Unique Porch Swing From An Upcycled Door

44 Porch Swing DIY Plans

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  1. #1. Basic porch swing for beginners
  2. #2. Cheap but sturdy Porch Swing
  3. #3. Make your porch swing with the help of two mediums
  4. #4. Porch swing in as little as 5 hours!
  5. #5. Pallet Porch Swing
  6. #6. A sexy, curved porch swing
  7. #7. Porch swing with a cup holder
  8. #8. Porch swing in a fire pit
  9. #9. Southern Pine Style Porch swing
  10. #10. A complete guide for that pallet porch swing
  11. #11. Recycling the baby crib into a porch swing
  12. #12. Building your porch swing and support frame
  13. #13. Arbor porch swing plan
  14. #14. An A-frame swing perfect for your garden
  15. #15. Glider porch swing
  16. #16. A summer pallet swing
  17. #17. Making a porch bed swing
  18. #18. Freestanding arbor swing porch seat
  19. #19. An easy to build porch swing in five easy steps!
  20. #20. Rustic porch swing from leftover wood
  21. #21. Classic porch swing look
  22. #22. Bamboo porch swing
  23. #23. Porch swing for the whole family
  24. #24. Plan for a heavy duty porch swing
  25. #25. Taking advantage of that old swing set
  26. #26. Recycled porch swing using your old wooden door
  27. #27. Sophisticated looking porch swing made of an old door
  28. #28. Elegant porch swing in a bracket frame
  29. #29. Summer Porch Swing
  30. #30. Simple porch swing plan with a low backrest
  31. #31. Using the headboard for improving the porch swing
  32. #32. Long and spacious porch swing
  33. #33. Simple porch swing installed in your tree
  34. #34. An improved porch swing with a classic look
  35. #35. A porch swing plan for the intermediate builder
  36. #36. Porch swing plan with a lot of curves
  37. #37. Rough looking but properly made porch swing
  38. #38. A complete guide for building and hanging the porch swing
  39. #39. Making a porch swing with just a few 2x4s
  40. #40. Mini swing made from a crib
  41. #41. Turning the old bench into a porch swing
  42. #42. A direct to the point guide to making a porch swing
  43. #43. Unique porch swing from an upcycled door
  44. #44. Colorful porch swing from pallet wood
  45. Conclusion

#41. Turning the old bench into a porch swing

Turning The Old Bench Into A Porch Swing

Porch swings have a similar structure as that of a bench. This only means that if you have an old bench in your attic, it can eventually be turned into a porch swing.

With this guide, short but easy to understand instructions on how to convert the old bench into a porch swing is made. Since most of the eventual porch swing’s body has already been made, there is little need for additional installations or modifications, which saves time.

The bulk of the work in this tutorial revolves around installing the porch swing in a chain so that it is sturdy while suspended. This makes it a great guide for people who not only can make a porch swing, but are also for those who are having problems with installing it in a swing frame, tree, or a wall.

Those benefits are enough to include it in our list.


#42. A direct to the point guide to making a porch swing

There are people who prefer to receive pure instructions without any videos or pictures. This is exactly what this website is able to achieve.

Though this can be challenging for those who are new to the project, the instructions that can be found on other sites are highly similar to what can be found on their website. It’s just that the provider of the instructions just focused on writing what needs to be done instead of showing it.

Even without photos to serve as a visual guide, the instructions are still clear and easy to understand. This approach also makes the website unique and is something that should be mentioned in our list.


#43. Unique porch swing from an upcycled door

Unique Porch Swing From An Upcycled Door

Yes, we’ve mentioned a few porch swing plans that re-used old doors in the process of making those. While this is similar to those plans, what makes this different is that it re-used pipes and made it as the porch swing’s back and elbow rest.

Although this porch swing plan appears to be new, it’s not that difficult to make. Instructions for each step are made easy to understand, which is great for beginners.

Another good thing about this porch swing plan is that it does not involve a lot of wood cutting. However, there are still time-consuming processes such as prepping the galvanized steel or making sure that the whole porch is secured so that it will not fall while someone’s using it.

With its unique look and easy to follow steps, this porch swing plan should not be excluded from our list.


#44. Colorful porch swing from pallet wood

Colorful Porch Swing From Pallet Wood

By this time, seeing a porch swing made from pallet wood may not be new to you. But this plan still deserves a spot in our list because of numerous advantages.

For one, this porch swing plan is as detailed and extensive as it can get. This is a great guide for beginners who want to know as much as they can about the project before they start working on it.

Another positive point of this porch swing plan is that it spent significant time in showing how one can secure each piece of wood so that it the whole project will not break easily.

It’s also easy to imagine how the final output should look like. That is thanks to the diagram and actual photo that the maker provided for each step of the process.

With all of those positive points, this porch swing plan should not be left out on our list.



So, what do you think of this list of porch swing plans? Did it inspire you enough to make your own porch swing for your garden or yard?

Porch swings are a great addition to any home. Not only is it a good place to sit at, but is also an area in the house that will help you reconnect with nature and what it has to offer even if you don’t go too far.

If you liked this list or you’ve found an item in the list that could help anyone who is interested to make their own porch swing, please do share this with them. Feel free to also share what you think of our list by writing your comment in the comments section.

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