09 The Wooden Mother Spell

21 DIY Woodworking Project Ideas For Mother’s Day


Have you ever thought about doing something special for your mother on Mother’s Day? Despite having little cash available, but still want to make it exciting? Well, here is a wonderful tip that would make you feel better. Mothers don’t really see the value of things by money; she measures it by how much you put into it. I always used to think- I don’t have enough cash to surprise my mother with beautiful presents. However, once I cooked food for her and the amount of happiness she gained was countless.

Anyhow, here are some creative ideas that you can do for your mother on Mother’s Day with little money and more effort.

1) Keychain

01 Wooden Keychain

You can craft a little wooden block, get a nice picture of your mother. Print it according to the size of the wooden block. Stick it with the wooden block, drill a hole on one of the corner and add the key ring. Voila the best gift you can give. Every time she will see it, it would mean the world to her and would hold a special place in her heart for you.

2) Box

02 The Wooden

Everyone knows that mothers love their jewelry boxes. What an immense emotion will be developed if moms name is inbuilt on that box. Every time she will open that box, a blimp of smile will come on her beautiful face. She will be impressed by this touching gift.

3) Cutting Board

03 The Wooden Cutting Board

Undoubtedly, kitchen is the most favorite place of almost every mom. This wooden cutting board with your mom’s name will truly make your mom delighted and grateful. Using this board every time, mom will make some awesome dishes and whole family will enjoy thus a pleasing atmosphere will be developed!

4) Locket

04 The Wooden Locket

A wooden locket on moms neck, will give every time an unexplainable memory to her. Locket with either initial letter or full name will be of great pleasure. Mom will have a proud neck whenever she will wear it. She will proudly say that this is a gift from my Son/daughter.

5) Name Plate

05 The Wooden Name Plate

Imagine giving your mom a home name plate is unexplainable, hanging front of your home sweet home. Not only will your life giver appreciate but everyone who will cross your home. A delightful feeling will appear on your mom’s face while seeing this name plate! So start working on it!

6) Notebook

06 The Wooden Notebook

A wooden note book with your mom’s name is a useful and heart touching gift. Each time she will be writing some daily chores, some grocery item, something to recall, number of loved one names or a pray that she will make for you which cannot be expressed with these 26 alphabets!

7) Mobile Holder

07 The Wooden Mobile Holder

Fast growing trend, not only children, but also the parents are using new and latest mobile by pleasure. This wooden set of mobile holder will make your mom more comfortable and also make her feel comfortable while using and charging it.

8) Family Frame

08 The Wooden Family Frame

Old trend but yet the most memorizing picture frame, is a perfect gift to be given to mom on her special day. Recalling the whole family in just a glimpse of eye will give a quick thought to remember each and every family member!

9) Mother Spell

09 The Wooden Mother Spell

Writing a true and heartily definition of mom as per your thoughts and imaginations can be one of the most expressive gift to your mom! It will say her, what you feel, want to say and how much you love your mom. This gift would be the best way to express your thoughts!

10) Show Piece

10 The Wooden Show Piece

The most mesmerizing picture of every mom is her love and affection which is truly explained in this show piece. It is not only a show piece kept at side table, but a real definition of care, love and trust felt with your mom only in this whole universe.

11) Box

11 The Wooden

The heart shape always expresses love to anyone who is given this gift. This will show your intense love towards your mom, your life and to your life giver. Keeping some secret jeweler or else using it as per her wish, but every time opening it will make her realize your presence then and there.

12) Craft

12 The Wooden Craft

Something unique and creative. Although it’s a simple frame but yet have a unique idea using threads, buttons and motives. All people can give something by simply buying from somewhere but this is an idea that can create a difference.

13) Cutlery

13 The Wooden Cutlery

A wow feeling will be developed by giving this gift of cutlery set for cooking to your mom. This cutlery will make her feel special and also enjoy eating the delicious food. Kitchen and kitchen stuff are always close to your mom’s heart so this will make be a special one for your mom!

14) Wall Clock

14 The Wooden Wall Clock

Time and energy are two most important gifts anyone can give to their loved ones. This Wooden wall clock will not only express vast ocean of love to your mom but also remind her about you each second.

15) Light Lamp

15 The Wooden Light Lamp

A source of light in darkness tells some hope and beam is there in life. Gifting this light lamp will communicate that your mom is supply of light in your life. This gift will make her known that she is a foundation of light in your whole life!

16) Chair

16 The Wooden Chair

Time to sit, relax and take a deep breath. A time to remember, that not all the time your mom have to run around for home chores, for other stuff making and doing multiple tasks for whole family. Sitting on this chair will make her known that we also want to make her relax although not for such a long time but at least for some span of hour.

17) Pots

17 The Wooden Pots

Flowers, plants and pots give oxygen to humans. These gifted pots to your mom will tell her that she is the oxygen provider in your life. She will have a good feeling of refreshment in presence of these pots. This will be a great gift on her special care and memorable day!

18) Set

18 The Wooden Set

Words are expression to your thoughts and feelings about someone. Although this gift will not end much but this will make her feel that she can write whatever she feels, she want to tell and can also remember that you have given it as a symbol of your love to her.

19) Hand Watch

19 The Wooden Hand Watch

Wearing this watch will make your mom retain memories of each and every time she have spent with you. Time cost is always unexplainable and that is an actual picture that your time is worth giving. Thus this gift will make her feel more important than time!

20) Hanger

20 The Wooden Hanger

Whether happy birthday hanger on birthdays or either this gift hang on some wall of your house, it will dedicate her place not only in your heart but at some place in your home. Seeing this will make her feel important and also tell that we always love you mom.

21) Placer

21 The Wooden Placer

Doing home chores, collecting things from one place and placing it on right places is always seen and done by Mom. She will collect the stuff in this basket happily and easily. This would be a useful gift to be given to your mom.