Pallet Display Garden

75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

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  1. List
  2. 1) Pallet Garden Frame
  3. 2) The Pallet Herb Garden
  4. 3) Pallet Grow Space
  5. 4) Vertical Pallet Garden
  6. 5) The Pallet Garden
  7. 6) Vertical Pallet Garden Ideas
  8. 7) DIY Herb Garden
  9. 8) The 2 for 1 Pallet Garden
  10. 9) Vertical Flower Garden
  11. 10) The Small Vertical Garden
  12. 11) The Rustic Vertical Garden Plan
  13. 12) The Organized Labelled Garden
  14. 13) The Square Pallet Garden
  15. 14) The Vertical Pallet Garden
  16. 15) The Strawberry Pallet Garden
  17. 16) The Whole Garden Pallet Plan
  18. 17) Pallet Garden Table
  19. 18) The Simple Pallet Planter
  20. 19) The Supported Pallet Garden
  21. 20) Pallet Butterfly Planter
  22. 21) Indoor Pallet Garden
  23. 22) The Cedar Pallet Planter
  24. 23) The Self-Supported Pallet Herb Garden
  25. 24) Standalone Pallet Garden
  26. 25) Pallet Planter Hanger
  27. 26) The Bottle and Herb Plant Garden
  28. 27) The Vertical Plant Herb Garden
  29. 28) The Planter Pallet Wall
  30. 29) The Pallet Garden Paradise
  31. 30) Raised Garden Bed
  32. 31) Multicolored Pallet Garden
  33. 32) Pallet Herb Planter
  34. 33) The Large Vertical Planter
  35. 34) Pallet Garden Bed
  36. 35) Above Garden Pallet Bed
  37. 36) Flower Pallet Garden
  38. 37) The Pallet Garden Plan
  39. 38) The Stair Stepped Pallet Garden
  40. 39) The Lattice Pallet Garden
  41. 40) The Latch On Pallet Planter
  42. 41) C-Shaped Pallet Garden Design
  43. 42) Pallet Planters
  44. 43) Vertical Planter Plan
  45. 44) Tree in a Box
  46. 45) Two-Faced Planter
  47. 46) Compost Pile
  48. 47) Pallet Wood Seating Area
  49. 48) Pallet Garden Plans
  50. 49) Vertical Pallet Garden with Pots
  51. 50) Hanging Pallet Garden
  52. 51) Pallet Planter Ladder
  53. 52) Raised Plant Beds Made of Pallets
  54. 53) Your Hanging Planter Garden
  55. 54) Perfect Planters
  56. 55) Pallet Wood Hanging Garden and Sign
  57. 56) Pallet Fence Garden
  58. 57) Pallet Garden Beds
  59. 58) Labeled Pallet Garden
  60. 59) Planter Pallet Steps
  61. 60) Rack and Stack Pallet Garden
  62. 61) Neon Plant Pallet Planters
  63. 62) Floating Flower Pallet Planters
  64. 63) Beautiful Planter Boxes
  65. 64) Pallet Display Garden Boxes
  66. 65) Framed Pallet Planters
  67. 66) Easy Pallet Planters
  68. 67) Level Up Pallet Garden Design
  69. 68) Pallet Garden Bed 2
  70. 69) Pallet Garden Design
  71. 70) Vertical Pallet Planter Design
  72. 71) Raised Pallet Wood Beds Design
  73. 72) Pallet Frame Garden Green House
  74. 73) Pallet Fence in a Garden
  75. 74) Garden Tools Cabinet
  76. 75) Pallet Steps
  77. Conclusion

If you spend a lot of time in your garden then you may have thought of building some garden structures to improve the growth of your plants. Structures like planters, trellises, raised beds and potting sheds can help you manage your garden plants better. These can also make your garden more organized as well.

And when it comes to constructing these structures the ideal material should be durable, easy to use and should be readily available. One such material is pallet wood. Pallets make excellent garden structures because these are very strong.

Pallet frames are used to hold different materials for transport and shipping so there is no question these are very durable. You can also count on pallet wood to be easy to use. You can use pallet frames as they are or dismantle the frames to use pallets individually.

And of course, there is no doubt that pallet wood is readily available anywhere and more so, these could be very cheap, even free. Therefore, making garden structures is an easy and cheap undertaking.


This is a list of 75 pallet garden project ideas that you can make now. You don’t need to be an expert to make any of these projects because these are very easy to make. Most of these are project plans to make planters but before you start building, you have to understand the type of plant or tree you are cultivating.

Can you grow this type of plant on a planter or a raised bed? Every plant is different as every person is different. You need to carefully understand your plants’ needs in order to provide the best growing environment.

1) Pallet Garden Frame

While the color green in the leaves of trees and plants can help your eyes relax, it’s sometimes better to add some more color to your garden. This multi-colored pallet frame is made of a number of pallet wood which has been assembled to create some kind of screen or frame at the back of plants.

You can use this colorful frame to separate sensitive plants too or to shield light-sensitive plants. This is very easy to make and will take only a few minutes to make.

Pallet Garden Frame

2) The Pallet Herb Garden

Growing herbs is a fantastic idea. Herbs can be used in cooking and have medicinal properties as well. You can also use herbs to detoxify and cleanse the body. Now planting herbs is very easy too and in fact, some of these are very hardy and can grow even in futile conditions.

This pallet garden will hold pots of your favorite herbs. It is made of lightweight pallets which you can easily take anywhere, indoors or out. You can also build this quickly so you can sow your seeds just in time for growing season.

The Pallet Herb Garden

3) Pallet Grow Space

Plants need space, sunshine, and water to grow healthy and strong. Some plants need more space than others while some can thrive even in compact spaces like these lovely plants here which have been grown in between the spaces of pallet frames.

Pallet frames offer a great planting container from its many spaces. You can plant vegetables, flowers or herbs, whatever you want to grow. And you don’t need to do work too hard to make these planters because these are made from simple pallet wood.

Pallet Grow Space

4) Vertical Pallet Garden

Have you seen outdoor living garden installations which were grown vertically? This is a new concept that is very popular in places where there is not enough space for a regular garden to grow. This garden right here is a vertical garden made of recycled pallets.

The pallet frames were assembled to create a large tall structure where plants can be grown. You can plant almost anything this way, except for trees. And what makes this unique is that you can use the drip method to water your plants. Water simply trickles down from the top to the bottom part; nothing is wasted or thrown away.

Vertical Pallet Garden

5) The Pallet Garden

Planting vegetables is a great way to augment food supply but not all soil can grow them. Growers usually plant veggies in raised beds and while this can be a good method, you need to regularly keep your bed neat and perfect which is why you need pallet frames.

In this photo, pallet frames were used as frames to hold a raised vegetable bed. Good planting soil suitable for raising vegetables was placed carefully in between the pallet sections to create this work of art. Now your lovely vegetables can have a neat and clean bed to grow and thrive.

The Pallet Garden

6) Vertical Pallet Garden Ideas

This is a vertical planter  but with a different style. The pallet frames were simply stacked together to form a tower. Next, every section, every nook, and cranny was made useful. Plants in planters, pots, crates and all kinds of containers were hung on the sides.

This is a good set up so you can save water and cultivate plants better. You see, plants that need more sunlight can be placed on the top tier while those that prefer the shade can be placed below. Once these plants grow, this will be a green and lively vertical garden project you will be proud of.

Vertical Pallet Garden Ideas

7) DIY Herb Garden

Growing herbs is a fun and interesting experience. The fact that herbs can grow even in small containers make them perfect for tiny apartment living. This DIY herb garden shelf made from wood pallets can hold your herb plants so you can grow these indoors or outdoors.

What’s great about this is that because pallets are very light, you can easily pick this up and take it anywhere. Be sure to bring this outdoors at least twice or thrice a week so your plants can get enough sunlight.

Diy Herb Garden in-ad.html

8) The 2 for 1 Pallet Garden

This pallet garden design will let you tend two garden beds and a vertical garden as well. This is a suitable design for people living in small homes with small gardens. Now, this is not too complicated to make. You only need a few pallet frames to construct this 2 for 1 garden pallet design. And because this is an easy project even someone new to woodworking will find this easy to make.

The 2 For 1 Pallet Garden

9) Vertical Flower Garden

Have you always wanted a flower wall? This simple plan will help you make this flower wall a reality. This is a vertical flower garden made of pallet wood. Pallets were simply used as a ledge to hold different pots and containers where flowering plants are grown.

But be very careful because not all flowering plants prefer to grow this way. You must choose plants which can adapt to growing in a vertical manner like bougainvillea, yellow bells and more. 

Vertical Flower Garden

10) The Small Vertical Garden

This is a lush vertical garden made of a few pallet frames. This is a good setting if you want to build a living wall in your garden or yard. A living wall is basically a wooden or metal wall covered with healthy growing plants.

Different kinds of plants can be grown this way but you must double check if the plant you wish to grow can survive and thrive in a vertical garden design. Sunlight and water can be very easily provided in a vertical setting and you don’t even have to work too hard to construct this pallet garden wall. 

The Small Vertical Garden