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23 Creative Art Pallet DIY Projects


11) Pallet Ceiling DIY Project by Maples Leaves and Sycamore Trees of Remodelaholic

Pallet Ceiling Diy Project By Maples Leaves And Sycamore Trees Of Remodelaholic

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This is a gorgeous DIY pallet wood ceiling that can give any room a rustic look. It might be time-consuming but it’s totally worth it. The skill level required to complete this project is average, so it’s not really difficult.

You’ll love it and enjoy it for many years to come. This pallet craft can be a major project and you’ll end up having a cool-looking ceiling.

This is a budget-friendly pallet project. Make sure to select the pallets with similar color and the same width o avoid unevenness and gaps. The basic tools you’ll need to work on this project are a drill, table saw, sander, hammer, and tape measure. The builder built this ceiling in a boy’s room, giving it a cool and rustic look. Try building your rustic ceiling today!

12) American Flag Wood Pallet by Nina Hendrick

American Flag Wood Pallet By Nina Hendrick

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According to the builder, this American Flag made of the pallet was not precise, rounding the dimensions to the nearest even dimension, making things easier for you to recreate the piece. It is called “Colonial Tavern” look. There are cracks, knots, and gaps, rough cut mark. It is a great inspiration! The final dimension is 22 by 36 inches.

With this project, you will need four 1x6x8 inches pine boards or six pallet wood boards at least 36 inches long. You’ll also need wood screws, sandpaper, stencil, painter’s tape, paint, and paint brushes.

The cut list includes 4 at 1×6 at 36 inches with slightly variable lengths and 2 at 1×6 at 22 inches. The steps include gathering materials, cutting the pieces down, determining the right surfaces to paint the flag, lining up back brackets, painting white paint, and painting the American Flag.

13) Reclaimed Kitchen Island by Scrapality

Reclaimed Kitchen Island By Scrapality

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When the wall was removed between the dining room and the kitchen, the builder thought of a kitchen island. A dresser costs  $30 was used and pallet boards to build this project.

This countertop was made of pallet runners. It was sanded and stained. While it still has imperfections, these create the rustic look. It is easy to do as long as you have the right tools and supplies.

The basic materials and tools used in building this pallet project include pallet woods, screws, jigsaw, table saw, tape measure, nails, screws, sandpaper, finishing coat, and drill.

Of course, you can always use the available resources you have at home and you can scale the sizes as desired. At least this design will give you a good idea of how to start your project. So better start yours now!

14) Wooden Letters Made of Pallet Wood by Kruse Workshop

Wooden Letters Made Of Pallet Wood By Kruse Workshop

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This is considered a large art that you can hang above an empty wall. It is a nice pallet wood idea. The builder used a jigsaw and table saw to cut the boards and they were sanded. A template was made with different wood layers. The pallet boards were disassembled to varying widths.

For attaching the pallet boards to your template, you can use a little glue, laying pallet board pieces on top, flipping it over and putting a nail through it with an air gun.

After the letters are done, you can apply a coat (walnut stain). Like what the builder did, you can apply the darkest color on the horizontal lines, making them stand out.

The other colors used were grey and blue on each plank. Each letter was sanded to remove excess paint, exposing the texture of the pallet wood. Grab a pallet and start building yours today!

15) DIY Barn Pallet Door

Diy Barn Pallet Door

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Do you want a barn door but not the expensive price tag? This is a DIY barn door project you can try that won’t break your bank. Reclaimed pallet woods were used. Pallets are found almost everywhere like big box stores, side of the road, exchange sites, and a local factory.

The builder obtained chunky wood pallets, dismantled them, and selected the best boards. The pallets were full of character and they were sanded to look good.

You have to choose the rails and add wheels after the pallet wood has been chosen. You can find rustic handles sold online but they are expensive so the builder decided to do DIY large handles with the use of pipe fittings.

The tools and supplies needed are a flat bar, iron floor flange, iron elbow, lag bolts, hex bolts, hex nuts, flat washers, walnut stain, light grey or white paint, and bronze spray paint. It is time to create yours now!

16) DIY Window Pallet Planter by Paradise Perspectives

Diy Window Pallet Planter By Paradise Perspectives

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This idea started when builder’s brother came over with dilapidated old pallet available in his truck.  The builder immediately snagged the old pallet woods and rescued them from going to the burn pile.

The 3 inches wide pallet boards were used to create this adorable planter box. This is a very cheap project you can do in your free time. The skill level needed is a beginner.

The construction process typically involved cutting, drilling, attaching, assembling, and screwing. A scrap window screen can be used to hold dirt. You can grow beautiful ferns on this beautiful flower box, adding a rustic charm to your home.

Why not start building a flower box using this plan and you might just want to create more pallet projects for your outdoor living space. Come and create yours today!

17) Indoor Pallet Window Box by Little Paths

Indoor Pallet Window Box By Little Paths

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You’ll love this newest addition to your indoor gardens with windowsill succulents on an indoor pallet window box.  This is a great arrangement for your succulents.

Generally, succulents can be placed on wide window sills and shipping pallets make a perfect solution. The builder created three succulent boxes. They are perfectly matched with the succulents!

If you love gardening, you’ll also love builder an indoor window planter so your succulents are closer to you. Sanded wood pallets are perfect containers for your windowsill garden. It is easy to build without requiring high carpentry skills.

You can line it with plastic after building and fill with perlite and potting soil. Trim the plastic edges once the succulents are settled below the soil line, then give your plants some water using a spray bottle.

18) Pallet Frame by DIY Pete

Pallet Frame By Diy Pete

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In this pallet wood frame tutorial, you’ll gain knowledge and skills on how to make a map wooden. The builder absolutely loves maps. Pallet frames are great for these awesome raised topographic maps from Hubbard Scientific.

The supplies you need include a map, photo, or artwork to the frame, pallet, sealer, staples, nail gun, sandpaper, wood glue, craft paper, and a razor blade.

The tools the builder used include a table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, pry bar, hammer, nailer, stapler, and corner jig. Most business would be willing to hand you free pallets. For the maps, you can purchase them online or bookstores.

The construction process includes taking the pallet apart, cutting, sanding, drilling, attaching, and assembling. The boards were ripped 2 ½ inches for the frames. The maps are the state of Montana and a valley region the builder lives in. it is a great project indeed!

19) Rustic Pallet Vertical Blinds by Humboldt Art

Rustic Pallet Vertical Blinds By Humboldt Art

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Are you looking for something unique for your windows? You’ll be amazed by this DIY window blinds project. You’ll need swivel key tags for this pallet vertical blinds project and you can get them from Home Depot.

A copper wire is also needed and you can get it at Joann Fabrics.  On the other hand, the binder rings came from Office Max and everything else was obtained from Menards. The total cost for this project is $29. The pallets were given free.

The tools used for this project are 3 inches circular saw, rafter square, grinder, and drill bit (¼ and 1/8 inch). Start the project by getting the plate connectors (top) attached.

The plates were secured with screws. The final look is a rustic pallet loves for a unique look. The instructions are clear with photos included for the step-by-step guide. You’ll surely love this project!

20) Pallet Coffee Mug Holder by Artsy Chick Rule

Pallet Coffee Mug Holder By Artsy Chick Rule

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This is a creative coffee mug holder project made of pallet wood. The tie-down or cleats came from the Hobby Lobby priced at $4.99. The pallets were scrubbed to remove dirt and the beauty of the old wood was revealed.

You can also use pallet wood on other designs like love signs and wood signs. The basic tools you need are saw, drill, and sander. How do you like making this pallet wood project? You will surely love it!

For this coffee mug holder, you basically need pallets, screws, nails, and ring hooks. Secure your mugs with this very durable mug holder. It is simple and easy to do without needing higher carpentry skills.

You can add some elements of an aged wood coffee mug holder. It is lightweight, making it a perfect place to showcase your mug collection! So later making your creative mug holder project now!

21) Pallet Living Wall by The Brew Beers and Beans

Pallet Living Wall By The Brew Beers And Beans

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Vertical gardens or living walls are considered the latest or newest design craze. They are popping up on Pinterest and anywhere. They are gaining popularity in business establishments and public areas.

These are handy living works for those living in small spaces where the space for flowers and plants is very limited. This pallet living wall can reduce the stress of plants, thus increasing their well-being. They help in purifying and humidifying the air, as well as dampen noise pollution!

You can also design your very own living wall using this pallet woodworking plan. It is easy to make and very cheap. The level of difficulty is medium, so it means that you have to be familiar with some basic tools and you need a considerable amount of strength to carry things that are somehow heavy.

It can be finished within the day, giving your space a rustic look. Be inspired with this project and gain the health benefits of gardening and having a living wall.

22) Tree Shelf Pallet Wood Idea by Instructables

Tree Shelf Pallet Wood Idea By Instructables

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This is a great pallet wood DIY shelf tutorial for a productive project you can do this weekend. The builder used shabby and old pallets, but this tree shelf can also be made from other resources.

The pallet wood was sanded and also varnished. It may take a few hours to build one, but it’s all worth it. You just need basic tools and materials to make one. You can base your next creative pallet wood project here!

For the steps, first, you have to know your wood pallet. You can find wooden blocks everywhere like a factory or local hardware. Even leftover pallets can be used. You need 7 by 3.5 inches wooden blocks.

You also need drill, screws, and paintbrush. Four planks were used with a measurement of 15 x 3.5 inches and one plank at 23 inches. Create your very own tree shelf now and give your study room a new look!

23) Spoon Pallet Wood rack by The Wood Grain Cottage

Spoon Pallet Wood Rack By The Wood Grain Cottage

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This is a cheap and easy pallet wood project that can bring tons of charm to your kitchen. This project will also make you very happy. You can scour spoons in a local thrift store.

These are silver plated spoons used as hooks. Although stainless spoons are harder to bend, flat, and stamp, the builder took a risk, attaching them to the pallet. So it’s time to check the details for this pallet wood project now!

The supplies you need for this DIY pallet project include silver plated spoons or steel spoons, hammer, clamps, steel round rod, screwdriver, center punch, pallet board, drill bits, white paint, sharpie, screws, and water.

After drilling the spoons, a hammer was used to be attached to the pallet. The six spoons represent thyme, dill, basil, chive, and sage. This is a fun addition to your kitchen!


These DIY pallet creative ideas and art projects are really amazing! Now you are more confident in building your own project using them. You just need a little bit of creativity and carpentry skills to be able to come up with beautiful and cool designs. Use the things you learned on this tutorial and you’ll definitely go a long way.