70 Pallet Fence DIY Plans

21) Pallet Fence and Wooden Planters

Pallet frames are very versatile. You can actually use the slots on the frames as sections where you can hang planters and pots. Take a look at this wide pallet frame fence where dozens of planters were placed!

By the time these plants are thicker and the flowers have bloomed, this will be a lovely vertical garden wall that everyone will admire. This is a very easy project that you can actually make in just hours. However, because this fence is too large, you need more pallets than other projects.


22) Pallet Fence From Repurposed Pallets

This cute red pallet gate has a very basic design. You see, pallets are very strong and can be used to construct a gate but over time, the pallets can sag and it would be very difficult to move the gates. The traditional diagonal frames here lets you control the pallets and keep the fence from moving and changing shape.

The builder also used large hinges to attach the fence to the posts so expect this to be very durable and perfect even for daily use. The fence was painted bright red, you can paint this one any color you wish or any shade of stain you want instead.


23) Pallet Garden Door

Can you imagine this pallet gate hanging in a nursery schoolyard? This gate is made of just several pieces of pallets and was made extra strong with its vertical braces and large hinges. The large wooden décor (color pencils) create a fun and bubbly atmosphere, however, these also provide support to prevent the large door from sagging and changing shape.

This is definitely a very easy project that you can build in just a few hours. Adding paint to pallets is a good idea and so does varnishing to keep wood protect from the sun and rain.


24) Garden Fence from Repurposed Pallets

This is a garden fence made from large pallets. The fence was erected to protect a very large property and to create an enclosure to protect a small garden. As you can see, a small door was installed up front to allow entry to the fenced area.

The fence is not too high though so anyone can just climb up in nevertheless, it lets people know that this area is private. Constructing large and strong posts are essential for this project.

And this is quite an easy project but can take time to build because of its large size.


25) Courtyard Gate Made from Bamboo and Pallets

This is a very small gate made of only a few pallets and is tucked away in a small garden. This gate is the entrance to a small courtyard where there are lovely trees and blooms. This is a cemented area where a few chairs and other patio furniture may be set.

You can see too that the pallet gate just cordoned the area but has not completely covered it. This is a project that’s so easy that you can make this in just a few minutes. It costs nothing as you can use recycled pallets and bamboo.


26) Repurposed Pallets into Fence

The fence in this property was used to protect the lovely plants in the garden. The fence serves as a decorative installation in a garden as well as it makes the area lovely as it is clean. The top of the pallets has a curved design. This can be achieved by cutting the pallets using a jigsaw. The pallets were repurposed so the builder did not actually spend anything to make this project.


27) Palisade Wall with Strawberries

This is a nice private area shielded by tightly-packed pallets. The wall at the back of the patio sofa and the fence are all made of pallets. The builder took extra effort to stain this using a dark stain which has made the area very warm and inviting.

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The pallets in the middle were even transformed into planters to grow strawberries. This pallet wall makes the area private, provides security and is tall enough to prevent any intruders to enter.    


28) Pallet Fence from Upcycled Wood

The small area we have here is a tiny rooftop garden. The pallets were constructed to provide some sort of privacy because as you can see, neighbors from adjacent apartment buildings can easily peep through.

This project is very easy to make and in fact, you don’t need to do much than install the pallets. The rooftop is going to be hot and at the same time wet come rainy seasons so it would be a good idea to protect your pallet fence by waterproofing it using a stain or paint.


29) Pallet Fence Design

Now, this pallet fence looks very well made because it is made of sections with a curved design. The pallets here were cut in a curved pattern using a circular saw or jigsaw. The posts are important for this kind of fence to make sure that the sections are holding up really well.

This design keeps the area clean and provides privacy but still, animals and even intruders can simply sneak up from below. You can make this better by building a fence that extends to the bottom and a higher fence as well.


30) Garden Pallet Fence

This garden pallet fence may be small but it makes a good decorative feature in your yard. This has a lovely green color with a curved top. This was made from a single piece of pallet frame which was cut and fitted with a stand. 

Decorative flowers and plants were planted in this section which made it a highlight in any garden. You can use this design to create your own pallet fence feature in your own yard as well. This is a very easy project and won’t cost you a lot of time and materials to build. 


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