Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw Vs Dewalt Worm Drive Table Saw

Comparison Review: Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw vs DeWalt Worm Drive Table Saw



The first ever brass-geared worm drive table saw was first developed by Skilsaw to meet the growing needs of woodworkers on the go. Call this a sophisticated portable table saw, the Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw is the first ever saw that can be set up anywhere and once you are done, it can be folded and packed away. This foldable and compact table saw has made it possible to cut materials faster even in remote construction sites.

I have always wanted a worm drive table saw for myself considering that I work constantly on the road. But as I checked the best type of portable table saw, I found not just the Skilsaw worm drive table but also a worm drive table saw from DeWalt. These two table saws are the best of their category. These have updated and top of the line features. If you are like me, shopping for the ideal portable table saw, then you will surely find the one you need from these top picks. 

Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw vs DeWalt Table Saw

Product DetailsSkilsaw Worm Drive Table SawDeWalt Worm Drive Table Saw
Product Dimensions19.9 x 23.4 x 13.4 inches9.5 x 22.3 x 9 inches
Weight49 pounds14 pounds
Motor Power120 Volts120 Volts
AccessoriesRip fence, table insert, barrier guard assembly, anti-kickback device, miter gauge, push stick, cutting blade, blade wrench, and hex wrenchWorm drive circular saw, carbide-tipped blade, Blade Wrench
Ratings8 out of 109 out of 10
PriceCheck Lowest PriceCheck Lowest Price

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Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the right product

You must keep these special features in mind when you are in the market for table saws. A table saw is not just a mere portable tool but a heavyweight saw and a small investment! You must shop carefully and stay smart when choosing the right one for your needs.

  • Do you need a job site table saw or a stationary table saw?

How and where do you intend to use your table saw? If you plan to take it from one worksite to another then you must use a job site table saw A job site saw is portable, compact and usually has its own stand and may or may not have wheels. Stationary table saws are also called bench top saws because these don’t come with a stand. These rely on a table or a workbench to support the weight of the saw. There are also cabinet table saws which are heavy duty saws that are mounted in a metal or cast-iron cabinet. These saws are very heavy but are usually made with moving wheels and complete cutting features.

  • The type of saw blade that you must use

Saw blades are classified according to the diameter, arbor size, number of teeth, kerf size, speed, application and the material from where the saw blade was made. Commercial table saws use 10 or 12” saw blades while there are portable models that come with 5” blades. You may even find table saws with blades as large as a foot.

The number of saw blade teeth is between 24 and 80. The most common material used to make blades is carbide, carbon steel, and even diamond.

  • Keeping the fence and miter gauges

The fence of a table saw is very important because it gives the saw the advantage over other types of saws. The most common one is a T-square fence with a strong design and good accuracy. If you want to make cross cuts or angled cuts then you must rely on an efficient miter gauge.

  • Choose a powerful motor

Smaller, portable table saw models have direct-drive motors that can operate on 120 V power to produce 2 HP. This is enough motor power to take on thinner materials. Table saws with more powerful motors are usually stationary saws that produce between 3 to 5 HP. Table saws with stronger motors rely on a belt drive to transfer the power from the motor to the blade and these operate on 240 V.

  • Table saw safety features

You need some safety features on your table saw especially if you are new to using this kind of power saw. Safety features like splitters, riving blades and anti-kickback pawls will help you use the table saw safely and more comfortably. Saws with guards, electric brakes, and other safety features should be considered foremost.

  • Table saw accessories

There is a variety of table saw accessories to keep in mind. Just some of the most common are table extensions, on and off switches, wheels, onboard storage and dust collection features. Additional blades, wrenches, and tables are also a must. Remember that a table saw set is better than a bare tool because you will end up spending more as you buy accessories piece by piece.

How do we compare Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw vs DeWalt Table Saw?

  • Quality

There are a lot of obvious reasons why the Skilsaw Portable Worm Drive Table Saw is top quality. Foremost, it is the first worm drive table, therefore, all other similar products are just based on this portable table saw. The Skilsaw is a brass-geared worm drive table saw that provides top power for maximum torque with its 5 HP dual-field motor for improved cutting speed. The selling point is its portability and compact design which makes it transportable anywhere.

On the other hand, the DeWalt Worm Drive Circular Saw is only the circular saw power tool minus any foldable table. This saw is portable, handheld and is lightweight at 13.8 pounds. It may not be a portable table saw but it works great in ripping material up to 2 – ½ inches wide. It is quality made with a durable cast magnesium footplate for a solid cutting platform.

  • Blade Size

The Skilsaw portable worm drive table saw has a 10-inch blade. The DeWalt DWS535 worm drive circular saw uses a 7 ¼ blade. These two power saws have replaceable blades and these should be replaced only with genuine Skilsaw and DeWalt blades to ensure good performance.

  • Weight

The Skilsaw Portable Worm Drive Table Sawis as heavy as 49 pounds because of its all-brass set of gears. It should be heavy because it needs to be stable to hold a variety of materials. The DeWalt is very light for a circular saw and weighs just 14 pounds. You can use this as a handheld tool because it is very light.

1) DeWalt Worm Drive Table Saw

Dewalt Worm Drive Table Saw Review

Why Use the DeWalt Worm Drive Table Saw and Who Is It For?

The DeWalt table saw is a heavy duty circular saw that works with professionals and people who would like a stable power saw that provides precise cuts. It is a saw that can be taken anywhere because it is light despite its bulky size.


The DeWalt is a 7 ¼” worm drive circular saw that is lightweight at only 14 pounds. It is light so it’s good for daily use outdoors or in the field. It is made from magnesium that gives you a strong but light saw. This has an extra-wide saw hook that accepts material up to 2- ½ inches wide. This DeWalt circular saw has a tough cord protection system to give you 4 times improved cord jerk protection. Along with its 53-degree bevel capacity which detents at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees, this is going to be a versatile powerful saw for different applications. it can be used to cut through wood, wood panels, metal, acrylic, plastic, and tile.

Main Features

  • With a 7- ¼ inches worm drive circle saw
  • Lightweight at 13.8 pounds
  • With a magnesium footplate for tough and solid cutting
  • With an extra-wide hook accepts material with up to 2 – ½ inches width
  • With tough cord protection system
  • With a 53-degree bevel capacity


Can you use other types of blades with the DeWalt worm drive circular saw?

There are specific DeWalt blades meant for the worm drive circular saw. Never use other kinds of blades or generic blades because these can completely affect the way you use this power cutting saw.

Where do you purchase accessories and parts for your DeWalt circular saw?

You will be able to purchase accessories and parts for your DeWalt circular saw from online shops that sell DeWalt power saws. You can also purchase these from local shops as well. Use only genuine blades and accessories to make the most out of your DeWalt power saw.


  • This is strong but lightweight.
  • With improved cord protection for better cord jerk protection.
  • Can take material up to 2- ½ in width.
  • With improved bevel capacity to tackle different projects.


  • With a noisy motor according to some users.
  • With a gearbox that needs to be maintained.


2) Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw

Why Use the Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw and Who Is It For?

The Skilsaw Worm Drive Table Saw is for professional woodworkers who would like to cut a variety of materials no matter where the worksite is. You can use this table saw no matter where you want to work because it is completely foldable.


The Skilsaw worm drive table saw is considered the first ever brass-geared drive table saw. It is designed to provide maximum power and torque with its powerful 5.0 horsepower motor. This table saw is compact and portable with a solid construction. It has a 25-inch rip capacity and 3- ½ inches depth of material. The Skilsaw worm drive table saw has a self-aligning rip fence with an on-tool storage system. But despite being able to handle tough cutting jobs it stays lightweight at only 49 pounds. You can take the Skilsaw Portable Worm Drive Table Saw anywhere at any time.

Main Features

  • First ever brass-geared worm drive table saw
  • Offers maximum power and torque with 5.0 HP motor
  • 15-Amp solid dust-field motor
  • Improves cutting speed and extends motor life
  • With 25-inch rip capacity and 3 – ½ in depth of cut
  • With self-aligning rip fence
  • With on-tool storage
  • Portable and compact
  • Weighs only 49 pounds
  • Lightweight


Where can you get the accessories of the Skilsaw table saw?

You can purchase accessories for the Skilsaw table saw online or from an accredited local store near you. Don’t forget to use only genuine accessories to get the most out of your table saw.

How do you maintain this table saw?

Follow the manufacturer’s instruction to maintain a Skilsaw table saw. Use a dry cloth to wipe the saw and the table surface. Use a soft small brush to brush away dust and dirt in a more efficient manner.

How do you install and fold away this table saw?

Instructions on how to install and how to disassemble the table saw are included in the Skilsaw instruction manual. Follow these to the T to get the best out of your table saw.

What to do if your Skillsaw power saw is already past its warranty period?

When your saw is past its warranty period, you may still take it to an accredited repair center to have it serviced but you need to pay extra.


  • With good power and precision.
  • Portable and ideal for working in the field.
  • With an onboard tool storage.


  • Maybe too complicated to a beginner woodworker.
  • Does not come with extra blades.
  • With a gearbox with oil that needs to be maintained.

The Final Cut

The Skillsaw worm drive table saw is a good power saw for people who want to make precise cuts fast and easy. This comes with a circular blade and a table saw so it’s a complete package.

The DeWalt worm drive circular saw is for people who want a portable cutting tool that they can take anywhere.

If you are looking for the ideal power saw for your needs or for your specific project, always do your homework and research on the qualities, features, and benefits before you make your purchase.