25 Evolving Bench

27 Creative Woodworking Projects


Is woodworking your hobby or passion?

Do you often like to work on creative and kind of different woodworking projects?

If you do, then this post is for you.

I got here a list of 27 really creative woodworking projects that you are going to like very much. These projects are somewhat different from the regular furniture works you have been doing so far. This is an opportunity for you to take your woodworking skill to the next level.

So, why don’t we start now?

1) Wooden Tape Holder

01 Wooden Tape Holder

This amazing measuring tape holder is made of pallet wood and a hacksaw blade. You can make it as long as you need to hold as many tapes as you want. There is a wood block used in each section to secure the tape. The blade can easily cut the tape as much you need without having to remove the roll from the stand.

2) Tape Cassette Coffee Table

02 Tape Cassette Coffee Table

Honestly, I don’t know how to make this one, but it seems a really nice example of creative woodworking. This table can also be reversed from side A to B, same as a mixed tape. See if you could make one yourself. This is going to give a real classic look to your living room.

3) Wooden Piggy Bank

03 Wooden Piggy Bank

This wooden piggy bank is easy to make for a professional woodworker. As you can, it looks beautiful and definitely unique. This pig got two ears, a nose, and a tail. It has a coin hole at the hope from when you can drop coins and even notes. The back side opens to let you collect your savings.

4) Log Lounger

04 Log Lounger

I bet this is going to be one of the most creative pieces of wood you’ll see today. This log lounger is a really awesome way to make use of old yard waste to make something so beautiful. Check out the tutorial link below to learn how to make it. You’ll need some old birch logs for this.

5) Glowing Table

05 Glowing Table

I would have ever imagined making a glowing table until I read about it. Yes, this table glows in the dark. If it’s not creative, then what is? Once you come to know about it, doing it seems actually simple. You just have to fill the natural hardwood voids with something like photo luminescent (glow) powder.

6) Wishbone Bookcase

06 Wishbone Bookcase

Tell me you don’t love this amazing wishbone bookcase. It is a really nice example of the fine creative woodworking. This bookcase doesn’t look very easy to make but shouldn’t be a very tough job for a professional woodworker like you. I couldn’t manage to find a tutorial for this one so try at your own risk.

7) Wooden Rocking Chair

07 Wooden Rocking Chair

This rocking chair is more creative than any chair you have ever seen or used. See how beautifully those curves and edges have been crafted. It takes the art of woodworking to a whole new level. I’m in love with this chair but cannot make one. Can you? Do not forget to share the images with us.

8) Creative Dog Bowls

08 Creative Dog Bowls

Do you have a dog at home? Then, you are absolutely going to love these dog bowls. This is a wooden bowl set made from an old wood block. It can hold two or more bowls to feed your pets. The set fits perfectly fine with other wooden furniture in your living room.

9) Babele Lamp

09 Babele Lamp

This lamp is another really cool example of creative woodworking. It is also called the giant puzzle lamp. Wondering why? As you can see, it is made of wooden disks that can be twisted around to change the shade of the lamp. You can use more creativity to create your own design from it.

10) Inception Chair

10 Inception Chair

As you can probably guess by looking at the image, this is not just one chair, but one chair made from many chairs (chair into a chair). Check out the source link below to understand how it works. It takes a lot of doing, but if you need multiple chairs in decreasing sizes, this can be a nice way to store them.

11) Contour Coffee Table

11 Contour Coffee Table

This contour coffee table was originally designed by Robby Cuthbert. This is a solid example of furniture creativity. It consists of four S-shaped bamboo pieces held together by steel cables, such that the pieces never touch each other.

12) Contour Lamp

12 Contour Lamp

This product is from the same designer as the one above. As you can see in the image, this also makes use of an S-shaped bamboo piece that is tied to the flat surface by a strong steel cable. This is a classic example of the working mechanism between tension and stability.

13) Spices Racks

13 Spices Racks

This spice rack can be opened and closed like a box whenever you need to extract a spice jar from it. As you can see, it has been constructed under an existing kitchen cabinet to save space. It is a perfect creative spice rack for small kitchens and can hold a big number of spice jars.

14) Japanese Wood Lantern

14 Japanese Wood Lantern

Although I couldn’t find who the actual designer of this beautiful lamp is, it definitely has some Japanese art effect. This one is made of teak wood with the stainless steak structure. The lamp hood can also be adjusted in the traditional lamp position.

15) 45 Degree Swing Draw Set

15 45 Degree Swing Draw Set

I have seen many wooden boxes, but this one I find the most creative. Want to know why? Because this single box is comprised of eight small boxes, most of which opens at 45-degree angle. The top one also has a mirror lid. It can be used as a make-up box or jewelry box.

16) Hand Grenade Dresser

16 Hand Grenade Dresser

This is a dresser in the form of a hand grenade. Tell me what can be more creative than this. It has multiple cabinets that can be used to hold almost anything. There is a tail coming out of the top; do not remove it or the bomb will go off. Just kidding! But why take the risk, right?

17) Wood and Aluminum Benches

17 Wood And Aluminum Benches

These benches as you can see are made with the creative fusion of wood and aluminum. This is definitely not easy to make, at least not for a woodworking beginner. It has been built by pouring the melted aluminum into the voids of a natural wood block and then, turning it into a flat surface.

18) Wood-Carved Cityscape

18 Wood Carved Cityscape

This wonderful wood cityscape 3D sculpture was designed by the famous wood artist James Mcnabb. As you can imagine, it is really hard to make, definitely not my cup of tea. See how the shade is making a wonderful skyline pattern on the surface; creativity can’t get better than this.

19) Flip Car Roller Track

19 Flip Car Roller Track

This one includes a bunch of handmade wooden cars and a wooden car race track as you can see in the picture. This is creative because, well because it looks creative. I have never designed anything like that myself, but I love the idea very much. This is made of maple hardwood.

20) Kenworth Log Truck

20 Kenworth Log Truck

This example shows that a woodworker can make anything out of wood once he makes up his mind. Look how beautiful and amazing this log truck looks. This one was made with Bubinga and maple. The project took almost three months to complete. And sadly no, I don’t know the artist.

21) Lion-Shaped Wooden Shelf

21 Lion Shaped Wooden Shelf

If you are looking to get creative, this is the one piece you should try to make. This lion doesn’t roar because it is made of wood. This kind of woodworking project takes a high level of craftsmanship with serious engineering skill.

22) Katana Bench

22 Katana Bench

This amazing mixture of chair and table is called the Katana bench. Although I’m not sure how and why anyone is going to use it, but it definitely is a wonderful example of creativity in woodworking. It is designed by a Candice Groenke, a former student of the College of the Redwoods.

23) Heart Wooden Lamps

23 Heart Wooden Lamps

This is another example of creative wooden lamps. This one is designed in the shape of hearts with superbly carved spaces in between. A brilliant example of engineering and woodwork creativity, this lamp is more than enough to enrich the romance in your bedroom.

24) Wooden Fishbone House for Pets

24 Wooden Fishbone House For Pets

This cat house is more amazing and creative than one can imagine. It has been designed using the same technique that was used in the project #23. So now you know you can make many things if you ever master this technique.

25) Evolving Bench

25 Evolving Bench

This bench was designed by a student of the Miami University. It is called evolving bench because as you can see in the image, it half removes itself from the wall to be used as a bench. The idea was to craft furniture that can adapt itself based on how it is used.

26) Journey Wooden Clock

26 Journey Wooden Clock

This amazing wooden clock was designed by Clayton Boyer, who is a famous clock artist. This is not just a designer wood item, the clock actually works here. Creative, isn’t it? This is a really cool example of the creativity in the woodworking and clockmaking.

27) Wooden Love Rocker

27 Wooden Love Rocker

This is a somewhat different than usual rocking chair. As you can see, it has space for two persons and surprisingly, it doesn’t require a middle rocker or any support to hold two people at once. The design was by Christopher Gagnon, a student of the Sultana High School, CA.


Today, I learned something really interesting about woodworking; that a woodworker’s creativity is only limited by his/her imagination. I really enjoyed very much writing about each of these projects and I hope my readers also enjoyed reading it. Tell me if you did or did not and Kindly share your reviews, questions, and comments below. If you love this article, feel free to share it with more of your woodworker friends and relatives you might also like it.