Beautiful Pool Patio Deck By Little Things

10 Pallet Patio DIY Plans


Your patio is a place to relax and enjoy bonding with family and friends. It is really fun to work with pallet wood. While it is usually found in backyards and on the streets, a pallet can be a great material to be used in do-it-yourself projects.

Just make sure you used heat treated pallet to ensure your safety since other pallet stamps could mean being exposed to harmful chemicals. We have compiled the best pallet patio DIY plans to help you ignite your ideas and enhance your creative skills.

Let’s get started with the best patio-inspired pallet woodwork plans today! Enjoy reading!

1) DIY Wood Pallet Deck by Hoosier Homemade

Diy Wood Pallet Deck By Hoosier Homemade

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A wood pallet deck would be a great addition to your outdoor space. It would match your lovely garden. To build this project, you will need wood pallet deck supplies. The builder used pallets bought from a local pallet manufacturer.

The measurement is 48 x 48 inches. The two-way barrel pallets can hold up to 1000 to 1200 pounds of weight. You also need concrete half blocks at 8 x 8 x 6 inches, paint or stain, solid stain, sand and gravel for leveling, and paint sprayer.

The estimated cost for this project is $120. It is worth purchasing pallets that can hold weight, but you can also use reclaimed wood for this project.

You can start small like what the builder did because the number of wood pallets you’ll need will highly influence the size of the deck you can build.

In this project, the builder used six wood pallets, making an 8 x 12-foot deck. The steps include cleaning the location, determining the block size, digging a hole, cutting, assembling, and nailing the pallet hammer.

2) Pallet Raised Planter Bed by Instructables

Pallet Raised Planter Bed By Instructables

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The builder of this project just recently saw a photo of a raised planter bed made of wood, and this became a source of inspiration to build one because the retail cost is $250.

It is a good way of keeping rabbits out of the garden and keep things organized. Good thing the builder found a free wood. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars, all you have to do is create a DIY pallet like this!

The total time to finish this project is about 6 hours. The things you’ll need include 3 to 4 pallets, vice grips, hammer, drill, crowbar or pry bar, staple gun, skill saw, or miter saw, landscaping fabric, and treated wood.

Use heat treated pallet with HT stamp because it is safer to use in the garden. Those with MB stamps were treated with a dangerous chemical called Methyl Bromide.

The steps come with clear photos and detailed measurements. The instructions are easy to follow. Enjoy staying on your patio with this raised planter bed with your family and friends!

3) Beautiful Pool Patio Deck by Little Things

Beautiful Pool Patio Deck By Little Things
Beautiful Pool Patio Deck By Little Things 2

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This is a fascinating pallet DIY project. You’ll surely be impressed about this pool patio deck because it can match those made by professionals. It is perfect for summertime and you just need a few pallets to start with. The builder started with just 43 pallets. The pallets were sanded, giving them a smooth surface and getting rid of dirt.

Each pallet was covered and painted with the use of an air-paint gun. The pallets were sun-dried, and when they were fully dried, they were laid 13 by 19 feet on a geotextile fabric.

This will serve as a base, preventing the grass from growing in between the wood. Each pallet was neatly laid down. Next, the wall was built and they added some bench chairs too. You can add flowers and plants around as well as cushions and decorations like vases.

This is a big project needing some help to build it faster, though you can also choose to work alone and do it one step at a time. It is perfect for family bonding and parties!

4) Pallet Swing DIY Chair by Instructables

Pallet Swing Diy Chair By Instructables

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This pallet swing chair is a beautiful outdoor furniture using 4 wooden pallets. It is specifically designed and created from the ground up. The tools and materials you’ll for this project are 4 pallets, screws, metal chain, u-bolts, chop saw, jig saw, hammer, screw gun, and nail remover. The DIY guide shows clear photos and easy-to-follow steps.

The steps are outlined with clear details and photos. It primarily involves tearing down the wooden pallets with the use of a jigsaw, building the seat bottom and the seat back, connecting the back and the seat bottom, installing the chains and u-bolts, and painting the swing.

You can add decorations like cushions, nameplate, or anything you can think of. It is a good project to keep you busy during weekends! Build your own pallet swing now and enjoy your patio and general outdoor space!

5) Rustic Pallet Coffee Table by Remodelaholic

Rustic Pallet Coffee Table By Remodelaholic

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This is a rustic coffee table design that is made of pallet wood and it provides a lot of options using it.  You can use this as a cooler for drinks during summer. It is also used to plant flowers and succulents.

You can do whatever you like with this multi-functional table! The builder also has a video on how the table was made. The table was designed so it will be around the center of a planter box.

The tools and materials include pallet wood (around 3 to 5), pine lumber (2×4), plastic box planter (30 in. length), teak oil, miter saw, table saw, screws, hammer, brad nails, nail gun, pencil, tape measure, rad, brush, biscuits, biscuit joiner, and drill.

The instructions are clear and easy to read. It is so nice to have a coffee table with a drink cooler at the same time. Its versatility is outstanding! Enjoy the comfort and relaxing nature by building your very own coffee table and beverage cooler in one today!

6) Wooden Pallet Chair

Wooden Pallet Chair

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The builder came across with the plans on Houzz by Jared Erwin. The instructions are clear, the dimensions are detailed, and there are many reference pictures.

It is a great resource to start building your own pallet patio-style chairs. The estimated time to complete this project is about an hour. Power tools will make this project faster and easier, though this is not required.

To prevent the pallet from splitting, you can use a cordless drill for creating pilot holes for the screws. Use a circular saw for cutting all the pieces to the proper size.

The builder used a wood glue and nail gun for the bottom and back slats. When the chairs were completely assembled, they were sanded using 60-grit sandpaper, thus removing splinters as well as rounding the edges.

Use safety goggle and mask because a pallet wood is usually treated with chemicals to keep crops fresh. Generally, the project is fun and the steps are easy-to-follow. Now you can enjoy your patio even more while relaxing on this pallet chair!

7) Easy Pallet Deck

Easy Pallet Deck

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This is a very easy and free DIY project. This was built by a family and the parents and kids make a great team. If you need an affordable but sturdy deck, you can adapt this DIY pallet deck project.  You don’t have to be an expert in building this project. Let’s get started!

The steps include getting the pallets and measurements. When choosing a pallet, consider the length, height, and width, ensuring that each pallet is similar as much as possible.

Use the side of the pallet wood closer together. The next step is cleaning up and leveling the ground for the deck. The builder used sand and gravel to level the ground because they want the deck as temporary.

Of course, you can make it permanent if you decide to do so. It is good to cover the area where you will put up the deck with a weed control fabric. Now you have a DIY plan to follow easily. The site offers clear photos and simple instructions.

8) Pallet Patio Bar by Instructables

Pallet Patio Bar By Instructables

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This wood pallet bar project is a great addition to your patio. The materials you need to complete this project include 3 pallets of similar size, 1 plywood pallet, 1x3x8’s (3), 2x4x8’s (2), deck screws, bolts (5 in), concrete, caulk, melamine sheet, wire reinforcement, and a bag of cement. The tools you need are a power drill and a power sander.

The bar is 40 inches high and 6 feet long. You can make the pallet patio bar more stable. It is able to support the heavy weight of the concrete. You can build a leg in the center of the 2×4’s.

A plywood pallet was used for making the removable shelves. The countertop is made of melamine with the final form measuring 74x18x1.5 inches. Silicone caulk was applied along the corners for smoother edges.

The bar is secured with the help of the concrete. Like the builder, you’ll be happy with this woodwork project. It is a one of a kind pallet DIY project indeed!

9) DIY Pallet Floating Deck by The Garden Glove and Instructables

Diy Pallet Floating Deck By The Garden Glove And Instructables

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The builder’s stepfather wants a deck for his duplex that is only temporary. It is relatively affordable to make. This project is pretty basic. The square frame measures 2 by 6 and this pallet floating deck is 8 by 8.

The cheaper version is 2 x 4. The recommended is 5/4 x 6s. Th builder also recommends spacing the boards evenly by using the carpenter’s pencil flat end.

The builder used garden stones that are flat for each corner, making it leveled. This project is simple and easy to do. It is a beautiful platform for your patio or any outdoor living space.

The things you need are basic materials and tools like a miter saw, hammer, pallet, nails, screws, and drill. It’s about time to make use of your reclaimed pallet wood by using your basic tools now!

Enjoy the fun and relaxation this floating deck can bring to your family bonding and personal time experiences!

10) Backyard Pallet Island Deck by Family Handyman

Backyard Pallet Island Deck By Family Handyman

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This project can be finished in one weekend given the right tools and materials.

It is a floating deck or an island deck. The design is very simple and you can use a pallet than buy expensive boards. It has hidden fasteners. You can build this at the end of your backyard or in a shady corner of your garden. There is no need to do deep frost footings. It means saving you so much time doing the manual labor.

The builder designed this deck with a simple construction. The power tools you need are a circular saw, miter saw, and drill. A composite deck was used but pallet is also a good replacement.

The dimensions of the deck are 11-ft. 8 inches square. You can find the list of materials in a helpful and detailed PDF.format. Enjoy relaxing and bonding in your very own island deck today!


We have come to an end, but your pallet journey will about to start. These DIY patio pallet projects are easy to build and can make your patio or any outdoor living space unique and beautiful. Now you probably realized the creative used of pallets.

You don’t have to be highly-skilled in carpentry work because all you need is a little bit of creativity, willingness, and power tools! Explore and have fun! Start your DIY project today and share with us now!

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