Handcrafted Pallet Shelf

80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

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  1. List
  2. 1) Love Shelves
  3. 2) Lovely Corner Shelf
  4. 3) Over the Toilet Storage Shelves
  5. 4) The Glam Shelf
  6. 5) Shelf Head Board
  7. 6) Decorative Wall Shelf
  8. 7) Bathroom Shelf Project
  9. 8) Towel Rack and Shelf Project
  10. 9) Bathroom Shelf Plans
  11. 10) Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Project
  12. 11) HOME Shelf
  13. 12) Corner Wood Shelf
  14. 13) A-Frame Planter Wood Shelf
  15. 14) Chic Pallet Shelf
  16. 15) Lovely Sea-Inspired Shelf
  17. 16) Crates and Pallet Wood Shelf
  18. 17) Bookshelf
  19. 18) Coat Hanger and Shelf
  20. 19) Wine Shelf
  21. 20) Cute Kitchen Shelf
  22. 21) Toscana Bookshelf
  23. 22) Lovely Wood Shelf Plan
  24. 23) Planter Shelves
  25. 24) Old Door Bookshelf
  26. 25) Decorative Shelf
  27. 26) Lighted Bookshelf
  28. 27) Tool Shelf
  29. 28) Lovely Wine Rack and Shelf
  30. 29) Clothes Cabinet Plans
  31. 30) White Shelf
  32. 31) Chic Twin Shelves
  33. 32) Creative Wood Shelves
  34. 33) Love Shelves
  35. 34) Claire’s Shelf
  36. 35) Simple Wood Shelf
  37. 36) Rustic Wood Shelf
  38. 37) Kid’s Bookshelf
  39. 38) Rustic Wine Rack
  40. 39) Vintage Looking Wine Rack
  41. 40) Spice Rack Made from Striped Pallet Wood
  42. 41) Kitchen Unit with Shelves and Holders
  43. 42) Decorative Shelf Rack
  44. 43) Floating Shelf
  45. 44) Floating Shelf
  46. 45) Lovely Shelf
  47. 46) Rustic Shelf
  48. 47) Rustic Shelf Design
  49. 48) Pallet Shelf and Towel Rack
  50. 49) Rustic Bathroom Mirror
  51. 50) Shelves and Rack Ideas
  52. 51) Rustic Coat Rack
  53. 52) Handmade Shelf
  54. 53) Rustic Bookshelf
  55. 54) Bookshelf Plans
  56. 55) Simple Shelf
  57. 56) Wall Shelf with Pendant Light
  58. 57) Rustic Large Shelf
  59. 58) Reclaimed Bathroom Shelf
  60. 59) Recycled Shelf
  61. 60) Hanging Shelf
  62. 61) Rustic Wall Hanging Shelf
  63. 62) Decorative Shelf with Lamp
  64. 63) Thenest Shelves
  65. 64) Floating Wall Shelf
  66. 65) Handcrafted Shelf
  67. 66) Wine Rack Plans
  68. 67) Hall Shelf Plans
  69. 68) Shelf Coat Rack
  70. 69) Rustic Shelves Plan
  71. 70) Garden Shelf
  72. 71) Ana White Cool A-Frame Outdoor Shelf
  73. 72) Home Shelf
  74. 73) Towel Keeper Bathroom Shelf
  75. 74) Kids’ Handy Shelf
  76. 75) Beautiful Bookcase
  77. 76) Shoe Rack/Shelf
  78. 77) Rustic Bookshelf
  79. 78) Versatile Garden Shelf
  80. 79) Repurposed Wood Shelf
  81. 80) Shelf for Storage
  82. Conclusion

31) Chic Twin Shelves

Why build one shelf when you can make two? This is a plan to make two pallet shelves but these shelves are not at all alike. Each shelf has different spaces and ledges where different items can be placed.

A few good tips to display  two close to identical shelves; you can place these side by side to hold different items or complementing items, you can these on opposite walls or you can place each on either side of a large furniture piece like a sofa or side table.

You can actually build this pallet shelf in just a few hours tops as long as you have all the materials you need handy.

Chic Twin Pallet Shelves

32) Creative Wood Shelves

There’s no such thing as a lot of photographs when you have a huge family. Most of the time, these photos and picture frames end up cluttering your mantle, on top of your cabinets, bookshelves and everywhere there is space. These end up eating more space until there’s nothing left but photographs.

Now with this pallet wood shelf, you can place all kinds of trinkets, photos and picture frames in one neat and convenient section of your room. Remove all the clutter and simply dedicate one section, one wall for all your displays.

This is made from only a few pieces of pallet wood which were assembled to create an easy display space. And this project won’t eat your time at all because you can build this in just a few hours. 

Creative Pallet Wood Shelves

33) Love Shelves

This pallet wood frame lovingly spells the word LOVE. An easy but inspiring pallet shelf that you can gift someone that truly means to you like your family or your friends. 

This shelf is not just a decoration but it can hold small items as well. It can be used to hold picture frames, small   knick-knacks and another small décor that means so much to you.

This pallet shelf plan will show you how this is made and how you can build this possibly in less than an hour if you have complete materials at hand.

Love Pallet Shelves


34) Claire’s Shelf

There’s one way to describe this pallet shelf: it’s a perfect mess. But don’t think of this in a negative way but rather in a positive way. It looks like a mess but it’s perfect for anyone who has a lot of stuff to keep.

Just see how the builder was able to construct this lovely shelf. It was used to keep all kinds of stuff including books, knick-knacks, various accessories and so on. This pallet shelf was made to have several sections, each section has a specific thing to store.

Now making this kind of pallet shelf is not just about following a design plan. You need to possess artistic capabilities to conceptualize this kind of pallet shelf. And nonetheless, you can build this shelf from scratch. Just make sure you have enough pallet wood though because you will really need it.

Claire’s Pallet Shelf


35) Simple Wood Shelf

This has to be one of the simplest pallet wood shelves you have seen in our list. This is simply a three-tier open shelf that can be used to store a variety of things. It can be used to keep books, toys or stuffed animals and dolls if you were to place it in a kid’s room.

This can also hold linens, shoes, clothes and other accessories in your bedroom. And if you were to keep it in the bathroom then this can store items like bathrobes, towels, soaps, scented candles and more.

Now, this is a very easy pallet shelf that you don’t need to spend a day on making. You just need to have complete materials and tools to start your work immediately.

Simple Pallet Wood Shelf


36) Rustic Wood Shelf

Have you ever felt there’s no more room to store all the things you need? You don’t have to feel powerless when it comes to storing your stuff. There’s a place for everything when you got these rustic pallet wood shelves.

These may look like simple shelves but these can do more.  These can be used to hold kitchen items, utensils, food items, spices and more. This may also be used in the bathroom to hold soaps, toothbrushes, combs, bottles of shampoos and more.

This versatile shelf is very easy to make and only needs a few materials as well. This type of shelf is easy, simple, cheap and versatile making this the perfect first woodworking project for novice workers.

Rustic Pallet Wood Shelf


37) Kid’s Bookshelf

If you have kids in the house then you know what it’s like to clean and pick up after them. But as  your child gets older, you can teach him a very important trick and that is to clean up after them. And one way to keep cleanup time fun is to use a pallet shelf to keep his things.

This kind of pallet shelf was made from dark-stained pallet wood which was made to hold a large number of books. It has a top level and a lower level which accommodate several pieces of books and other reading materials.

And although this could be something that a school would have, you can use this at home, at the office or at the library. This is easy to make, simple and very versatile pallet shelf.

Kid’s Bookshelf Made Of Pallet Wood

38) Rustic Wine Rack

One way to conveniently store wine is to use a simple wine rack. Wine racks can be made of any material but if you want to DIY one, the best material of choice would be a pallet wood. This is a plan to make a rustic wine rack which will be able to accommodate eight or more wine bottles.

It can be hung on your kitchen, dining room or living room wall, where you usually entertain guests. You can also use this as a spice rack or kitchen shelf.

This particular wine rack was stained a dark colored stain to make it look like a rustic piece. Staining is one way to do this and so will varnish and distressing wood.

Rustic Wine Rack

39) Vintage Looking Wine Rack

As the name suggests this wine rack is just vintage-looking. It was simply stained to look like it was antique. This wine rack can take as many as 8 wine bottles and can be installed on any wall of your house. This particular wine rack was stained using a dark-colored stain to make it look like it was a vintage wine shelf.

And you don’t really have to stain or varnish. You can build this wine rack and paint it any color you wish. It’s a bet that if you start now, you will have a wine rack that will be the envy of your friends tonight.

Vintage Looking Wine Rack

40) Spice Rack Made from Striped Pallet Wood

Do you often misplace things in your kitchen? This is one thing to make things organized. This is a spice rack made from pallet wood. It places your spice bottles neatly in one section of your kitchen. With this rack, you won’t mistake ground pepper from annatto powder anymore!

This spice shelf is made from only a few pallets. This can be assembled in just a few minutes if y you have complete materials with you. You can also improve this design by making it wider and bigger if you have more spice bottles to keep. You can also  paint or varnish this according to your kitchen color or design.

Spice Rack Made From Striped Pallet Wood
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