The Red Rocker Adirondack Chair

74 Adirondack Chair DIY Plans & Ideas

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  2. Adirondack Chair DIY Plans & Ideas
    1. 1) The Red Rocker Adirondack Chair
    2. 2) Typical Adirondack Chair
    3. 3) Black and Decker Adirondack Chair
    4. 4) Timeless Adirondack Chair Designs
    5. 5) Colorful DIY Adirondack Chairs
    6. 6) Adirondack Beach Chairs
    7. 7) Redwood Adirondack Chair
    8. 8) Treated Hardwood Adirondack Chair
    9. 9) The Conventional Adirondack Chair
    10. 10) Basic Red Adirondack Chair
    11. 11) Ana’s Adirondack Chair
    12. 12) The $10 Adirondack Chair
    13. 13) The Pallet Wood Chair
    14. 14) DIY Beach Adirondack Chair
    15. 15) MinMax Adirondack Chair
    16. 16) The Cozy Adirondack Chairs
    17. 17) Golf Course Adirondack Chairs
    18. 18) 2 x 4 Adirondack Chairs Plan
    19. 19) Adirondack Chair Swing
    20. 20) The Yellow Summertime Adirondack Chair
    21. 21) Double Adirondack Plans
    22. 22) Pallet Adirondack Plan
    23. 23) Adirondack Beach Chairs
    24. 24) Classic Redwood Adirondack Chairs
    25. 25) Giant Adirondack Chair
    26. 26) Traditional Adirondack Chair Design
    27. 27) Classic White Adirondack Chairs
    28. 28) Simple Blue-White Adirondack Chair Design
    29. 29) Adirondack Chair and Matching Love Seat
    30. 30) Adirondack Lawn Chairs
    31. 31) Child Adirondack Chair
    32. 32) The Jackman Works Adirondack Project Design
    33. 33) The Adirondack Chaise Lounge
    34. 34) The Pallet Style Design Adirondack Chair
    35. 35) Armless Adirondack Chair Design
    36. 36) Basic Pallet Chair
    37. 37) Main Street Cape Cod Adirondack Chairs
    38. 38) The Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plans
    39. 39) Adirondack Pallet Chair
    40. 40) Carved Back Adirondack Chairs
    41. 41) Adirondack DIY Chair
    42. 42) Skip to My Lou Adirondack Chair Plan
    43. 43) Simple Yellow Popsicle Stick Adirondack Chair Design
    44. 44) Green Adirondack Chair
    45. 45) Colorful Patio Makeover
    46. 46) White Adirondack Chair
    47. 47) Reclaimed Lumber Adirondack Chair Plan
    48. 48) Redwood Adirondack Chairs
    49. 49) Adirondack Chairs Made from Pallets
    50. 50) Simple Adirondack Chair Plan
    51. 51) Adirondack Chairs of Ana
    52. 52) Red and Tall Adirondack Chairs
    53. 53) Treated Lumber Adirondack Chairs
    54. 54) Adirondack Chairs and Table
    55. 55) Adirondack Chair Plans
    56. 56) Adirondack Chairs
    57. 57) Hardwood Adirondack Chairs and Tables
    58. 58) Adirondack Trio
    59. 59) Adirondack Chairs with Table
    60. 60) Adirondack Ski Chair
    61. 61) Adirondack Chair Set
    62. 62) Adirondack Chair Plans
    63. 63) Teal Adirondack Chair Plans
    64. 64) Pallet Chair Plans
    65. 65) Pallet Chairs Around a Fire Pit
    66. 66) Adirondack Chair Made Out of Wooden Pallets
    67. 67) Simple Adirondack Chairs With Ottomans
    68. 68) Easy Adirondack Chair Plan
    69. 69) A Family of Adirondack Chairs
    70. 70) Solid Wood Adirondack Chairs
    71. 71) Side By Side Patio Adirondack Chairs
    72. 72) Folding Adirondack Chairs
    73. 73) Bright Orange Adirondack Chairs
    74. 74) White Ottoman for Adirondack Chair
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21) Double Adirondack Plans

Double Adirondack Plans

The classic Adirondack chair has been designed with a twist. This is a builder’s plan for not just one or a simple Adirondack chair design but for a double chair and connected chairs as well. Made from durable lumber, this chair will last virtually forever.

The backrests are large and have tall and wide planks. The seats are wide as well and shaped naturally like a classic Adirondack. The chairs are raised higher from the ground making this more comfortable patio furniture.

Finally, a small table connects the two seats and this table can hold drinks, food and your bare necessities. If you are looking for a nice way to relax and have company this weekend then this could be the outdoor project for you.

22) Pallet Adirondack Plan

Pallet Adirondack Plan

Two pallet chairs are here to make your patio the most comfortable place to stay. These Adirondack chairs are made from recycled wooden pallets which were cut, painted and made into comfortable seats. The design looks very easy and in fact, this could be easy even for anyone who has never worked on woodworking projects before.

And before you use recycled wood pallets for any project like this one, check if the pallets you are using are up for the job. See to it that these are strong, with no weak areas that can break and should be weatherproofed especially when you will leave your chairs outside. Applying wood stain or a coat of weatherproofing paint are your possible options.

23) Adirondack Beach Chairs

Adirondack Beach Chairs 2

This is a beach chair with a long backrest and armrests. The backrest has a curved design that cradles your back, shoulders, neck, and head still with room to stretch out. The seats are higher from the ground compared to other Adirondack styles.

This does not have armrests which are a huge difference from conventional designs. These chairs are designed to fold away when not in use but despite this these have been treated to avoid rotting of the wood. And of course, these chairs are more than just beach chairs.

You can actually use this indoors or out as a patio chair or a backyard chair. You can count on these to make a good impression when you have guests or other family members for a visit.

24) Classic Redwood Adirondack Chairs

Classic Redwood Adirondack Chairs

This is a classic redwood Adirondack design featured in a design site. This was conceptualized by a builder and the photo here gives you an idea of what to expect with this build. First of all, the backrest has a curved design made of only five planks.

The armrest is large and wide but eventually narrows down as it moves backward. The seat slopes gently enough to raise your legs as you sit and place your backflushed to the backrest. The seat is raised higher and therefore more comfortable to sit on.

You don’t have to settle with the usual brown wooden chair color at all. You can paint this chair with any color, any shade you wish. This is a truly fun building activity that you will love to do with your family.

25) Giant Adirondack Chair

The Biggest Adirondack Chair In The World

The builder looked like a dwarf as he sat on it! Looking at this build, this was constructed using extra-large lumber which was possibly specially-ordered.

What’s amazing with this chair is that it still holds true to the Adirondack style because it has that large backrest and armrests and that swooping seat. You might need a step stool or a ladder to climb up though because it was raised about two feet from the ground.

The blue wonder is impossible to take indoors so it was treated with weatherproofing material so it can last long under the sun and rain. This is a very interesting piece to build so why not challenge this builder and construct a bigger one?

26) Traditional Adirondack Chair Design

Traditional Adirondack Chair Design

Take a look at this lovely Adirondack chair under the warm sun. It may look very simple to you but actually, there are a few details added to this build. Instead of just putting tall pieces for the backrest, both sides of the backrest seem to move inward.

The armrests are large but taper to the back like an armchair. The seat gently swoops backward but the front appears to be slightly curved. The natural redwood color was preserved and a natural wood stain was used to protect the seat from the sun and rain and to highlight the imperfections of wood. Wouldn’t you love to sit and read a book on this Adirondack chair?

27) Classic White Adirondack Chairs

Classic White Adirondack Chairs

Two classic white Adirondack chairs under a tree, a perfect place to just sit, read a book and relax. You can make this project in just an afternoon because this plan is so easy to make. As you can see, these chairs follow the basic design with high backrests made with five large and wide planks, wide and long armrests and the usual swooping seats.

The builder chose to paint these white and these look pristine against the green and brown background of the yard. You can make these chairs and paint these according to the color you want.

28) Simple Blue-White Adirondack Chair Design

Simple Blue White Adirondack Chair Design

Don’t be fooled by the photo; this is not an extra-large chair. The camera angle made the chair look like it was large but on the contrary, it is just a classic Adirondack chair design. The backrest has large planks to comfortably hold your back while the armrests are huge as well, another comfortable feature.

The chair has that gentle backward swoop that raises your feet from the floor. This chair sits on a porch which is a great place to relax, read or nap but an Adirondack can also be found outdoors, on a patio or in your garden.

29) Adirondack Chair and Matching Love Seat

Adirondack Chair And Matching Love Seat

This is not a regular Adirondack chair because the seat and the back are wider to accommodate two people. This loveseat has a number of wooden planks for its backrest while the arms are both wide and long.

The chair raises high above the ground though unlike regular Adirondack chairs. This one has been lovingly painted light brown to complement the natural color of the yard but you can paint it any color you want. You can even preserve the natural appearance of lumber that you used with wood stain.

30) Adirondack Lawn Chairs

Adirondack Lawn Chairs

This may be a computer-aided design of an Adirondack chair but still, it holds to the classic design.  It has a large back that extends high from your head. The armrests are large and long which is perfect for relaxing and even putting things down.

The seats have been designed to slide gently at the back which lets you raise your feet from the ground. The plan here is paints the seat yellow but you can paint this according to your preference. This chair is great to place on your lawn, in your backyard or in your garden.

31) Child Adirondack Chair

Child Adirondack Chair

This is a small chair and ottoman plan, a furniture piece that will work perfectly for a small person or a child. Looking at this chair, it follows the classic Adirondack design but with a few unique features. The chair and ottoman are made from natural redwood which means this is durable as it is lovely to look at.

The backrest is made of durable lumber and has a curved shape. Both armrests have been designed to have a flat surface with a slot to place your glass in. The seat is wide with evenly spaced slats. The ottoman has a slanted design which is an extension of the Adirondack chair. What to do with this cute chair? It could be a good chair for a child to sit in or just a conversation piece in your garden.

32) The Jackman Works Adirondack Project Design

The Jackman Works Adirondack Project Design

This is a special Adirondack chair which was made using rich redwood. The seats were made with seven evenly-spaced planks with a curved seat that has the same wooden pieces as support. The armrests are wide and curved at the front and taper to the back.

The seats are slightly higher compared to other Adirondack chair designs. These chairs obviously have been treated with weatherproofing because as expected, these will have to remain outdoors. These Jackman Works Adirondack seats could be the outdoor overhaul your backyard or patio needs.

33) The Adirondack Chaise Lounge

The Adirondack Chaise Lounge

This chaise lounge is made of two Adirondack chairs and an ottoman and it looks like these were made for a hotel, resort or spa. These hold true to the traditional Adirondack chair design because of their tall and wide backs, swooping seats and large armrests.

These chairs were made with tough lumber and while the seats are made of the same type of wood but with a horizontal design from the back to the front. The armrests are large and wide but become narrow as these connect to the back of the seat.

On the other hand, the ottoman was designed to become an extension of the lounge seat making this a great place to sit, relax and even take a nap.

34) The Pallet Style Design Adirondack Chair

The Pallet Style Design Adirondack Chair

This is a plan to make a basic Adirondack chair. This blue wonder is made from ordinary wooden pallets which were cut, sanded and assembled. The backrest is long, possibly longer than what your head can reach.

The seat is also made of wooden pallets which were slightly lowered at the back. The armrests are flat, wide and long and extend to the back of the chair. The seat is higher than other Adirondack seats which make it perfect for relaxing, reading or even napping.

35) Armless Adirondack Chair Design

Armless Adirondack Chair Design

Simple and lovely, this is an Adirondack chair with just the back and the seats. But despite the lacking armrests, this remains as a nice project to make outdoors. The backrest has the classic seven planks and has a curved design.

The seat has evenly-spaced planks which have a creative curved design. This is foldable too so you can easily take it anywhere you wish to go.

36) Basic Pallet Chair

Comfortable Pallet Chair

If you have spare wooden pallets at home then you can recycle these to make this comfortable pallet chair. From this photo, it looks like the builder has just finished making the chair out of crude wooden pallets.

The backrest is made roughly of four planks while the seat is made of three. The arms and legs are also made of wooden planks. The plans to make this simple pallet chair are found here. But before you do, make sure that the pallets you will use are strong and are not infested with insects or mold. Use strong hardware and waterproof this pallet seat so you can let it stay on your porch, backyard or garden.

37) Main Street Cape Cod Adirondack Chairs

Main Street Cape Cod Adirondack Chairs

These are Cape Cod Main Street regulars with their shell –shaped backrests, lovely green seats and narrow armrests. It seems like these chairs have been staying quite a while outdoors because their paint is starting to fade.

But nevertheless, these lovely Adirondack chairs continue to welcome patrons at this storefront in Cape Cod. You can use this chairs as inspiration for your next woodworking project and hopefully this will come out as good as these chairs.

The Popular Mechanics Adirondack Chair Plans

Large and perfect for relaxing, these are the best words to describe these lovely golden chairs from Popular Mechanics. The seats and table were made of tough hardware which was treated with wood stain to protect the wood and to enhance the natural charm of wood.

These Adirondack chairs have a tall back, wide seats and large but narrow armrests. The seats are slightly curved at the back so you can slightly elevate your feet from the ground. Popular Mechanics has made the plans for this build a bit simpler compared to other seats.

39) Adirondack Pallet Chair

Adirondack Pallet Chair

This is a rather unusual Adirondack chair made from discarded wooden pallets. Made only from several pieces of reclaimed wood, this chair has extra wide and tall backrest with evenly-spaced slots to let air in. The seat looks strong but lacks the gentle backward dip that most Adirondack chairs have.

Meanwhile, the armrests for this chair are made from a long and narrow piece of lumber. The front is elevated from the ground, therefore, it is unlike any regular Adirondack chairs. But despite these differences, the builder of this chair says that this is one of his cheapest builds.

40) Carved Back Adirondack Chairs

Carved Back Adirondack Chairs

The builder of these chairs knows how to use his power tools! This lovely pair has an exquisitely designed back possibly accomplished using a jigsaw. The backs are high and wide while the seats are down low but the front is not too high or too low therefore are perfect for outdoor relaxation.

These chairs are made from lovely redwood and were surely coated with wood stain to protect its beautiful surface. You can still see the imperfections of the wood but don’t worry about these because these make the wood lovelier and more natural.