14 Pallet Bed with Lights DIY Plans

8) Bed on a Lit Pallet Bed

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/1001pallets.com-king-size-pallet-bed-634×476.jpeg

Looking closely into this image, do you notice something different? What is pictured here is a bed. But wait, if you take a closer look, it’s actually bed placed on top of a pallet bed, a lit one, that is.

This makes the bed a little bit higher, as it is placed on top of a platform. What you get is an elegant looking bed frame, a bed, and an elegant room as a result. You can also put some pillow decors on the platform, making your bed a very inviting one.

9) Green Lit Pallet Bed

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/diy-pallet-bed-with-lights-634×845.jpg

What makes this pallet bed DIY plan special is that it presents a perfect contrast between the two main colors used in the project – orange and green.

As a result, you have an interesting bed pattern that does not just look inviting, but relaxing to the eyes, despite the fact that the color orange is a hot one. The lights are placed under the bed, as well as the headboard. This look is perfect if you are trying to achieve a rustic look for your room.

10) Sofa Bed Pallet

Image URL: http://www.fantasticviewpoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/euro-pallets-bett1-634×311.jpg

Pallet bed with lights DIY plans are not just for full-sized beds. In fact, the strategy can also be applied to sofa beds or those that you usually use in your living room area. What makes this project an interesting one is that you are sure that it can be seen by your visitors and friends, making it a great conversation starter for sure.

For this specific plan, the bed cover, as well as the pillows are simple, but because of the choice of color for the lights underneath, it has become an interesting piece of art.

11) Simple Lighted Pallet Bed

Image URL: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/ce/39/54/ce395436c654e00b6c9875b1b9a66249.jpg

One thing that will easily capture your attention is the fact that this bed is a very simple one, with a basic design. The pallets are attached together to form zero gap, and light is placed under the bed. The mattress also comes with a basic design, which means that these pallet beds can also be used for very basic purposes, with no elegant touches whatsoever.

Still, this does not mean that you cannot turn it into a masterpiece. What it usually needs is well-selected sets of sheets and pillowcases to complete the look.

12) White Light Pallet Bed

Image URL: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f4/3e/5a/f43e5a67b93f34d1fd9a74a42d6c5a18.jpg

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This pallet bed offers a striking contrast of the colors, thanks to the use of white lights placed under the white bed. White paint and white light do not go well together, some may say, but for this specific project, both the paint of the bed and its lights offer a good contrast to the selected color for the sheets and pillows. White light always offers an elegant glow, and it can also reflect your vibrant personality.

13) Low Pallet Bed

Image URL: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/f1/1d/21f11dea396e2b2ea6aa79c3420077e6.jpg

This pallet bed is not as high compared with others. As a matter of fact, the pallets are designed to offer a low height bed. Series lights are then entangled all over the lower part of the bed, making sure that they do not get in the way of the mattress and pillows. Compared to other designs, this DIY plan features lights that are hung over the panels of the pallets, and not beneath, or on the headboards.

14) White Lights on Dark Pallets

Image URL: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/da/15/7c/da157ca9719c069aa8b43da112e23d69.jpg

This nice pallet bed offers a striking contrast to light and dark – light colors decorated underneath a pallet bed painted with dark colors. This dark-hued pallet bed is actually a great addition to any room painted with light colors, whether neutral or white. Imagine the reflection of light that it can offer as it seeps through the dark colors of the beautifully crafted wooden pallets.


As you have seen in this list, there are different ways in which you can create a pallet bed with lights. You have the liberty to alter some of the designs, turning them into a project that will perfectly represent your personality, and satisfy your needs and preferences. Why not start creating your very own bed with lights now and share with us your masterpiece!

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