Diy Wooden Birdhouse

44 Birdhouse DIY Plans

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  1. 1) USGS Free Bluebird House Plan
  2. 2) Mark Bluebird Bluebird House Designs
  3. 3) Mark’s Bird House With Hole Guard
  4. 4) Nestbox Plans
  5. 5) Eastern or Western Bluebird Nestbox Plan
  6. 6) DANDR Nestbox Plan
  7. 7) Gilbertson Bluebird Nest Box
  8. 8) Peterson Bluebird Nest Box
  9. 9) The Carl Little Bluebird Box
  10. 10) Hanging Western Bluebird Nest Box
  11. 11) Mountain Bluebird Nest Box
  12. 12) Nest-Box Plan for Western & Mountain Bluebirds
  13. 13) Eastern Bluebird House Plan
  14. 14) Gourd Birdhouses
  15. 15) Free American Robin and Eastern Phoebe Bird House Plans
  16. 16) Free American Kestrel Nest Box Plans
  17. 17) Wren House Plans
  18. 18) Birdhouse Designs
  19. 19) Andy’s Free Bird House Plans
  20. 20) Andy’s Bluebird House Plan
  21. 21) Andy’s Flicker House Plan
  22. 22) Andy’s Phoebe Bird House Plan
  23. 23) Purple Martin Bird House Plan
  24. 24) Woodpecker Bird House Plan
  25. 25) Wrens Bird House Plan
  26. 26) USGS Birdhouse Plans
  27. 27) Handyman Birdhouse Plans
  28. 28) Timber Mark Birdhouse Plans
  29. 29) RunnerDuck Resources
  30. 30) Beautiful Britain Birdhouse Plans
  31. 31) Built by Kids Modern Birdhouse Plan
  32. 32) Birdwatching Bliss
  33. 33) Barn Owl Nest Box
  34. 34) Mail Box Bird House
  35. 35) Birds and Blooms DIY Birdhouse
  36. 36) Missouri Department of Conservation Birdhouse Plan
  37. 37) Birdhouse Buzz Nesting Box for Bluebirds
  38. 38) NRCS USDA Bluebird House Plan
  39. 39) Michigan Bluebird Plan (Gilwood)
  40. 40) Michigan Bluebird Society MBS Gilwood Slot Box
  41. 41) Michigan Bluebird Society MBS X Box
  42. 42) CBRP Bluebirds House Plan
  43. 43) Modern Cardinal Birdhouse Plan
  44. 44) Hanging DIY Birdhouse Plan 
  45. Conclusion

41) Michigan Bluebird Society MBS X Box

Michigan Bluebird Society Mbs X

The Michigan Bluebird Society MBS X Box is a great and simple nesting box that is specifically designed and developed by Mr. Tom Comfort and a special committee of the national bluebird house experts.  The early test results show that the bluebirds love this birdhouse design as compared to other designs.

 The Michigan Bluebird Society MBS X Box features a hole size of 1 9/16 inch, which is slightly larger as compared to traditional 1 ½ inch hole size.  It’s specifically designed to be mounted with the use of 1/2-inch rebar and electrical conduit. This birdhouse is relatively easy to build and it can be constructed with either pine wood or cedar.  However, the cedar wood is more expensive. However, it is harder to find in lumber stores. You’ll definitely enjoy building this simple birdhouse even if it is your first time.

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42) CBRP Bluebirds House Plan

Cbrp Bluebirds House Plan

It is best to select a nest box that is made of wood with great insulation from extreme temperatures. The diameter is at least 5 x 5 inches for the interior floor ideal for Western Bluebirds. From the bottom of the entrance hole, it measures 6 to 7 inches to the floor for keeping the eggs and nestlings unreachable from crows or scrub-jays.

The pine or cedar wood should be 3/4 inch thick, providing sufficient insulation against the heat of the sun. Adding 1/4 to 1/2 inch ventilation holes is recommended if you live in an area of the county where summer temperatures spike 90 degree and above. The roof of the birdhouse should overhang the entrance hole (1 to 2 inches). You can extend the life of the wood by painting the outside of the nest box using a water-based paint.

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43) Modern Cardinal Birdhouse Plan

Modern Cardinal Birdhouse Plan

This is a good place for migratory birds, allowing you to set up a cozy and warm small house for the birds’ needs and special care. This birdhouse plan is specifically designed for a 5 ½ inches wide x ½ inch thick fence picket. If you are teaching your children to do the assembly, pre-drill the holes and have them attach with screws or nails.  Wood glue is designed for exterior applications and oily wood.

You need to read the entire plan prior to starting this project. Review the needed information on the PDF file. It is important to take all the needed precautions so you can build a birdhouse smartly and safely. Working on a clean level surface is important, which is free of debris or imperfections. It is best to use straight boards. Check the square after every step, pre-drilling holes before you attach with screws. For a stronger hold, you can use glue.

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44) Hanging DIY Birdhouse Plan 

Hanging Diy Birdhouse Plan

The materials you need in building this cute overhang birdhouse includes 2 scraps of thick pine board (¾ inch), with a measurement at least 4.5-inch square, 2 plywood (¼  inch) or paneling scraps. The measurement is at least 6 inches by 9 inches each ¼-inch dowel. First, you have to cut the ends 4.5 square inches from the pine boards. Measure 3 and 7/16 inches to locate the hole of the entrance.

Hold the birdhouse’s front and back pieces together clamping them together. The perch is located by measuring 1 and 1/4 inches from the same corner and drill a hole ( 1/4-inch) through the birdhouse front piece. The roof pieces are cut from the paneling scraps or 1/4-inch plywood. One piece is cut measuring 5-3/4 by 9 inches, and the other piece at 6 x 9 inches. Next, nail the pieces to build the roof.

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Birdhouse DIY plans are available in varying sizes. As you have learned, the size hole is very important when it comes to determining the bird species you want to attract. You can build the best birdhouse you need for your yard, enjoying the view of flying creatures around your beautiful home.