Pallet Wood Rib Lamp

126 Pallet DIY Project Ideas

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  1. 1) DIY Pallet Coffee Table
  2. 2) DIY Vintage Style Pallet Coffee Table
  3. 3) DIY 3 Pallets Sofa
  4. 4) Pallet Sofa with Capitone
  5. 5) DIY Pallet Wood Deck
  6. 6) DIY LED Pallet Wall
  7. 7) DIY Simple Pallet Table
  8. 8) DIY Pallet Wood Table
  9. 9) DIY Pallet TV Stand
  10. 10) Pallet Nightstands
  11. 11) DIY Planter Box from Pallets
  12. 12) Stylish Pallet Bench
  13. 13) Wooden Pallet Storage Trunk
  14. 14) Pallet Wood Cat Box
  15. 15) Antique Pallet Wood Coffee Table
  16. 16) Pallet Wood Wall
  17. 17) DIY Pallet Wood Bed
  18. 18) Portable Pallet Bench
  19. 19) Pallet Console Table
  20. 20) The Perfect Pallet Headboard
  21. 21) DIY Pallet Hall Tree
  22. 22) Off Grid Pallet Wood Cabin
  23. 23) DIY Pallet Cubby House
  24. 24) DIY Pallet Picket Fence and a Gate
  25. 25) DIY Pallet Planter
  26. 26) Pallet Indoor Outdoor Fort
  27. 27) Rustic Garden Pallet Wood Bed
  28. 28) Pallet Wood Wishing Well
  29. 29) DIY Pallet Armchair
  30. 30) Upgraded Pallet Armchair
  31. 31) Pallet Garden Bench
  32. 32) Pallet Moon Cradle
  33. 33) DIY Pallet Cat Cradle
  34. 34) Pallet Wood Munich Skyline
  35. 35) Pallet Domino Holder
  36. 36) Pallet Wood Blocks Clock
  37. 37) DIY Pallet Lamp
  38. 38) Pallet Wood Blocks Colored LED Lamp
  39. 39) Pallet TV Stand with Secret Compartment
  40. 40) Stylish Pallet Shelf
  41. 41) Pallet Wall Shelf
  42. 42) Pallet Wine Rack
  43. 43) Pallet Bathroom Shaving Shelf
  44. 44) Pallet Wood Tool Tray
  45. 45) Pallet Wood Coat Rack, Cubbyholes and Chalkboard
  46. 46) Rustic Pallet Wood Key Rack
  47. 47) Fun Pallet Wood Key Rack
  48. 48) Pallet Wood Coat Racks
  49. 49) Rustic Pallet Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rack
  50. 50) Pallet Wood Cabinet with Hidden Compartment, Lid, Drawers, and Doors
  51. 51) Monogram Pallet Wood Sign
  52. 52) DIY Pallet Wood Shutters with Matching Farmhouse Window
  53. 53) DIY Pallet Wood Monogram Tray
  54. 54) Pallet Wood Ceiling
  55. 55) Pallet Shade
  56. 56) Pallet Swinging Garden Lounger
  57. 57) Adorable Pallet Garden Deck
  58. 58) DIY Pallet Gardening Table
  59. 59) Pallet Room Divider
  60. 60) DIY Pallet Chair
  61. 61) DIY Pallet Flower Box
  62. 62) DIY Pallet Patio Sectional
  63. 63) Simple Outdoor Pallet Chair
  64. 64) Double Chair with Bench Table
  65. 65) Modern Wooden Pallet Lamp
  66. 66) Pallet Wooden Crate
  67. 67) DIY Wooden Box
  68. 68) Modern Pallet Stool
  69. 69) Pallet Table and Banquetos
  70. 70) DIY Pallet Planter Pots
  71. 71) DIY Pallet Swingers
  72. 72) DIY Pallet Wood Frame
  73. 73) DIY Modern Pallet Bed
  74. 74) The Cutest DIY Pallet Couch
  75. 75) Step-by-Step Pallet Sofa
  76. 76) Compact Pallet Sofa
  77. 77) DIY Pallet Lounge
  78. 78) DIY Pallet Workbench
  79. 79) Modular Pallet Workbench
  80. 80) Pallet Cabinet with a Door
  81. 81) Beautiful Handmade Box from Pallet Wood
  82. 82) Quick and Easy Pallet Wood Gift Box
  83. 83) Essential Oil Pallet Shelf
  84. 84) Pallet and Walnut Whisky Box
  85. 85) Pallet Wood Boat Shelf
  86. 86) Pallet End Tables
  87. 87) Patio Table from Pallet Wood
  88. 88) Drill Press Stand from Pallets
  89. 89) Pallet Wood Rib Lamp
  90. 90) Pallet Wood Tiny Pots
  91. 91) Wood Pallet Mountain Picture
  92. 92) Pallet Wood Mountain Art with LEDs
  93. 93) Pallet Wood Jar Wall Hangings
  94. 94) Mason Jar Pallet Wood Planter
  95. 95) DIY Pallet Vertical Garden
  96. 96) Vertical Herb Pallet Garden
  97. 97) Pallet Wood Candle Holder
  98. 98) Simple Homemade Pallet Shelf
  99. 99) Pallet Cat Scratching Post
  100. 100) Simple Pallet Light Lamp
  101. 101) Pallet Wood Shot Glasses
  102. 102) Pallet Cat House
  103. 103) Incredible Pallet Pen
  104. 104) Backsplash from Pallet Wood
  105. 105) Pallet Wood 3D Panel
  106. 106) Recycled Pallet Wood Wall Art
  107. 107) Hobbit Style Pallet Wood Cabinet
  108. 108) Pallet and Log Cat Tree
  109. 109) DIY Pallet Hexagon Wall Shelf
  110. 110) Pallet Swimming Pool
  111. 111) Pallet Magazine Rack
  112. 112) Geometrical Pallet Display Shelf
  113. 113) Pallet Crafty Signs with Quotes
  114. 114) Pallet Wall Hanging Bar
  115. 115) Pallet Bowling Alley
  116. 116) Pallet Ice Chest
  117. 117) Pallet Wood Birdhouse
  118. 118) Pallet Doghouse
  119. 119) Pallet Acrylic Home Décor
  120. 120) Pallet Wood Bluetooth Speaker
  121. 121) Pallet Wood Beer Paddles
  122. 122) Pallet Wood Star
  123. 123) Pallet Walkway
  124. 124) Unique Pallet Clock
  125. 125) Sign Post Made Out of Pallet Wood
  126. 126) Pallet Light Fixture

71) DIY Pallet Swingers

Diy Pallet Swingers

We can bet that those of you who have been hunting for unique pallet ideas are already familiar with the notorious pallet swingers.

Just like Corinne Leigh wittily points out at the very beginning of the video tutorial we are sharing below, the DIY pallet swinger is a Pinterest legend, and we can’t agree more.

But there is a solid reason for the fame which swingers made out of wooden pallets have gained, and that’s the simplicity of the build.

Thus, apart from the beautiful and practical design, anyone can enjoy the making process of a pallet swinger, with or without sufficient experience as a DIYer.

72) DIY Pallet Wood Frame

Diy Pallet Wood Frame

Living in the era of social medializing, pictures have made their way straight into our daily lives more than ever before.

However, the charm of framed photos and pictures is nothing less than a cult classic. For all the picture frame lovers out there, we are listing this beautiful DIY pallet wood frame idea.

We love this project because the video tutorial is easy-to-digest, and guides you through all the essential steps of the building process excellently.

But above all, we love the end result, as this DIY pallet wood frame appears to be made very exquisitely, and even complexly, while the truth is, the design is fairly easy and wonderful even for the novice DIYers.

Sprinkle the design of this pallet wood frame with some of your own imagination, and this can become a perfect gift for any occasion.

73) DIY Modern Pallet Bed

Diy Modern Pallet Bed

Keeping in mind the price range of a decent bed in the stores, it is sure no wonder why so many of us prefer to opt for a homemade pallet version.

And even though there are numerous options available, we fell in love with this DIY modern pallet bed, which will cost you as little as $100. It is made out of 8 EUR pallets.

We think this project is suitable for DIYers of all levels of experience. Nevertheless, we were impressed with the smart tips and easy-to-follow steps provided in the video tutorial we are sharing below.

With the careful and precise sanding of the pallets, this bed will turn into an extremely comfortable one.

74) The Cutest DIY Pallet Couch

The Cutest Diy Pallet Couch

We believe this DIY pallet couch does deserve to be called the cutest one, or at least it became one of the cutest pallet ideas we stumbled across.

We like this design for a several reasons, starting with the fact that the total cost of the build are approximately $70.

Next, we like that the video tutorial also features the making of the pillows for the couch.

We also find the assembling a very easy one, so we recommend that beginner DIYers don’t turn a back around to this particular project.

Just one tiny concern we have is that the fabric of the pillows will stretch over time, so using a staple gun to fix it is a much better option.

75) Step-by-Step Pallet Sofa

Step By Step Pallet Sofa

As we are riding the wave of DIY wooden pallets sofa ideas, we decided to share this wonderful option for a step-by-step pallet sofa, which also includes a manual.

It is made out of 10 pallets, which have been perfectly sanded and prepped for the assembly.

When it comes to the building costs, these will highly depend on whether you’ll opt for store-bought pallets or you will be able to lay your hands on reclaimed ones.

However, we don’t think this is the most suitable project for first-timers. Even though the design is fairly simplistic, it does require some previous experience working with wood in order to be able to recreate this yourself.

76) Compact Pallet Sofa

Compact Pallet Sofa

Just like the name suggests, we adore this compact pallet sofa for its practical design and dimensions, which can make a good fit to just about any outdoor garden.

Each step of the building process is shown very precisely.

Thus, even though there are no English subtitles to the video tutorial we are sharing below, we all agree that even beginner DIYers will be able to copy this design with no issues. Plus, the process of making the stylish pillows for this pallet sofa is also featured.

With that in mind, we highly recommend that you don’t skip on checking out pallet wood projects which are not listed in English. It is amazing how many ideas you can get by a simple video tutorial, so long live the era of Internet and open communications.

77) DIY Pallet Lounge

Diy Pallet Lounge

This DIY pallet lounge has quickly became one of our favorite DIY pallet projects, as we highly appreciate the ease of this build.

Nevertheless, this particular design can be customized to match your personal needs by adding less or more pallets.

The video tutorial is an explicit one, too, and you can see each step of the building process.

But on another note, we would not recommend this DIY pallet lounge plan to the beginners.

You may find it hard to grasp precisely the provided instructions since there are no English subtitles available; hence, this is a better option for those of you who already have experience with DIY wood working projects as in your case, the absence of guidelines in English won’t be a big issue.

78) DIY Pallet Workbench

Diy Pallet Workbench

As DIYers, we know that having a comfortable and reliable workbench is of utmost importance.

Keeping this in mind, we knew that our compilation of wood pallet ideas couldn’t possibly go without the inclusion of a wonderful DIY pallet workbench.

Personally, I love the fact that the accent of constructing this workbench is put on the durability of the end product.

Furthermore, I find it very helpful and practical that you can also store your instruments in the added compartments.

The tools you will need to accomplish this project include an electric chop saw (or a hand saw), cordless drills, screws, a clap, tape measure, pencils, electric sander (or sand paper), and some glue.

We’d rate this particular build as a suitable one for those who have some prior woodworking experience, though.

79) Modular Pallet Workbench

Modular Pallet Workbench

If your workshop space is limited, a modular workbench can be an excellent option for your needs.

That’s why we decided to include this modular pallet workbench as part of our list of DIY pallet ideas.

We find it relatively easy to build. Furthermore, we think the very idea behind the design of this particular workbench deserves admirations.

It is crafty, simple but also durable; combined with the compact dimensions and the modularity of this project, we think many DIYers will want to have one of these handy.

After all, being a woodworking aficionado inevitably faces you with the need to organize your space and tools, so this is a very clever alternative.

80) Pallet Cabinet with a Door

Pallet Cabinet With A Door

A cabinet is one of those tiny but extremely smart furniture ideas which can save you space and put order in your life as a DIYer.

Nevertheless, cabinets are very versatile.

The tools used for this particular build are a chop saw (but a hand saw can also work fine), cordless screw drivers, screws, tape measure, glue, set square, and drill bits.

We also like that this pallet cabinet with a door can be customized into the dimensions which will work best for you. This is a simple and easy DIY project which is suitable for the novice DIYers, too.

Personally, I adopted this model into a tiny version which can easily fit in the palm of one’s hand. Then I added an old chain and hang my mini cabinets in my garden during a dinner party. It turned out fantastic.