75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

31) Multicolored Pallet Garden

If you have spare pallets then this is an easy project for you. This is a multicolored spectacle that will surely catch the attention of anyone who passes by. These were made from simple pallet frames which were painted different striking colors.

And these are more than just pallets on the wall; each one can hold a number of planters for different varieties of plants. You can hang flowering plants, herbs, and even vegetables. This is definitely a good idea if you don’t have much room for a full-sized regular garden on your property.

32) Pallet Herb Planter

This is a simple pallet frame planter that holds a large number of small plants. As you can see, nothing has been done to improve the pallet frame and was simply placed against the wall of a house or fence. The plants here are small, non-flowering but can become thick and greener by the minute.

Expect this planter to be loaded with greens in just a few weeks as long as the weather stays warm and nice. Something to consider when using a planter like this is the ability of plants to get enough water and sunshine. You can use a drip method to gradually water your plants. You can also strategically place plants with more water and sun requirements on top.

33) The Large Vertical Planter

This is an extra-large, the size of a small house, vertical planter. As you can see, it was made by connecting several frames of pallets   Each section has a particular species of plant and you can also see that everything is neat and clean. This is a nice vertical planter which you can construct in just a weekend. Despite its size, it is very easy to make.

Using this large vertical planter requires a few strategies. First, decide where to place this planter. This should be at least in the corner of a garden. Since this planter has three sections, you can place plants that are hungry for sunlight on the side that is exposed to the sun for a long period of time.

Keep plants that do not require too much sun in the shade. Place plants that crawl near a wall and flowering plants should be front and center.  

34) Pallet Garden Bed

Keeping your garden neat and tidy is a regular chore. You need to keep everything neat and in order especially when you have garden plants growing in beds. But there are a lot of problems with garden beds. These could collapse when it rains and ruin your plants easily.

Using a pallet garden bed lets you control soil erosion and keep your plants healthy with strong roots and stems. This is a very easy project and you don’t even have to cut or assemble anything. It will only take you minutes to build this as well.

35) Above Garden Pallet Bed

This is a garden pallet bed that has uses the slots of pallet frames as well as the top part of the pallet sections to hold all kinds of plants. This pallet bed is made of a few sections with ground-grown plants as well as potted plants. You can improve this garden structure by installing more pallet frames and by creating a vertical planter to hold planters and pots instead of placing these on top of the beds.

36) Flower Pallet Garden

Have you always wanted  to grow flowers in your garden? If so then why just settle with just one or two varieties when you can have a flower wall just like this. Would you believe that these were all grown on the same vertical planter wall?

These flowers get full sunlight, lots of fresh air and rain because they are grown in a vertical system. Different flower varieties have different blooming seasons but this planter can accommodate a lot of flower varieties to have a lovely flower wall all year round. This project is very easy to make. You can build one just by using pallet frames.

You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to have this one installed in your backyard or garden because pallets are mostly free. Have fun building your own flower wall with these plans.

37) The Pallet Garden Plan

Most people don’t have the luxury of a large garden or backyard but still manage to grow flowers and plants. One such way to do it is to use something like this pallet garden planter. This is a planter made from a large pallet frame. The many sections of the frame were used to hold all kinds of plants including flowering plants, herbs, and decorative plants.

This kind of planter is very easy to make and actually won’t cost you money at all. You can make this quick and because of its weight, you can take this anywhere. This is the best alternative to a full-scale garden and can be set up anywhere. Make sure though that if you plan to take this indoors, give it some sunshine by taking it out at least every other day.

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38) The Stair Stepped Pallet Garden

Some plants are so delicate that you need to keep a close watch at least during its early weeks. This can be done in a stepped pallet planter just like this one. This can be constructed and set in your garage or shed. It can hold a large number of seedlings and young plants that are still acclimating.

Plants get extra TLC during its early weeks by letting it stay in a pallet planter and when the time comes that it strong enough to transfer into a pot or directly to the soil, you can repot it from this planter as well. This planter is a very easy design and is very easy to make too.

39) The Lattice Pallet Garden

Do you have old lattice frames? You don’t need to throw these away because these can be used as a vertical pallet garden. The lattices can hold one plant each. With enough healthy soil, your plants can thrive well on this lattice wall. You can place a plant per section and after these have become larger and thicker, you will have a lovely latticed garden wall for everyone to see.


40) The Latch On Pallet Planter

This is called a latch on pallet planter because  planters and pots can just latch on the pallet sections. This planter is no different from other vertical planters however, the builder simply placed this against the wall. A good planter is attached to the wall to stabilize the plants.

It should have enough sections for your plants to latch on easily. You can use hooks or pegs to attach to pots, planters and other creative planters. Another improvement that should be considered is to make it larger, wider and taller for more plants to latch on. This simple design is very easy to make and depending on the size, won’t take too much of your time as well. 


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