34 Pallet Wall DIY Plans

31) Rustic Cutout Wood Star Art

Image source: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/266562329/bear-outline-pallet-wood-cutout-wood

Another artistic credential in the DIY project business is the rustic cutout wood star. This particular project shares striking similarities with them, you guessed it- star-shaped wood wall art. The only distinction this credential holds is its cut-out style that creates a hole from the inside. Nevertheless, this artistic woodwork product works more to provide a statement in your space than simply filling a gap.

With just a few materials, you can assemble this project fast and easy. A miter saw is used for cutting the traces through. The wood source for the project could be any recycled barn wood or worn out pallets. The more worn the pallets, the easier they are for cutting. The whole coverage of the project, involving a few basic working materials, should go cost-free. But suppose you decide to artsy it up, even more, then that’s when you can spend for.


No matter how you deviate on the star model design, it should always be rustic.  This woodwork art should best fit homes/offices with modern décor statement. The wood wall art accents the formal structure of the décor and eventually creates punctuations. To further highlight its accenting power, you can varnish its overall wood structure.

For reference, here are the specific supplies and materials for the DIY project: sandpaper, wood glue, finishing nails, miter saw, 1 x 4 8 foot, 1 x 2 6 foot, wood conditioner, 17.5 x 17.5” plywood, drill and drill bit, stain and many more. These supplies should not cost much if purchased. You can add up any wood texture provider depending on the star signature you want.


32) Simple Framed Twig Homemade Wall Art

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/453034043736017894/?lp=true

If you are looking for a spectacular, close-to-nature focal point in your bedroom, then the simple framed twig art is perfect for you! With respect to its artistic credence, this wood wall art deserves all post-modern attention. What is most spectacular about this wood wall art is the sheer sophistication of its craft made possible by a rather surprising element- minimalism.

The inclusion of the elemental nature of the twigs and the eventual idea of having to put them together is sheer genius. This wood wall art gives an overall earthy feel to your space. Its earth-bound sources make it extremely easy to construct. The twigs can instantly take the focal point over this one while retaining a generic shape or feel.


With a rustic statement, this DIY wood wall art ends up being a staple template to many mid-Century to postmodern home styles. In fact, it fits perfectly well with the recent decors therein. Why? It is nature-oriented, that is why! It encourages a sense of sophisticated bareness. Responsible for this is the obvious streak of minimalism in its overall composition. Certainly, due its rustic to minimal feel, the DIY always makes it in the list of the top searched wood wall projects.

In other DIY options, the design would include a headboard, frame and portrait-inspired varieties. Now, these varieties are believed to be the design’s ultimate catalyst for wide patronage. More and more are getting their hands on this extremely easy, practical and varied DIY idea. If you have got a clump of fallen twigs in your backyard, a few good-standing wood block, plywood sheets, etc., then you are bound to behold this expensive-looking and spectacular wood wall art!


33) Rustic Wood and Twine Art

Image source: https://homebnc.com/best-diy-wall-art-ideas/20-diy-wall-art-ideas-homebnc/

The wood and twine DIY idea makes the best in your space. Beyond functioning as a decoration/art, it can serve as a headboard or storage board for your blankets, coats, and robes. The art proves to be a brilliant duplication of the many rustic styles like that of the white-washed pallets or panels, the wood wall frames, the twig homemade wall art and many more. And like many rustic arts, this designs generates so much positivity in your space. So, if you are having trouble with how to properly optimize space usage in your living room, bedroom, or entryway- this DIY design idea can potentially save you!

The wood and twine DIY idea spins some kind of a magical effect in your room. This design works especially in bedrooms. Besides the magical effect, the design is known to weave a mysterious effect in any spaces it fills in. The wood and twine elements huddles some kind of a secluded charm, interpreted usually as magical. Just imagine yourself alone in the woods: that is the kind of thrill the effect provides.

There limitless options in putting up this DIY design. By all means, you can attach its frame on the wall or prop it just right above the bed. Because of that very reason, the wood and twine DIY frame should function in any given circumstances. As mentioned earlier, it can serve as storage for your clothes, a headboard or simply, a coatrack. If you insist on expanding it to work as a shoe rack, why, by golly wow, you should!

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Given the simple requirements in completing the DIY wood art, you should be able to complete it in a few hours. The latest that it could take is a day or two. But that entirely depends on the size of the wall space you are working on. Meanwhile, its construction can go as simple as requiring a glue gun, heavy twine, cordless drill, chalk, rope (for tracing), etc.

34) Inspirational Message Rustic Wood Art

Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/210684088797879419/?lp=true

This DIY project proves to be a very common undertaking between home and office designers. A variant of the wood signing art group, this woodwork requires an artistic command in rendering, lettering, and even painting. As mentioned in the many pages before, an independent painting craft is necessary for a confident working flow in the project.

But let’s go deeper into this design, message-wise: well, who would not want to post flashes of inspirational quotes in their favorite spaces? For that very premise, the DIY effort already warrants genuine attention. With the design in handy, anyone can print powerful quotes, sayings, and other one-liner punches. Inspiration is limitless in this particular DIY effort.


You can reuse any pallets for this kind of project. For that, this effort should be easy with fast turnabout time. Its only challenge though is the pallet removal process. Other than that, the effort is flat effortless. Thus, you can reuse stained and shabby wood pallets in your home. By all means, you ought to coat the pallets with thick finishing for an intact wood quality.

Color options for this project are loosely based on how you want your message to view. This goes to imply of an independent creative genius from your end. In the case of starting builders, they can refer to detailed tutorials online. But whatever the case, these tutorials are only bound to guide. At the end of the day, it’s the builder that gets to decide for actions that are as trivial as colors/tones.



Pallet wall designs as explored by these 34 wood wall ideas have indeed proven to earn the title of being the new black, especially in today’s postmodern, rustic and minimalistic aesthetics. Given the hard facts, the possibility of a newly formed aesthetics among modern American homes should most likely hit high walls in the designer’s books. If not today, that is sure to trickle down in our consciousness in the very near future.

In this connection, we hope that you experienced the rolled punches of fun, excitement, thrill, and satisfaction the DIY projects provided. Whether be it a shiplap, pallet or wood block configuration, the whole effort of putting up pallet walls in the home/office/working spaces should root for an even bigger reward. Beyond the aesthetic function, let us restate this, the effort pays a great deal of visual stimulation. That should remain true.

What do you think? Do you have better ideas that you can add in our list? Do agree with our list. Connect with us by stating your views in the comment section below.

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