Picnic Table Design With A Planter In The Middle

125 Picnic Table DIY Plans

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  1. Introduction
  2. List
  3. 1) The Classic Picnic Table
  4. 2) The Wood-father Table
  5. 3) The Easy Step in Picnic Table
  6. 4) The Connected Picnic Table
  7. 5) Picnic Table Design with a Planter in the Middle
  8. 6) Picnic Table and Seating Area Plan
  9. 7) Kid’s Picnic Table
  10. 8) Picnic Table for Kids
  11. 9) Picnic Table Bench Design
  12. 10) Cedar Picnic Table
  13. 11) The Tiny Toddler Picnic Table
  14. 12) Children’s Picnic Table Plan
  15. 13) Foldable Chair that Turns into a Picnic Table
  16. 14) The Composite Toddler Picnic Table Designs
  17. 15) Simple Kids’ Picnic Table
  18. 16) The Big Kids Picnic Table
  19. 17) Easy Folding Picnic Table Design
  20. 18) The Red Picnic Table Plan
  21. 19) The Picnic Table for Adults
  22. 20) Outdoor Picnic Table for Kids
  23. 21) Picnic Table with Attached Benches
  24. 22) Bright Picnic Table with Attached Benches
  25. 23) Plans for a Very Long Picnic Table
  26. 24) Small Picnic Table Plan for Your Backyard
  27. 25) Large White Patio Table Design
  28. 26) The Classic Picnic Table Design
  29. 27) The Traditional Picnic Table
  30. 28) The Boat-Style Picnic Table
  31. 29) Plans for a Picnic Table with Attached Benches
  32. 30) 12 Foot Picnic Table Plans
  33. 31) The Strong Picnic Table
  34. 32) Picnic Table By Yellawood
  35. 33) Classic Cedar Picnic Table
  36. 34) The Build-It-Yourself Picnic Table
  37. 35) Unique Octagonal Picnic Table
  38. 36) Small Attached Picnic Table for your Backyard
  39. 37) Classic Picnic Table Underneath a Pergola
  40. 38) Modern Picnic Table Design
  41. 39) Very Simple Picnic Table Design
  42. 40) The Easy Picnic Table Plan
  43. 41) ProWood Picnic Table Project Plan
  44. 42) Picnic Table with Roof Plan
  45. 43) Simple Picnic Table and Bench Design
  46. 44) A Simple White Picnic Table Plan
  47. 45) DIY Colorful Picnic Table Plan for Kids
  48. 46) A White Picnic Table For the Whole Family
  49. 47) Small, Simple Backyard Picnic Table Design
  50. 48) Square Picnic Table With Connected Seats
  51. 49) Very Large Picnic Table with Connected Benches
  52. 50) Traditional Picnic Table Design Plan
  53. 51) Easy to Follow Picnic Table Diagram
  54. 52) The Red Picnic Table for Six
  55. 53) The Vibrant Picnic Table for Eight
  56. 54) The Large Picnic Table for the Whole Family
  57. 55) Six Foot Picnic Table with Detached Seats
  58. 56) Outdoor Picnic Table Bliss
  59. 57) Picnic Table with Detached Benches Plan
  60. 58) 12-Foot Picnic Table with Roof Plan
  61. 59) Simple 10-Foot Picnic Table Design Plan
  62. 60) A Two-Person Picnic Table Plan
  63. 61) Two-Seater Picnic Table Plan
  64. 62) Two-Person Picnic Table Design Plan
  65. 63) Outdoor Table with Benches
  66. 64) Outdoor Table With Benches Good for Six
  67. 65) Simple Connected Picnic Table and Benches Design
  68. 66) Fold Back Bench and Picnic Table Design
  69. 67) Farmhouse Table Design Guide
  70. 68) Extra-Large Picnic Table for an Outdoor Party
  71. 69) Hexagonal Picnic Table Plan
  72. 70) The Suitcase Picnic Table
  73. 71) Mini Two-Person Picnic Table
  74. 72) Wooden Sticks Picnic Table
  75. 73) Picnic Table With Cooler Project  from Yellawood
  76. 74) Picnic Table Made of Reclaimed Wood
  77. 75) The Hanging Picnic Table
  78. 76) Large Pallet Picnic Table
  79. 77) Picnic Table With Roof
  80. 78) Plumbing Pipe Picnic Table Plans
  81. 79) Updated Large Picnic Tables
  82. 80) Weekend DIY Picnic Table Project
  83. 81) 8-Foot Picnic Table Plans
  84. 82) The Picnic Table Plan
  85. 83) Unique Picnic Table Plan
  86. 84) Connected Benches Table Design
  87. 85) Sturdy Mid-Sized Picnic Table Plan
  88. 86) DIY Picnic Table
  89. 87) The Farmhouse Picnic Table Design 2
  90. 88) Picnic Table with a Modern Design
  91. 89) Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table
  92. 90) The Blue Convertible Picnic Table Bench
  93. 91) Picnic Table Bench
  94. 92) Cedar Picnic Table
  95. 93) Unique Kids Picnic Table Design
  96. 94) The Perfect Picnic Table
  97. 95) Repurposed Wire Spool Picnic Table
  98. 96) Somerset Round Picnic Table
  99. 97) The Curved Picnic Bench
  100. 98) Building the Perfect Picnic Table
  101. 99) DIY Classic Picnic Table Design
  102. 100) Constructing a Striking Blue Picnic Table
  103. 101) The Farmhouse Style Picnic Table
  104. 102) White Picnic Table with Attached Chairs
  105. 103) Rustic Picnic Table Design
  106. 104) Wedding Picnic Table
  107. 105) Two-Tone Adult Picnic Table
  108. 106) Full-Sized Picnic Table
  109. 107) Full –Sized Picnic Table Plan
  110. 108) 8-Foot Table Designs and Plans
  111. 109) 8-Foot Picnic Table Plans for You
  112. 110) A Large Octagon Picnic Table Plan
  113. 111) A Simple Plan for a Simple Picnic Table
  114. 112) Foldable Garden Set that Turns Into a Picnic Table
  115. 113) Picnic Table Plans and Designs
  116. 114) 8-Foot Picnic Table Plan
  117. 115) Rectangular Picnic Table and Benches
  118. 116) Covered Picnic Table Inspiration
  119. 117) Colorful DIY Picnic Table for Kids Inspiration
  120. 118) Bright Patio Picnic Table Inspiration
  121. 119) Hardwood Picnic Table Inspiration
  122. 120) Small Covered Picnic Table Inspiration
  123. 121) Cute Picnic Table For Kids Inspiration
  124. 122) Folding Bench = Picnic Table Inspiration
  125. 123) Octagonal Picnic Table Inspiration
  126. 124) Cute Two Seater Picnic Table Inspiration
  127. 125) Simple Picnic Table Design Inspiration
  128. Conclusion


Nothing beats eating with good friends and family outdoors. A long-time staple when dining out is the picnic table. Picnic tables are commonly found in parks, beaches, resorts, lakeside areas and recreational centers.

You can also find picnic tables in RV centers, schools, in senior centers and in most places where people are allowed to have a picnic. The classic picnic table has a table where you can place picnic food and beverages while the two benches are on both sides of the table. The picnic table benches may be attached to the table or detached.

Attached benches are as equally popular as detached models with two large beams connecting both ends of the benches to the table as the most common design. The detached version is simply a long table with equally long benches.

Picnic tables differ in size. You will find tables that can only fit two people, one on each side or a total of twelve or sixteen people, 6 or 8 people on each of the benches. Yet there are small picnic tables meant for children, toddlers, and school-age kids. There are also larger tables meant for adults.

And while most picnic tables use wood as the material of choice there are some builders who use composite materials like plastic or metal. Most builders create picnic tables and benches with materials that they have readily on hand like recycled plywood, wooden pallets, and wood from fallen trees.

Finally, picnic tables come in different shapes. There are tables with a rectangular shape, square shape, circular shape or octagonal shape. As you can see, picnic tables are so versatile, functional and are available in different designs and shapes. And the fact that picnic tables are not just used for dining, you must have one in your backyard or patio. You can use this for preparing food, for crafts or for working in your garden. 


The following are plans for the best 125 picnic table projects online. Most of these plans are quite easy with the materials and equipment needed to make these tables available almost anywhere. These amazing picnic table projects contain a detailed list of materials, step by step instructions on how to go about the build and some useful tips too. Find your next weekend project here.

1) The Classic Picnic Table

When I was a child, I had picnics with my family and this classic picnic table was my favorite.  I didn’t want to sit on the grass or on a blanket, I wanted to enjoy nature but at the same time eat comfortably. Now this classic park picnic table is one of the easiest to make.

As you can see, the table is made from wooden pallets while the benches are also made of the same material. This table and benches are obviously new and need a nice coat of paint or wood stain.

Making this table would be easy even if you are new to woodworking or have never made a picnic table before. This project will surely be done in just a few hours if you have the right materials and good tools to use.

The Classic Picnic Table


2) The Wood-father Table

What’s not to love about this table? This is another all-time picnic table classic design where the benches are connected to the table. You will find that this is a good option if you want to build a nice, clean and organized dining area on your backyard.

The table is large and can accommodate up to 8 people side by side. The seats are also long and wide, however, these may not be that strong to sit a large or heavy person. But despite this flaw, you may find this design a very straightforward and easy one. It does not require a lot of skill as a woodworker to do as well.

Take note that if you make outdoor furniture pieces like a picnic table or a bench, make sure you waterproof your wood. This will reduce damage from water and the harsh sun plus will also enhance the beauty of your furniture, like this one. The link to the picnic table plans easy and can be accomplished even on a weekend.

The Wood Father Table


3) The Easy Step in Picnic Table

When you are so eager, and hungry, to eat at a picnic, you tend to forget everything and just focus on the delicious feast. Sometimes you are too caught up with the picnic that you forget that there’s a bench between you and the table.

Accidents can be avoided with this easy step in picnic table. The benches stay near the table because these are attached to the table as well. But unlike the previous design, the seats here have their own separate feet so these can carry even the weight of a large person.

This picnic table is also wide and long which can accommodate up to ten people, five on each side. It is made of strong wooden pieces and was stained to protect the wood. With this design, you don’t need to worry about moving and assembling your benches too so everything stays perfect for all your guests.

The Easy Step In Picnic Table


4) The Connected Picnic Table

The kids in the photo seem to be waiting for food to get served in their kid-sized picnic table. The table looks robust and can take a lot of punishment from these tough kids!

The seats are connected to the table so there’s no movement on the benches whatsoever. This is made from very tough wood and was stained to protect the table and bench surfaces from heat and rain. This design can double as a kid’s outdoor crafts table or simply just a place to sit, read and relax.

You can place this on your backyard, garden, and patio. The plans to make this project are very simple and can even be adjusted according to your preference. These seats four kids but you can make the seats and table longer to accommodate more.

The Connected Picnic Table

5) Picnic Table Design with a Planter in the Middle

This is a picnic table/ planter which is a good idea if you want to host a party or outdoor event. The planter is simply a slot provided in the middle of the table. This space makes the table wider so you can place more food and beverages.

The seats here are separate from the table and are actually too low for most people. But despite this, this table seems to prove that even something as simple as a picnic table can be updated. But if you don’t like to add plants or flowers, you can otherwise use this slot to place napkins, spoons, and forks or fill this with ice to make the ultimate beer cooler.

This woodworking project takes only an afternoon to build because it is very easy. Just like most picnic table plans, you can adjust these according to your preference.

Picnic Table Design With A Planter In The Middle


6) Picnic Table and Seating Area Plan

This is another innovative way to design a picnic table. Instead of just going for the table and bench set, why not make a picnic table that transforms into an outdoor seat?

This is a clever design that will save you time, money and effort. You can use this as a picnic table with chairs if you have company or if you want to eat out with family or your friends. But if you are not doing this, you can simply fold this to make large seats.

Don’t be fooled with the design because this is actually very easy to make. It can be completed in just a weekend just make sure you have all the materials handy as well as all your hand and power tool are ready. This could be your next outdoor project.

Picnic Table And Seating Area Plan

7) Kid’s Picnic Table

This is an adorable picnic table made especially for kids. This is small and will fit up to four kids. You can place this on your backyard, patio or in your garden where your kids and their playmates can do crafts, play or simply laze around.

This is made from wooden pallets and has a rounded edge even the bench has this shape. The benches are connected to the table so you won’t have to clean up after your kids.

The plans to make this table are actually quite easy and you can actually do this even if you have never built any table or chair. What’s important is that you either paint your table with waterproof paint or stain it to keep the beauty of wood.

Kid’s Picnic Table


8) Picnic Table for Kids

This picnic table follows the classic design where the benches are connected to the table. As you can see, this is a small table that was meant for kids to eat on. Most family outdoor picnics have the adult table and a kids’ table so that the kids can have a good time dining with their playmates, cousins, and siblings.

This table can accommodate four kids, two on each side. But, with the easy plans to make this table, you can make the table longer and the benches longer too to be able to accommodate more mini guests. You may also make the table wider so you can serve more food.

And aside from eating on this table, kids may also use this to do their homework, to do crafts or to play with their friends and playmates. This is an easy build that you can finish in just a few hours.

Picnic Table For Kids

9) Picnic Table Bench Design

This is another design that will teach you how to build a full-sized picnic table and a bench. The table here is made of long wooden pallets which were obviously sanded and treated to protect the wood surface.

The bench is as long as the table but is narrower and made of the same wood pallets but with slots to allow air to move in. This foldable and dual-function outdoor furniture is actually very easy to construct and in fact, you don’t need to be an expert woodworker to complete this project at all.

So if you are looking for a good project to do this weekend, try this unique picnic table design.

Picnic Table Bench Design


10) Cedar Picnic Table

What I like about this table is that the builder took woodworking very seriously. Cedar was used, not just recycled wooden pallets, which means that foremost, the table and chairs are strong.

The table is not just joined pieces of lumber but rather arranged planks with long pieces of wood as edges. The table legs were provided with support beams to further improve the strength of the table. The benches have received the same treatment and were constructed with the same type of wood.

All-in-all, the simple table, and bench design were made challenging. So if you are looking for a challenge in building your backyard picnic table then this could be it.

Cedar Picnic Table


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