22 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects That Even Beginners Can Do

Have you been thinking of what project to do with the reclaimed or pellet woods you have? This is one great thing about woodworking; it gets your creativity working every time. And you cannot even run out of options and ideas to do.

These reclaimed woods may not look very nice anymore but wait until you see it refurnished. You will be surprised on how a little tweaking, cutting, drilling, and painting can do. Call it wood make over. Even these woods deserve it as well. These 22 DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects that Even Beginners Can Do will tell you how.

1) Wine Rack


Something rustic and fancy to add some fresh and functional element to your home, a wine rack is a great use for some deconstructed pallet boards you have is very easy to do. And this rack is essential to keep your wines handy and accessible.

2) Artistic Coffee Cup Rack


Yes, I’ll take both! Satisfy your caffeine fix any time of the day, and perhaps a little reminder that you do- need one- with this easy to do DIY coffee cup rack. You sure can’t buy love, but you can with coffee- lots of it, and can even make this cute coffee cup rack too. And that’s a lot of love right there.

3) Rustic Pallet Picture Frames


If a picture paints a thousand words, then you probably wouldn’t mind reading a million. Store and cherish memories creatively and have it in print, and let everyone knows it. You might have posted a thousand of these pictures in your social media, but hey, nothing can beat the old school. Old and new, let these simple wooden hanging frames tell the story.

4) Pallet Wood Sofa


Turn some of your stored and unused pallet wood into this structured wooden sofa to put on your patio, garden or anywhere inside the house. Add some mattress, and you can sit comfortably while drinking your coffee, watch the sunrise, read a book, or just, chill.

5) Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray


Simple, basic and inexpensive. You can make one of this vintage-looking wooden tray easily using only some reclaimed wood and stained to be food safe.

6) Wood Box Centerpiece


Follow this blogger on how to make this classic and totally functional table wood box centerpiece. It is unique and a great storage space for some in-door plants or other little stuff you have to add some design element to your house.

7) Wood Coasters


It’s all on the details. You can customize it and write your name, draw your favorite figure or even write in French, Chinese or even in your millennial language, however, you want to express yourself in these customized wooden coasters. It’s a great homemade gift idea, too.

8) Little End Table


Need to have some rustic feel at home? Let this wooden end table give you that country vibe. It is small, chic and highly functional. On top of that, it is straightforward to do. In fact, this tutorial suggests spending only a couple hours making it.

9) Bathtub Table


After a long tiring day, nothing can be better than a long bath time, soaking all the stress and exhaustion while reading a book. And this rustic bath table is a perfect use for it.

11) Reclaimed Wood Nightstand


Who would have thought that this nightstand came from reclaimed wood and can be done by yourself? Follow this tutorial here, and you can do one on your own. And I like that it is designed with a lot of drawer for storage.

12) Wall Rack for Coats, Hats, and Storage


You know those frequent times when we put and leave our hats and any other kinds of stuff or stack our coats in random places and later on forget where we place them? Hands up, if you do. This wall storage rack might just be the solution to that.

13) Barnwood House Number Sign


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A very simple and easy-to-do woodworking idea to do with a piece of barn wood that you probably would not think of. With a little cutting and drilling, you already made a hanging house number sign to replace your old one. Simple and inexpensive, the black and white number does not cost much when bought as well.

14) Salvaged Barnwood Headboard


Looking for some ideas for a unique wooden headboard for your room? This tutorial will walk you through into making this awesome headboard that you might not believe is made of old barn wood.

15) Crates and Reclaimed Pallet Bookshelf


Booklovers will surely find this a dream project to do. The size is even huge enough to fit in several books. This reclaimed pellet bookshelf is creative, unique and a great décor to your living room.

16) Kitchen Pallet Shelf


This kitchen pallet shelf is used to put all your condiments in one place where you can easily see and reach them as it is imperative that you should have a safe place for your ketchup.

17) Rustic Coffee Table


Old and rustic, this coffee table is a nice center table piece to give your home the outdoorsy vibe. And it is designed with room to place your magazines, newspapers and even some books too.

19) Reclaimed Wood Planter


You can always make this simple DIY planter in your spare time using reclaimed wood that is probably sitting in your storage for some time. This blogger has put up an easy-to-follow instructions here.

20) Barn Wood Jewelry Holder


Put all your accessories in a place where you could easily see it- hanging on the wall. This barn wood jewelry holder will keep your necklaces organized without getting tangled like how we usually hate when placing it in a jewelry box- at least for me.

21) Salvaged Wood Chalkboard


This salvaged wood chalkboard is a cool wall ornament or can be used to write notes, reminders, grocery list or yes, even, food menu. And I like that its old and unfinished look gives it a unique and a good kind of weird look if that makes sense.

22) Reclaimed Wood or Pallet Ladder Towel Rack


It is a ladder, it looks like a ladder, but No, you cannot step on it. Display your towels in this unique and totally cool ladder rack. Want to make one for yourself? Follow the tutorial here.

So what do you think of the list? Were you inspired to start working on your project ASAP? There is a lot of things you could do with a piece of wood, that we can’t just leave it stacked and unused at home. It is amazing how you think wood that is not useable anymore can turn into something cool, beautiful and a functional piece. Thus I hope this list gives you some ideas of what to do with it the next time.

Which of them do you plan to make first? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. And yes, let’s share and keep inspiring others.