Handcrafted Pallet Shelf

80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

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  2. 1) Love Shelves
  3. 2) Lovely Corner Shelf
  4. 3) Over the Toilet Storage Shelves
  5. 4) The Glam Shelf
  6. 5) Shelf Head Board
  7. 6) Decorative Wall Shelf
  8. 7) Bathroom Shelf Project
  9. 8) Towel Rack and Shelf Project
  10. 9) Bathroom Shelf Plans
  11. 10) Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Project
  12. 11) HOME Shelf
  13. 12) Corner Wood Shelf
  14. 13) A-Frame Planter Wood Shelf
  15. 14) Chic Pallet Shelf
  16. 15) Lovely Sea-Inspired Shelf
  17. 16) Crates and Pallet Wood Shelf
  18. 17) Bookshelf
  19. 18) Coat Hanger and Shelf
  20. 19) Wine Shelf
  21. 20) Cute Kitchen Shelf
  22. 21) Toscana Bookshelf
  23. 22) Lovely Wood Shelf Plan
  24. 23) Planter Shelves
  25. 24) Old Door Bookshelf
  26. 25) Decorative Shelf
  27. 26) Lighted Bookshelf
  28. 27) Tool Shelf
  29. 28) Lovely Wine Rack and Shelf
  30. 29) Clothes Cabinet Plans
  31. 30) White Shelf
  32. 31) Chic Twin Shelves
  33. 32) Creative Wood Shelves
  34. 33) Love Shelves
  35. 34) Claire’s Shelf
  36. 35) Simple Wood Shelf
  37. 36) Rustic Wood Shelf
  38. 37) Kid’s Bookshelf
  39. 38) Rustic Wine Rack
  40. 39) Vintage Looking Wine Rack
  41. 40) Spice Rack Made from Striped Pallet Wood
  42. 41) Kitchen Unit with Shelves and Holders
  43. 42) Decorative Shelf Rack
  44. 43) Floating Shelf
  45. 44) Floating Shelf
  46. 45) Lovely Shelf
  47. 46) Rustic Shelf
  48. 47) Rustic Shelf Design
  49. 48) Pallet Shelf and Towel Rack
  50. 49) Rustic Bathroom Mirror
  51. 50) Shelves and Rack Ideas
  52. 51) Rustic Coat Rack
  53. 52) Handmade Shelf
  54. 53) Rustic Bookshelf
  55. 54) Bookshelf Plans
  56. 55) Simple Shelf
  57. 56) Wall Shelf with Pendant Light
  58. 57) Rustic Large Shelf
  59. 58) Reclaimed Bathroom Shelf
  60. 59) Recycled Shelf
  61. 60) Hanging Shelf
  62. 61) Rustic Wall Hanging Shelf
  63. 62) Decorative Shelf with Lamp
  64. 63) Thenest Shelves
  65. 64) Floating Wall Shelf
  66. 65) Handcrafted Shelf
  67. 66) Wine Rack Plans
  68. 67) Hall Shelf Plans
  69. 68) Shelf Coat Rack
  70. 69) Rustic Shelves Plan
  71. 70) Garden Shelf
  72. 71) Ana White Cool A-Frame Outdoor Shelf
  73. 72) Home Shelf
  74. 73) Towel Keeper Bathroom Shelf
  75. 74) Kids’ Handy Shelf
  76. 75) Beautiful Bookcase
  77. 76) Shoe Rack/Shelf
  78. 77) Rustic Bookshelf
  79. 78) Versatile Garden Shelf
  80. 79) Repurposed Wood Shelf
  81. 80) Shelf for Storage
  82. Conclusion

Pallet wood is a very versatile building material that can be used to construct all kinds of furniture as well. This is because pallet wood is strong as it is beautiful. Builders and furniture makers love the natural appeal of pallet wood and its ability to carry a lot of weight.

The fact that pallet wood  is used to make pallet frames that hold various items during transport, you can count on pallet wood to  be a sturdy and efficient chair, table, desk, bed and most of all, it can be a strong shelf.

A pallet shelf is made from pallet wood and can be used to hold a variety of things. It can be used to hold books, decorations, plants, collectible items, photographs, kitchen supplies and more. Shelves are indispensable in every home and may also be used to divide a room, to decorate space or to personalize any space.

But working with pallet wood also has its limitations. Almost all pallet wood pieces are recycled, retrieved from dumpsters or collected from factories and businesses so the condition and strength of the pallets could already be questionable from the start. Therefore you need to be very careful in using recycled pallets as furniture especially when you want to construct a shelf.

Here are some of the best pallet shelf DIY plans on the web. Builders and designers behind these shelf plans are very creative and resourceful. You can use these plans as they are or as inspiration for your next woodworking project for your home or office.


Planning on making a pallet shelf for your bedroom, bathroom or living room? We have the top DIY plans to help you out. Check out these 80 plans and have fun making your own pallet shelf project at home.

1) Love Shelves

Have you always wanted to have a shelf for your indoor plants? Plants don’t just make any room livelier but they help reduce toxins and harmful air indoors. You can build this easy pallet shelf made of only one pallet frame. The frame was simply cut and coated with a dark stain which complements the light color of the wall.

There’s almost nothing left to do once the frame has been strained. The inner pallets create a ledge where the plants are placed. All you need to do is to fasten this on your wall and you are done.

And what do you have to do to improve this design? You can use two frames to make a larger shelf. You can also paint it according to the color you want to highlight the lovely greens you have on your shelf. This is definitely a project that you don’t have to be an expert to do. It can take you less than an hour to complete it.

Pallet Love Shelves


2) Lovely Corner Shelf

Turn a dreary old bathroom into a place of tranquility and style with this simple corner shelf made of pallets. This is a tall shelf made of two pallet sections. See how the two pallets were cleverly used as shelves using their back sections.

You can place a lot of things in just a small shelf. You can place towels, soaps, loofahs, tissue boxes, plants, scented candles and more. The designer did not really put a lot of effort into making this pallet shelf. After cutting the pallet section, there was no paint or stain added.

The shelf was not installed on the wall but was just left to stand on a corner of the bathroom. This is an effortless project that you can build in just about less than an hour.

Lovely Corner Pallet Shelf

3) Over the Toilet Storage Shelves

If you happen to have a small bathroom and the toilet area is too crowded for a shelf then you might consider this over the toilet storage pallet shelf. This is shelf made of just a few wood pallets but will hold a lot of things for you. The pallets here were simply cleaned, cut and installed to create three separate sections and this becomes a large shelf for a lot of items.

You can place different bathroom items like towels, soaps, and potions. You may also place photographs, candles and all kinds of décor on this spacious over the toilet storage. 

Over The Toilet Storage Pallet Shelves

4) The Glam Shelf

This is a mini accent shelf that you can use to accessorize a bare wall. This one is not really a full-sized shelf but more of a mini pedestal where a few decorations were placed. It was simply made of a few pieces of pallet wood, cut and assembled to make a small shelf.

This small shelf can be placed anywhere inside your home. It can accessorize a wall in your living room, dining area or your bedroom.  You can improve this pallet shelf design by adding more pallet wood to assemble a larger shelf and to paint this cute wall accent according to the color you wish.

The Glam Shelf Pallet Shelf Diy

5) Shelf Head Board

Brighten up your bedroom with a shelf that doubles as your headboard. This is a huge shelf that takes the entire width of the bed. The shelf here is large to accommodate all kinds of things like books, a lamp, a clock, photos, decorations and more.

By looking at the photo you may have thought that this project may be too difficult to do but actually, this is quite the opposite.

This pallet shelf project was made from several pieces of pallet wood which were assembled to create a large shelf at the back. Even the sides of the pallet shelf were used as storage for books and other small items. You can improve this design by varnishing this shelf or by painting it any color you want.

Pallet Shelf Head Board


6) Decorative Wall Shelf

This is a decorative wall shelf accent which has been made to look distressed. The shelf was made of only a few pieces of pallets. The shelves may be small but can actually hold a few precious items like this photo and a few knick-knacks.

The shelf was initially painted but was sanded and blotted to give it an aged appearance. This mini shelf may be placed anywhere in your home. From your living room to your bathroom, you can beautify any plain wall with this lively, chic and classy design.  

And if won’t take too long to build one too. You only need ales than an hour to complete this very simple project.

Diy Pallet Decorative Wall Shelf


7) Bathroom Shelf Project

When you just don’t have room to place all kinds of items in your bathroom, this cute and simple shelf may just be the one you need. This is a small yet spacious shelf that you can build in just a few minutes. It has three levels and plenty of room for all your bathroom needs.

This can store your bathroom towels, freshly-laundered clothes, soaps, shampoos, scented candles and more. It can also hold other items like flowers and another bathroom décor. You can make two or three of these with just a few pallet wood pieces.

You can also make a large shelf with five or more levels if you need a larger space to store more items.

Diy Bathroom Shelf Project

8) Towel Rack and Shelf Project

This project is proof that pallet wood is very versatile. The pallets were used to construct a towel rack and a small shelf enough to hold a few items. The pallet shelf was made from the end section of the pallet frame and a metal rod was simply attached to the bottom of the shelf to become a towel rack.

Two large and thick towels can fit this rack while the top section can hold a glass vase with flowers and a few toiletries.

This is a project that is so simple it’s easy to construct. You can also attach this to your bathroom wall easy. You can improve this rack by making the shelves larger and wider and the towel rack longer.

Pallet Towel Rack And Shelf Project

9) Bathroom Shelf Plans

This cool pallet shelf is tall and versatile. It can be used to hold several items no matter where it is put up. You can use this to hold bathroom items like towels, soaps, bottles of shampoo and more. You can use this to hold books, frames and small decorations if you want to place it in the living room or bedroom.

The pallet pieces used to make this shelf were simply cut, stained a light shade and then placed against the wall of the bathroom. If you thought that you don’t need this bathroom shelf then this lovely shelf may change your mind.

Bathroom Shelf Out Of Pallet Wood Plans

10) Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Project

You can use pallet wood on different projects but this has got to be one of the most versatile. Not only was pallet wood use to make a small shelf but it was also used to frame a small mirror.

Just a few pallets were used to construct this pallet shelf and mirror frame. The builder cleaned and applied a very light stain on this mirror cabinet which allowed it to shine and accent the wall at the back. The small shelf was simply a small rectangular box where you can place a few items you need for grooming.

You can place your shaving cream, razor, hairspray, brushes, and comb here. And if you want to hang a larger mirror on your wall, you can do this by constructing a larger shelf box and frame. Applying color can be done if you want to match the room wall color. 

Bathroom Mirror And Shelf Project
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