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16 Pallet Swing DIY Plans


As suggested by the name, pallet swing is a combination of two items – pallet and swing. While it may have the appearance of being casual and simple, it is actually the ideal project for DIY beginners who only have limited capacities both in materials and skills.

After all, it is easy to find wooden pallets, and you can even get them really cheap, if not, free. Once you have gathered all of the materials together, you can start figuring out the complete details of the project.

If you are searching for a project to start with, the following 15 pallet swing DIY plans may help you out.

1) Porch Swing

Pallet Porch Swing

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If you are interested in hanging a pallet swing in your porch, why not try this easy and simple project? You can easily hang a single pallet porch swing right from the ceiling. With this piece of addition to your porch, you can now have a place where you can enjoy your morning coffee. Make sure to dangle this pallet swing bench out of a strong part of the ceiling so that you or your kids can enjoy spending time in it.

2) Swing Bed

Pallet Swing Bed

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If you want to stay away from the traditional pallet swing that is usually a basic one, why not try creating a masterpiece by making a pallet swing bed. This will not just give you a relaxing place to spend some time, but it can also make sure that you can have a comfortable time

Why not have a hanging bed? This idea is not necessarily new, but it can certainly give you a very interesting project to work with. The difference usually lies with the type of cushion, pillows and other accessories that you will put on top of the pallet swing.

3) Swing Chair

Pallet Swing Chair

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Creating a pallet swing need not require you to stay on the usual style and design that is oftentimes considered as the standard. As a matter of fact, you can play on your artistic side and create a swing that looks like a chair. You can further improve the aesthetic appeal of the project by choosing a color that will best suit the motif of your home. In this example, the DIYer chose a darker hue in order to emphasize the chair even further.

4) Swing Seat

Pallet Swing Seat

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You can also create a pallet swing which comes with a basic design. There is no backrest, only the basic pallet design where you can take a seat. If you want it to be really basic, there is no need to add further colors by painting it. By far, this is the easiest to make. Just make sure that the swing ropes are attached carefully, balanced accordingly so that it will not lodge off when moving.

5) Couple Swings

Couple Swings

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Exploring other designs on pallet swings is another endeavor that you can make, especially if you have already tried making the basic design. With this couple pallet swing, the basic seat is still the same, except with the backrests. Two backrests are now in place, instead of one. As an extra feature, you can place a drink holder in between, making it a perfect pallet seat for two.

6) Patio Swing

Patio Pallet Swing

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Got extra space in your patio? Bored with just the basic seats while looking at your yard? Spice your space up by adding a pallet swing? In this example, the DIYer decided to match the color of the pallet swing with the black accent of the home, making the swing a part of the entire house. This is also perfect if you have children, who love to play around. Make sure that the pallet is safe enough though. Some parents have placed rugs or cushions on the floor when their children are on the swing.

7) Swing Bench

Swing Pallet Bench

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Do you have a swing bar and pole outside your yard that you are no longer using because the seats are not in good condition? Why not turn it into something useful, especially if you have children?

Recreate your child’s playground by making a swing made of wood pallets? In this example, the DIYer chose a lighter color to match the darker hue of the poles.

8) Indoor Swing

Indoor Pallet Swing

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One thing that this DIY plan teaches us is that pallet swings are not just for outdoor use. Why not make your room an interesting one by adding a swing inside?

Make sure that it is attached well to the ceiling so that it will not fall off easily. Create an artistic sense to your room, and make it a very homey one. Place it near a window and enjoy your view outside.