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27 Unique Woodworking Projects Using A Bandsaw


I have made different projects of woodworking using Bandsaw. This is my unique creation and it is wonderful. Here I am sharing 15 of these wood items. I am sure you would enjoy these designs and would try them at your home. These are the creations which are made by the machine bandsaw. So, you can make many of the designs and projects by using this band saw. Let’s have a look at these items in detail.

The cutting board woodworking projects are attracted to consumers to use them. So, in this article, I would like to describe some most significant cutting board woodworking projects.

1) Round Shape Decoration Piece

Round Shape Decoration Piece

This is the unique style of decoration piece that is round shaped and it is very much elegant. You can put some round shape big candles or any small bowl or some other decoration item for making it magnificent. I have made cuts in it as you can see to create a unique and rare touch. Have a look at its image.

2) Dangerous Deer

Dangerous Deer

The great decoration of deer pays a lot for filling your drawing room. Have you ever seen the deer’ head made of wood? Bandsaw machine can make it possible and you can create the deer’ s head very easily. It looks so amazing and catchy in your drawing room or in the dining hall. So, let’s have a look at the image in detail.

3) Durable Bandsaw Scoops

03 Durable Bandsaw Scoops

The durable scoops are not just made of a light material. They are long lasting and can never break-up. You can use them for multiple purposes. I have made these scoops in my home very easily and I also use them to dig the mud in the ground or in the courtyard. Have a look on these durable scoops, and you would get guidance.

4) Blocked Stars

Blocked Stars

Have you ever decorated the wooden stars in your home? This can happen very easily if you just pay attention by using the bandsaw machine. This is a little bit difficult task, but it is possible to make. I have made it many times, and I am confident that you can also make this creation. Have the guidance through the image below.

5) The Stylish Table

The Stylish Table

This new and stylish table has many designs and there are the drawers in it. These drawers can open and close very easily in no minute. I am very grateful of bandsaw machine that it helped me a lot to create this stylish table. This is quite different from the ordinary tables. So, let’s have a look at this image below. You would get inspiration.

6) Fizzy Supporting Stand

Fizzy Supporting Stand

This fizzy stand is very useful and it is not as such that you can only keep photo on it, but you can use it as for the support of items. In many homes, it is a trend to use such wooden stands. You can make it by using bandsaw very easily. I am sure that you would tackle it. Have a look at the image.

7) Tiny Car

Tiny Car

This tiny car is the one which you can add in making your decorations beautiful. You can have some keys to put on the edge that is upwards with it. I am very sure that you can make this tiny car very easily. I just love having it in my home. Have a look at the image of it, and you would get the right guidance.

8) Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse

Have you ever seen the rocking horse made up of wood? This is the great idea and a unique project. I have added white color in the horse as its eye is red. There are designs and carvings on the wood too. That looks amazing and this little horse serves the best decorative piece for you. Have a look at the image.

9) Fine-Looking Jewelry Box

Woodworking Jewelry Box

The wood material used in this wooden box is very fine and it does seem very attractive. There is a cap on it and you can enclose your jewelry inside it. These items should be very tiny and this is not for the heavy jewelry items. Have a look on the image in detail, you would get a good idea about it.

10) Grocery Basket

Grocery Basket

Wow!! What a basket? Is it not amazing to have a decorative basket which can carry all the tiny decorative items? I have a basket in my home and this is my own invention. This is made of wood and I have made it with bandsaw. You can keep it in your drawing room or in the kitchen too. Let’s have a look on its image.

11) Spacious Side Table

Spacious Side Table

The Band saw is really an amazing machine as it has solved all of my problems. I have to keep a lot of things inside the drawers so I created a side table with band saw and that is completely made of wood. This is so spacious that it can keep maximum items in it. Have a look on its image and you would get a good idea.

12) Jungle Leaves

Jungle Leaves

There are many shapes of these leaves, I have shaped these leaves to create the feeling of a Jungle by band saw. You can also hang it on the wall. I am very much satisfied with this product. These leaves have two types of shapes. The cut shapes and round. Let’s have a look on its image and you would surely get an idea.

13) Classy Looking Glasses

Classy Looking Glasses

The glasses are made up of wood and only the frames and handles are made up of wood not the mirror. You can have these glasses while going to the beach or when you are studying some books. These leave a very classy look and you look bold after wearing it. Lets have a look on its image.

14) The Spoon Box

The Spoon Box

The spoon box is a wooden box to keep the spoons and forks in it. This is a very interesting box that can help you in keeping the kitchen accessories in a safe place. I can use this box to keep my things in the required place. It has many spaces separated to keep the things in their places. Let’s have a look at the image. The band saw makes this.

15) Rare USB

Rare Usb

What a great USB that is made up of wood and can you imagine that you can have such USB? I have made it by using a band saw. I feel great while using it as it gives me a feeling that it would never break. I suggest you to make it in your home by using a band saw machine. Let’s have a look on its image.

16) Snowman Drawer

Snowman Drawer

The concept of this project is taken from a snowman. At the time of charismas, everybody around here thinks about how to decorate their houses and snowman. I suddenly think that I must try to make a wooden draw which represent the value of snowman and look this is just an amazing project of wood by using the band saw.

17) Strong Table and Chair

Strong Table And Chair

I really appreciate this project when I used it. It’s my personal experience that this table is so good and it can be with you in your whole lifetime. If you use this project, you will save from damages like the fear of table glass breakage. You need a strong table you must buy this for your home decoration.

18) Heart Style Photo Frame

Heart Style Photo Frame

If you have a creative mind you can develop anything by using a wood. This project tells the values that how the wood can be converted into a small frame by using the band saw. Presenting this frame to your loved ones is just an amazing feeling. So, buy this project today and present it other to keep them happy.

19) Presentable Cabinets

Presentable Cabinets

Your outer personality shows the importance in front of others. I have faced many problems to hang my dress that’s the reason the desire of buying a cabinet is increasing day by day. When I saw this project I suddenly think that I must need this for my bedroom. This cabinet has a presentable look and it made from strong wood.

20) Elegant Sitting Bench

20 Elegant Sitting Bench

Domestic users will find that owning a professional product like this to have unique advantages. Easy to store, lightweight and filled with the qualities you need on a daily basis. You could fit this board on your kitchen counter that is why it’s easy to use. The most important feature of this product which makes it eye-catching and brilliant is: there is no need to worry about the extra space to keep this board.

21) Stylish Pencil Case

Stylish Pencil Case

For my study room, I really need a pencil case which is unique and different. When I saw this wooden project, I suddenly buy it without thinking anymore. This is a double action project it has a small draw also, which can help you to save your tiny objects. This is one of the best and unique wood projects.

22) Tulip Case

Tulip Case

Everybody wants to have something in their home which brings the charming effect. This tulip vase made from wood by using the band saw. You can put real or artificial flowers. In my home, I put different colors of artificial flower in this tulip wooden vase. Buy it as soon as you can, definitely, you will love this wooden project.

23) Hot Cups

Hot Cups

If you want that your tea and coffee remains hot, you must need this cup which is made from wood. I really love the unique things, because creativity speaks itself. I put tea and coffee in this hot cup. I think this include the best project you have not seen before, so bring the hot cup today for your family

24) Different Door

Different Door

It is the desire of everyone that they need something unique and different from others. For your mirror house, you just need to put wood creativity in your house door. You can customize any style and design for your house door. I prefer this because I like this wooden work sincerely.

25) Long Stand

Long Stand

This wood project is best for your house. You can put telephone and put decorations or use as a computer table. This is specially designed for your house corner. I use this table stand as a side corner so that my kids cannot destroy my decoration.

26) Candle Stand

Candle Stand

When I made this project everybody, like it because this is two in one project. A candle stand or you can use it for decoration purpose. You can put any number in it. I present this gift to my friend he really like my creativity. This candle stand is made from strong wood.

27) Chain Stand

Chain Stand

I put this idea from a chain. By this project, I just want to show that how the chain is connected from one end to other. The chain stand is made from pure wood. You can put a different shade or one shade as you can see in this image. This is one of the best projects.


So, I shared with you all this list for your benefit and I hope that you would like it. If you liked it, you can share your comments and reviews and can ask for any guidance. I would like to help you. These are just some of the items, but you can contact with me to look more images in detail.