along the sides. This bed is perfect for a beach house, or somewhere cool enough to require some warm lights.

3) Velvet Pallet Bed

Velvet Pallet Bed

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/39bfe575e6966fb463dd762377c0eb62-634×634.jpg

This pallet bed is no doubt a genius way to create an interesting masterpiece. Basically, the design of this pallet bed is a simple one. You just need to create a frame as the main structure. The beauty of this output lies in the use of velvet sheets, pillows, and lights. The pallets are also stained with some reds and velvets, not on all parts, but on certain portions only. Velvet candle lights are also used to intensify the overall appearance of this project.

4) Comfy Blue Pallet Bed with Lights

Comfy Blue Pallet Bed With Lights

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Recycled-Pallet-Bed-Frames-homesthetics-10-634×634.jpg

What do you notice right away with this pallet bed? It gives off the feeling of comfort and coziness. Perhaps it has something to do with the selection of color used in painting the pallet bed. There are gaps in the construction of the pallets, to give way to the lights that are installed beneath. Whites, browns, and blue shades are also combined together to create a very interesting output for a pallet bed with lights.

5) Warm Lights for a Pallet Bed

Warm Lights For A Pallet Bed

Image URL:  http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/9_1464869047-634×852.jpg

Mood lighting is what this project is certainly shouting about. While other lighted beds use candles and lamps for the lighting, this project uses LED strips beneath the bed, arranged in a way that allows the light to exude throughout the entire bed, giving that special mood inside your room. For this project, you need to identify how many pallets that you have to get, arrange them in an organized way, and start enjoying this bed.

6) Elegant Pallet Bed

Elegant Pallet Bed

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/pallet-bed-with-lights-1-634×476.jpg

Blue represents peace and comfortable mood. This is the purpose of this project, so it seems. Choosing blue as the color of choice for the light will certainly give your room that cozy appeal that will make you rest some more. To even make the light more appealing, the pallet bed is painted with pure white. Who could have noticed that this bed is made of used wooden pallets? Your choice of mattress and sheets will further add to the beauty of this overall project.

7) Lighted Headboard Pallet Bed

Lighted Headboard Pallet Bed

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Pallet-Bed-Headboard-Project-634×424.jpg

For this bed design, the light is not placed under the bed just like the other designs in this list, but on the headboard of this chic pallet bed.  This makes the bed simple, yet well-lit because the source of the light is easily visible.

The owner of this DIY project decided to keep the natural color of the wood. As such, natural palette options were used on the sheets and pillows, making the bedroom teeming with rustic design, which contrasts with the color of the wall.