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21 Woodworking Project Ideas Using Scrapwood


The person who loves woodworking wanted to try more creativity from wood. There are many projects which are defiant, you never tried before. Here I am sharing 22 items which are made from wood. These elegant projects will inspire you and convince you for woodworking.

1) Book Shelves

01 Book Shelves

I really feel trouble to put my books in a specific place. I think that what should I make from wood, then I try this book shelve. It is really simple and easy for making all of you need the good ending of shelves. You can see in this image that I use some piece of wood at the end of the both sides. For the purpose of using small wood is that it creates proper balance at the edge. You can also put some decorative things in it.

2) Playhouse For Kids

02 Playhouse For Kids

I always wonder to make a playhouse for my kids, suddenly I think that I must try hut type playhouse, which is made from wood. Here in this image, you can see that how beautifully I make this project. My kids are so happy to see this playhouse. You can create many deign and styles of the playhouse. For me, this is one of my best projects.

3) Key-Chain

03 Key Chain

I love woodworking that is the main reason is used to make a key chain from wood. Here you can see how smoothly, I make this project from wood. Now the fear of lost the keys and breakage of key chain is no more. The wood I used in this key chain is hard. You can also make this project; all of you need fine wood. If you have a creative mind you can change the design of keychain also. I think this project is best for everyone.

4) Tool Hanging

04 Tool Hanging

This project is best for those who wanted to place their tool in a fine place. So the fear of lost the tool is no more. From my point of view, this project is beneficial for those who are mechanic. This project is simple in making; you just need to hang a perfect place. I think this is the best project because you can find the exact tool instantly.

5) Mobile Hanging

05 Mobile Hanging

I think it’s really troubling for everyone, to put mobile in a charging place. I think twice that what I should do for mobile charging. Here is the result you can in this image, that I make a perfect space for mobile and wire for charging purposes. You can also safe from the current. This is beneficial because the chance of current is decreased and your mobile should be charged properly.

6) Wishes Stand

06 Wishes Stand

At the time of Christmas, everybody decorates their houses for celebrating Christmas. I wanted to make the different project from wood, and then I instantly think that I must try a wishing board made from wood. So guests can read this wish from entered in a home. You can see in this image that the shape of wishing mood is like a Christmas tree.

7) Bed With A Lot Of Space

07 Bed With A Lot Of Space

This project includes multiple choices to keep things safe. You can put many things like shoes, cloth and whatever you like. I used this bed in my room and seriously, it was too good the unlimited space brings beneficial and lots of things can be no more. When everyone looks this wood project they simply say Wow what a bed. I really feel proud when someone appreciates hard working.

8) USB Holder

08 Usb Holder

The best part of this project is that it is durable. I simply make the backside from wood and attach my USB inner part. You can see in this image that this is really unique. The chance of lost my data is no more. I attach a ring at the end of USB so that I can use as a key chain.

9) Elegant Vase

09 Elegant Vase

This DIY wood project is perfect for decorating home. You can put different kinds of flowers. The combination of wood vase and flowers is really awesome. This project is best for home decoration. It will be a beautiful and creative project for you that will surely enhance the beauty of your house.

10) DIY Art

10 Diy Art

This is one of the best woodworking projects because of different styles. You can put many things in it. I found it unique and imaginative, that’s why I go for it. So you can create your home in a more decorative manner. Hope you like my idea of using wood as an art.

11) Wooden Book Rack

11 Wooden Bookrack

We can make different decorative wooden items with your own choice. By making this you can give style and carry a large number of your books. I am actually making one of this wooden book racks for my home. It is perfectly cool and artistic work. Racks are used to store books and may be adjustable or a fixed. I can decorate my favorite areas and corners of my house by placing stylish wooden book racks. These wooden items give stylish look to my interior furnishing. You can also make a wonderful variety of wooden bookshelves easily at home.

12) Swaning Wooden Horse

12 Swaning Wooden Horse

After placing such an amazing horse having long hair your lounge’s beauty would be enhanced. Your kids can sit on it and it is a strong one. You would feel that this horse can move to and fro while sitting on it. Have a look at its image and feel comfortable to make it; you would surely enjoy making it.

13) Stylish Table Having Stools

13 Stylish Table Having Stools

You can now enjoy this stylish table having stools with it. I have made such a semi-square table having stools with it. You can carry it anywhere for sitting like in the lawn or on the beach. It is actually very easy and interesting to make. Size, shape, design and number of stools are according to your choice when you made it. You can take the benefit of carrying it. Have a look at the image to get the idea of making it. Surely you would enjoy having it.

14) Wooden Candle Stand

14 Wooden Candle Stand

Isn’t amazing having a stand and having holes to keep your candles inside? You can carry this elegant candle stand anywhere you want. It is an ideal one for the party and you can keep it on the ground outside or in the kitchen. Have a look at its image and you would get guidance on this rack. You can also make it with your own choice easily at home by your creativity.

15) Adorable Wooden Chess

15 Adorable Wooden Chess

I am sure you would like this wooden chess. You can keep it in your dining hall and can create a good impression on your guests. However, it is a bit difficult to make them, but not so much. I am very confident that you can create them easily. So, here I am sharing the image of this invaluable project. Look at its image and you will enjoy making it.

16) Wooden Vase

17 Wooden Vase

These wooden vase ideas are awesome for your home decoration. We can enhance the beauty of your home with these wooden vases and can add different flowers in it. I bought this wooden stand and its looks perfect in among home decoration ideas. Sometimes, we don’t have enough space on your shelves, so here is the solution to this problem. Having vase in the wooden stand is the best option you have. I prefer to have this in your home because of its beauty.

17) Wooden Kitchen Stand

18 Wooden Kitchen Stand

This wooden stand is specially designed for the kitchens. You can easily find this type of wooden stand variety for your kitchen. This stand can also be known as the multi-work stand because we can place many different things on this stand, coffee cups spoons and much more. I have this wooden stand, in my home especially for coffee cups. I hope this wooden stand can help you in your kitchen’s home.

18) Wooden Stand

19 Wooden Stand

I observe this wooden stand seems to be placed anywhere in your home, not only to be placed in the kitchen. This stand can be placed anywhere in your home in your room, TV lounge, or any desired place because this wooden stand has the specialty that you can adjust almost anything to it, Like clothes, wine bottles or kitchen utensils. This wooden stand will definitely look awesome in my room.

19) Wooden Hut

20 Wooden Hut

Isn’t it giving you a decent look of the wooden home? Definitely yes! It is! So don’t think or hesitate to spend on wooden hut like this because nowadays wooden floors and wooden walls can also enhance the beauty of your home and give you a shape like a hut. Wooden hut is in trend nowadays. I also have one room made of wooden. A wooden hut is best to have in summers because it doesn’t absorb much heat.

20) Wooden Box Of Crayons

21 Wooden Box Of Crayons

Here is a colorful look of the wooden box of crayons with beautiful shades. We can place this wooden box on your child’s study table. I also use this wooden box, this is so helpful for us that how to collect these color crayons in this beautiful wooden box so that they don’t misplace. We can use this wooden box of crayons in another way that you can also add other multiple colors to this box.

21) Wooden Box

22 Wooden

This box is great to have many in it. This can hide you a lot of stuff which is not required in your home. If we have this wooden box in a home we can easily move this wooden box to anywhere in our home. You can also make it stylish by putting different things on this wooden box like a vase or a bucket of a flower. This can also work as a cupboard; you can put anything in it.


This is all my woodworking projects. I really hope that you like it, feel free to contact me if you really need trouble for making or you want to order some projects. Must tell your opinion that how you feel to see my projects. The person who loves woodworking always wanted to think different from doing woodworking projects.