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17 Pallet Dog House DIY Plans


It has been a long-standing myth that building and crafting wooden furniture is not easy. So people usually rely on the premade wooden furniture and spend hundreds of dollars on them. But as surprising as it may be, you can DIY a wooden product with minimal woodworking skills, basic carpentry tools, and just the right plans.

If you are a dog owner, you would know how expensive dog houses can be. Some would even cost more than a hundred dollars. But you can settle and relax knowing that you can make one for yourself. In simple and easy ways and without spending more than seventy-five bucks.

A cheap and easy way to DIY your dog’s house is through wooden pallets and wood scraps that you may have lying around, or you can totally purchase some for the very little price.

Before building anything though, you would need inspiration, so make sure to check out these 17 DIY Pallet Dog House Plans:

1) Wide-Opening Pallet Dog House

Wide Opening Pallet Dog House

Via 101 Pallet Furniture

I personally like how simple and easy this DIY is! This DIY can be compared to just building a box with an old wooden pallet, adding a top and making sure there is just a wide opening! This easy DIY dog house has a lot of room for a small and medium-sized dog to move around.

You can look at the picture above and look at the dimensions if you have a bigger dog since you would want your dog to be comfortable and not squeezed in its dog house.

This dog house has the most modern design that would also double as a home décor. If you’d like to move your dog’s house around your property or if you move a lot to different places, this DIY dog house would be a good match for most house designs.

2) Open-Air Pallet Dog House

Open Air Pallet Dog House

Via Pallet Furnitures

This Open-air pallet dog house DIY is really easy and simple as it doesn’t need much dismantling.  If you have multiple dogs but want them to have their own space, this plan is great for you and your dogs, this fantastic DIY Pallet Dog House provides enough space for your dogs and you can add little air holes to keep the air flowing inside,

3) Iron-roofed Pallet Dog House

Iron Roofed Pallet Dog House

Via Easy Pallet Ideas

This DIY Pallet Dog House is roofed with a galvanized iron. If you have a larger dog, then this DIY Pallet dog house is suitable for them. This larger than the traditional dog kennel is easy to build even if you are new to the world of carpentry or woodworking.

If you look at the picture above, then you can see that with the right design effort and a bit of painting it can look charming and pretty.

4) Pallet Dog Bed And House

Pallet Dog Bed And House

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

As a DIYer, you might want to make this especially classy Dog House for your pup. There is no way you wouldn’t be attracted to this wonderful DIY Pallet dog house plan.

A premade doghouse that looks like this can be a little expensive, so you’d rather do this DIY with the unused wood around your house that you can practically use for free.

This DIY plan has a plus benefit of having a sun deck for your dogs to sunbathe on. Even better, all of this can be made from wooden pallets.

5) Pallet Dog House With Food Bowls

Pallet Dog House With Food Bowls

Via Palletideas.info

This DIY Pallet Dog House is easy to love by you and your furry house. You’ll understand when you see the plan. The appearance of this building is perfect for any spot around your property whether indoor or outdoor. This dog house design is perfect for the safety and comfort of your loved dogs.

6) Minimal Pallet Dog House

Minimal Pallet Dog House

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

This unique DIY Pallet dog house is meant to endure for a long time. If you decide to build this DIY you can finish the frame in no time and can be easily formed with just a few scraps of wood.

Looking at the DIY idea and instructions, this Pallet Dog House may start as awkward and pretty basic but can easily be done by those with minimal woodworking skills. 

7) Pallet Dog House With Mini Porch

Pallet Dog House With Mini Porch

Via Palletideas.info

If you love the idea of a porch attached to your dog house, then this model is perfect for you. This DIY Pallet Dog house is perfect shade and protection for your dogs.

8) Pallet Dog House With Doors

Pallet Dog House With Doors

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

This DIY Pallet Dog House is perfect for any sized dog and has a big lounging space for all sizes of dogs. This safe and comfortable kennel can provide your dog with the coverage and safety that it needs.

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