30 Lovely Wood Slices Ideas You Can Create

30 Lovely Wood Slices Ideas You Can Create


Have you ever tried making woodworking projects out of wood slices? A rather unique yet very interesting and creative idea, wood slices can be made into many things and with the use of the best tools and timeless techniques, you can create a number of awesome wood slice projects for your home, office or as a souvenir. Who knows? You may even start making wood slice items as a business! Nothing could be too far off and to inspire you, here are a few interesting, and nonetheless lovely, wood slice ideas that you must try now.

1.Woodslice Butterflies

1 Woodslice Butterflies

From DecorHQ

Wood slice projects come in many shapes and sizes and mostly the actual circumference or a cross cut of the entire trunk or branch is used. Take this fun, fluttering butterflies, ready to fill your room with happiness. Take note that the actual, natural grain of the wood is retained and a thin coat of varnish just adds a thin shiny coat on the butterfly wings. This project is definitely very easy with just a few twigs and hot glue to assemble the butterfly body.

2.Wooden Flowers for the Yard

2 Wooden Flowers For The Yard

From Janice Fenton saved to DIY

Freshly picked flowers for you! Made from wood slices from small branches of wood glued together. If you look at the flowers closely you will find that every petal is not actually the circumference of the branch but rather a cross-cut of the branch. And even the small leaves were made from wood slices. There were no paints used for this project, the natural grain of the wood remained seen from a thin layer of varnish on the flower petals.


3 Bunnies

From Grofne Nikovicz Andrea saved to tavasz.husvet

An adorable of bunnies was made using slices of wood. The bunny face, body and tail is the circumference of a freshly cut tree while the ears are cross-sectional cuts of the same tree. The outer trunk of the tree has been preserved for that natural country look. With a few tufts of wool and a large black bead for the bunny ears.


4 Owls

From Monika Gimpel saved to winderdeko

This is a wood slice and pumice stone project that makes a wonderful wall décor. For this project, the circumference of the bark of a fallen tree has been used to create a seasonal project. Two cute owls are perched on a branch of a tree in full bloom. The owls are made of pumice stones which were hand-painted complete with large eyes. The other wall décor has the same pair of cute little birds but this time they are wearing winter outfits, seemingly freezing as the snow falls lightly on the tree as well. This is not just a project but could also be a seasonal gift and is easy to make.

5.Swinging With a Friend

5 Swinging With A Friend

From Valya saved to Stones as works of art

Another wood slice and pumice stone project but this time featuring an adorable pair of pumice rock love buddies. The pair is hand-painted onto the grain of wood with a small twig as the top of the swing. Wooden red hearts are glued on top while decorative hand-painted pin and red hearts are also seen at the background. With three metal hooks, this wood slice project could be a delightful house-warming gift or a Valentine’s Day present .

6.Rooster and Hen

6 Rooster And Hen

From Dorita’s Colorgetics saved to Hashne

Definitely a cool decorative piece that would look great on top of your coffee table or book case, this charming pair is made of wood slices and strong twigs and ranches. Different circumferences of wood slices were put together to create the head, eyes and body of the two birds and of course the original grain of wood has been preserved with just a light coat of varnish to make the natural grain stand out.

7.Vintage Wooden Animal Decorations

7 Vintage Wooden Animal Decorations

From Martin Brown saved to Crafts

This wood slice project deserves a hoot and a half for creativity. This owl is made of only 5 wood slices: one for the body, one for the wing, one for the owl’s eyes, another one for the feet and a short stubby one for its beak. The eyes are made of huge beads that seem to stare intently while its wings are ready for flight. The natural beauty of the wood is preserved with just a light touch of varnish which was probably sanded down. Imagine this owl on your mantle or on your bookshelf.

8.Wooden Animal Planters – Rooster, Chicken and Chicks

8 Wooden Animal Planters – Rooster Chicken And Chicks

From Darina Aslanova saved to Cuts N Crafts

This colorful family is made from wood slices, cut and finished to become lovely decorations. The rooster and the mother hen are actually planters with a box body; great for planting flowers and herbs. What makes this wood slice project stand out is the fantastic way the pieces were hand-painted in vibrant colors. The two small chicks complete the chicken family. Let these graze your backyard or be the spectacle of your front yard as well.

9.The Duck Family

9 The Duck Family

From peter keith saved to ducks

After the chicken family comes the duck family with the mother, father and four of their strapping chicks. These birds are made of five wood slices glued from each end to make the body, arms and wings. The chicks follow the same pattern as their parents but are only a fraction of their size. Let this cute family be the highlight of your patio, backyard or a conversational piece at your poolside.

10.Three Cats

10 Three Cats

From Jeanette Wolfsteller-Konig saved to soso

From chickens to ducks to cats. This is a family of cats made from three wood slices for each: the head, body and the front. A cute bow is found round the necks of the two adults while the kitten stays plain. Again, the natural grain of wood is seen here while a coat of varnish emphasizes the grains more. These cats can be placed near the fireplace where they could stay warm or at the hallway to greet guests.

11.Kitten with Bell

11 Kitten With Bell

From La Civeta Sul Como saved to Animali in legno

This is a cut out of a soft silhouette of a kitten and it looks like it’s trying to look at something. The kitten’s head is very pronounced while the kitten’s tail is long and full at its back. A cute red and white ribbon and a bell adorn this kitten’s neck; this will definitely be the cutest décor on your book case, mantle or on your night stand.


12 Swan

From Mary Ph. saved to wooden toy animals

This swan is made of a single wood slice which has been carefully shaped to make the delicate swan neck and its fluffy feathers. Dirty white paint color makes this stately swan’s body while its face gets extra attention. It has a small black dot for the eyes and black and yellow for its beak. The dimensions for this project were not specified and therefore a similar design could be cut from a thick slice of wood to make a larger swan.

13.Two Hearts

13 Two Hearts

From Sandra Neuner saved to Baumscheiben, Negative, Holz, Scheiben, Trocken, Dekoration

This is a project made with love with heart cut outs possibly made with the use of a power hand saw. As you can see, the natural grain of wood is preserved along with the tree’s bark. A light coat of varnish is placed on the top to make it shine and to emphasize the natural wood grains. This is more than a project but could be a family keepsake or a gift for a special occasion.


14 Stars

From Erika Leopold saved to Zukunftige Projekte

Similar to how the hearts were made in number 15, this project has a single star possibly cut using a power hand saw and sanded down to emphasize its points. A few holes were drilled on the wood slice, just enough to place an LED bulb. The natural grain of wood is kept as well as the wood’s course skin. This can be a charming yuletide décor or It could be a night light or a décor in a child’s bedroom.

15.Tea Light Holders

15 Tea Light Holders

From Martina Stellmann saved to fruhling

This pair of gorgeous tea light holders is made from the circumference of a birch tree. The light wood was hand-painted and the grain and coarse birch skin preserved. A small area of the slice was hollowed just enough to fit a tea light. A lot of detail was placed on the décor of a dandelion with its small petals taking flight. This is a lovely décor on a coffee table or on any low table.

16.Small Hearts On Strings

16 Small Hearts On Strings

From Maria Elisa Pinzon saved to collagen

A lovely greeting awaits guests with this wood slice hearts and flowers mobile. These hearts were stringed along with white flowers to create a mobile that could be hung almost anywhere. For a project, this is very easy to make. You can even add more hearts and larger flowers as well as other interesting pieces to this mobile.

17.Apple Inside a Heart

17 Apple Inside A Heart

From widera Joachim saved to Lampen aus Holz

It’s hard to tell what this interesting wood slice piece is for but it looks like it could be a bird feeder or a squirrel feeder. But nonetheless the fruit has been cleverly affixed inside a wood slice heart. Take note that the apple actually moves freely inside the heart with only a metal piece to hold it in place. This piece is hung from a branch of a tree or from a beam of a porch. There are actually other variations of this project that you might be interested in like a hanging orange inside a cut out sun or an acorn inside a small heart shape. You can even make your own variation if you want.

18.Broken Heart

18 Broken Heart

From Petra Schubert saved to Tomke Kreativ

This is a wood slice cleverly used as a tea light and is actually the silhouette of a heart cut in two. First a single slice of wood, around 2-inches thick, is cut into a square and then cut into a heart-shape. Then the top part of the heart was hollowed out for two tea lights and cut in half. The two pieces were painted with dark varnish. This make for a lovely Valentine’s Day décor or a romantic gift.

19.Hearts Wreath

19 Hearts Wreath

From Jacster saved to Home Décor

This is a gorgeous décor for any door and is made of several wood slices of varying sizes. But despite the difference in sizes, you can readily tell that these slices were from a single tree with the grains similar to each other as well as the tree branch. Hot glue was likely used to stick these pieces together and could be reinforced with screws and nails on a flat board. A lovely ribbon with a small velvet flower rests at the top of this wood slice heart making it the perfect doorway décor or a bedroom door décor as well.

20.Eco-Friendly Wood Wall Clock

20 Eco Friendly Wood Wall Clock

From Cindy Firzgerald saved to Wish List

Similar to the wood slice heart, this wood slice clock uses a large number of slices coming from a single tree. The slices kept their natural grain and skin and were scattered to create a large round piece for the clock’s face. This project is a work of art and may have taken time to build. Finally a simple clock hands were used so as not to overlook the random arrangement of the wood slices.

21.Wood Slice Mirror

21 Wood Slice Mirror

From Christine DeCoste saved to DIY house decorating ideas

This mirror is another wood slice project that uses wood slices coming from a single felled tree. As you can see from the image above a large round wooden backing is used for the mirror’s back. The pieces were randomly arranged to create the mirror’s edge. And to further emphasize the wood slices, the woodworker did not change the color of the wood. The natural grain was preserved and the bark kept intact to create a rough appearance. This mirror is huge but you can make a smaller one and with a different shape.

22.Welcome Wreath

22 Welcome Wreath

From McKenzie Allyshia saved to craft + create

Welcome people in your home, office or company with this gorgeous wreath made from wood slices coming from a single tree. The pieces are arranged in a circular pattern with the letters WELCOME embellished on the pieces. Matching velvet ribbons and white blossoms adorn this wreath as well. As you can see, this could be inspiration for more wreath wood slice projects; you can change the color of the ribbon and flowers and place a new message. You may also use more wood slices or slices with varying sizes.

23.Rustic Sweetheart Coaster Set

23 Rustic Sweetheart Coaster Set

Saved from Nordstrom Rack

A few round wood slices could make excellent coasters. All you need to do is to design it with pretty much anything you want. In this project, the letters K and A is placed inside a heart. These coasters could be for a wedding, engagement or anniversary with the initials of the couple on the coaster. The natural grain of the wood and skin remain.

24.Personalized Planet Happy Couple Personalized Wall Plaque

24 Personalized Planet Happy Couple Personalized Wall Plaque

From Kendra Okane saved to Wedding Décor

This is an interesting wedding or engagement décor which has been cut from a single wood slice. Take note of how great care was placed in making the many curves found in this and sign. And instead of simply painting the message on the natural wood grain, the message as well as the name of the couple and their wedding date was engraved. No varnish was applied on the surface of this wall plaque.


25 Family

From Laurie V saved to Patterns

This lovely saying about family has been lovingly printed on a single piece of wood slice. The natural grain of the wood can be clearly seen from the surface while the skin was cut to get a clean and slim edge. You can definitely make variations for this project just by changing the message on the slice or by applying

26.Courage, Strength, Faith

26 Courage Strength Faith

From Jeni Zeller saved to Wood Projects

This wood slice project takes a little bit of experience to do with its intricate carvings and styles. Special detail was placed in creating the large letters spelling COURAGE, STRENGTH and FAITH while the messages were hand-painted. A wonderful family gift to be placed on a mantle or living room focus wall.

27.G Cleft

27 G Cleft

From Ron Schultz saved to Projects: Miscellaneous

Ah, definitely a music lover’s décor. The G clef was made from a single wood slice and the back is obviously made from a rugged piece of wood as well. The artist has made the background more colorful with metallic colors. A wonderful wall décor or an inspiration décor in a music room, living room or bedroom, this will surely be a stunning décor as a gift or as a souvenir.

28.Wooden Coffee Signs

28 Wooden Coffee Signs

From Walnut Hollow saved to DIY * Wood Burning

Love coffee? Can’t wait to drink wine? Then these lovely coasters will surely make your day. Made of lovely walnut, these cool coasters are too good enough to pass. The prints are hand painted while the surface of the slices still have that good old rustic charm as the creator preserved the wood grain and the bark. These coasters are very easy to make with very little finish. You can make one out of any kind of wood and is perfect as a housewarming gift or a souvenir.

29.Rustic Wood Family Name Signs, Organic Vine, Leaves, Perfect Housewarming or Wedding Gift

29 Rustic Wood Family Name Signs Organic Vine Leaves Perfect Housewarming Or Wedding Gift

From Deborah Jones saved to wood burned signs

Create your very own family name plate with a wood slice. Use a wood slice as is and simply hand paint your family name along with other creative designs. The wood slice used for this project has received a generous amount of varnish making the surface of the wood shine. The wood grain is hardly seen but it can be seen from the side of the slice that it has retained the thick bark of the wood. This is a fantastic house warming present, Christmas present or an anniversary gift.

30.Etching-Inspired Flowers Painted on Wood Slices

30 Etching Inspired Flowers Painted On Wood Slices

From Walnut Hollow saved to Inspiration * Hand Lettering & Doodling

Not only are these flower etches lovely but it shows the creator’s artistic side. The wood slices are made from a variety of wood slices in various sizes. The natural grain of the wood was preserved in each slice as well as the skin of the wood or bark. The flowers are hand-painted with care. A light varnish is added on the surface to keep the prints clean and shiny. You can make your own lovely nature prints with wood slices as well. Take inspiration from the world around you.


Wood slice projects are timeless and versatile; you can make almost anything with wood slices with the right tools and techniques at hand. If you are looking for a lovely décor then a wood slice project could be the piece you are searching for. If you are up for an interesting gift for a special occasion then a wood slice project is the most fitting gift for you.

The projects presented here are in no particular order; some are easy like the cat silhouette and heart décor while there are more complicated ones too like the sayings project. An experienced woodworker should be able to work on simple as well as more challenging tasks and take each one as a good experience.

Do you have a wood slice project in mind? Let us know through the comments section below. Share this article to someone who likes woodworking and wood slice projects.