Handcrafted Pallet Shelf

80 Pallet Shelf DIY Plans

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  1. List
  2. 1) Love Shelves
  3. 2) Lovely Corner Shelf
  4. 3) Over the Toilet Storage Shelves
  5. 4) The Glam Shelf
  6. 5) Shelf Head Board
  7. 6) Decorative Wall Shelf
  8. 7) Bathroom Shelf Project
  9. 8) Towel Rack and Shelf Project
  10. 9) Bathroom Shelf Plans
  11. 10) Bathroom Mirror and Shelf Project
  12. 11) HOME Shelf
  13. 12) Corner Wood Shelf
  14. 13) A-Frame Planter Wood Shelf
  15. 14) Chic Pallet Shelf
  16. 15) Lovely Sea-Inspired Shelf
  17. 16) Crates and Pallet Wood Shelf
  18. 17) Bookshelf
  19. 18) Coat Hanger and Shelf
  20. 19) Wine Shelf
  21. 20) Cute Kitchen Shelf
  22. 21) Toscana Bookshelf
  23. 22) Lovely Wood Shelf Plan
  24. 23) Planter Shelves
  25. 24) Old Door Bookshelf
  26. 25) Decorative Shelf
  27. 26) Lighted Bookshelf
  28. 27) Tool Shelf
  29. 28) Lovely Wine Rack and Shelf
  30. 29) Clothes Cabinet Plans
  31. 30) White Shelf
  32. 31) Chic Twin Shelves
  33. 32) Creative Wood Shelves
  34. 33) Love Shelves
  35. 34) Claire’s Shelf
  36. 35) Simple Wood Shelf
  37. 36) Rustic Wood Shelf
  38. 37) Kid’s Bookshelf
  39. 38) Rustic Wine Rack
  40. 39) Vintage Looking Wine Rack
  41. 40) Spice Rack Made from Striped Pallet Wood
  42. 41) Kitchen Unit with Shelves and Holders
  43. 42) Decorative Shelf Rack
  44. 43) Floating Shelf
  45. 44) Floating Shelf
  46. 45) Lovely Shelf
  47. 46) Rustic Shelf
  48. 47) Rustic Shelf Design
  49. 48) Pallet Shelf and Towel Rack
  50. 49) Rustic Bathroom Mirror
  51. 50) Shelves and Rack Ideas
  52. 51) Rustic Coat Rack
  53. 52) Handmade Shelf
  54. 53) Rustic Bookshelf
  55. 54) Bookshelf Plans
  56. 55) Simple Shelf
  57. 56) Wall Shelf with Pendant Light
  58. 57) Rustic Large Shelf
  59. 58) Reclaimed Bathroom Shelf
  60. 59) Recycled Shelf
  61. 60) Hanging Shelf
  62. 61) Rustic Wall Hanging Shelf
  63. 62) Decorative Shelf with Lamp
  64. 63) Thenest Shelves
  65. 64) Floating Wall Shelf
  66. 65) Handcrafted Shelf
  67. 66) Wine Rack Plans
  68. 67) Hall Shelf Plans
  69. 68) Shelf Coat Rack
  70. 69) Rustic Shelves Plan
  71. 70) Garden Shelf
  72. 71) Ana White Cool A-Frame Outdoor Shelf
  73. 72) Home Shelf
  74. 73) Towel Keeper Bathroom Shelf
  75. 74) Kids’ Handy Shelf
  76. 75) Beautiful Bookcase
  77. 76) Shoe Rack/Shelf
  78. 77) Rustic Bookshelf
  79. 78) Versatile Garden Shelf
  80. 79) Repurposed Wood Shelf
  81. 80) Shelf for Storage
  82. Conclusion

71) Ana White Cool A-Frame Outdoor Shelf

This is a small A-frame shelf that is meant to be used outdoors. It has a simple design and yet it offers a lot of space from the top to the bottom section. You can use this as an outdoor shelf to hold flowering plants, cactuses, and bonsai plants. You can also use this indoor as a makeshift bookshelf or as a pantry shelf.

Ana White Cool A Frame Outdoor Pallet Shelf


72) Home Shelf

This cute homely shelf is made of several pallets arranged in an irregular pattern. The shelf may be small but has a lot of space to accommodate small items like vases, photographs, candles and more. Turn a bare, boring wall into a lively one by adding this HOME shelf. This project will take you only a few minutes to complete.

Home Pallet Shelf


73) Towel Keeper Bathroom Shelf

This bathroom pallet shelf is a neat way to hold different items like towels, soaps, bottles of shampoo, perfume, toilet paper and more. This is made of just a few pieces of pallets which were stained a very dark color.

This is a very simple shelf and has lots of possibilities too. You can make the back larger to accommodate larger and wider shelves to hold more stuff.

Towel Keeper Bathroom Pallet Shelf


74) Kids’ Handy Shelf

What a handy shelf to have around especially in a kid’s room. This can be used to keep just about anything. You can use this to hold toys, books, stuffed toys and other things that kids love to keep in their room.

This was made from only a few pieces of pallet wood which was cleaned and stained lightly. This shelf can be used in the living room, kitchen or dining area as well because it has a lot of storage room to offer.

Kids’ Handy Pallet Shelf


75) Beautiful Bookcase

This is a large bookcase made from several pieces of pallet wood. It has three shelves and an extra section on top to hold a lot of books, toys and other items you need to store. If you need a large shelf then this is the one you need.

It may look large and has a lot of pallets but it actually has an easy design that even a novice woodworker can follow.

Beautiful Pallet Bookcase


76) Shoe Rack/Shelf

This small shoe rack can accommodate about six pairs of shoes and be made of very simple, recycled materials. You can use a shoe rack like this near your entryway or your patio. You can also build a taller and bigger one to hold more shoes and other footwear to store in your bedroom. The builder did not do anything much to this shelf but you can stain yours or paint it according to the color you want.

Shoe Rack Shelf


77) Rustic Bookshelf

This is a pallet shelf made from pallet wood with three sections to give you a lot of extra storage in your bathroom. This fits the top of your toilet to the T with a few baskets on the first level and towels on the second level.

Since this rustic shelf merely stands against the wall, you can upgrade this making it a standalone shelf instead. And aside from using it as a bathroom shelf, you can also make one to use in the kitchen, dining area or as a simple shelf to hold books and other home accessories in your living room.

Rustic Bookshelf



78) Versatile Garden Shelf

This garden shelf can really hold a lot of stuff despite its small and compact design. It can hold large objects like a pair of boots, a hose, a watering can and more. This is a versatile pallet wood shelf that you can also use as a utility shelf, a pantry shelf or a wine rack.

It’s so easy to make and has been stained a slightly dark shade. Otherwise, you can paint this according to the color you want to complement your home décor.

Versatile Garden Pallet Shelf


79) Repurposed Wood Shelf

Looks like something out of a western movie right? This pallet shelf is large with a lot of room to spare for various accessories, books, photographs, and accessories. This can be used as a coat rack because of its hooks that can hold coats, hats, and shawls.

The drawers can hold mail, bills and other things you want to keep safe. This is a repurposed shelf that has been painted a dark stain to retain its lovely shape and color. And when it comes to using repurposed furniture, make sure to check for the stability of the shelf before you use it.

Repurposed Pallet Wood Shelf


80) Shelf for Storage

This vintage pallet shelf was made to hold these vintage items as well. It can hold only a few items but it can hold these very well. The shelf is small, made from only a few pieces of pallets. The pallets were stained a dark shade but not too dark to hide the natural beauty of pallet wood (you can still see the lovely swirls on the surface of the pallets at the back of the shelf).

And of course, this is a very easy project which can be built in just a few hours if you have complete materials and tools.

Pallet Shelf For Storage



Pallet shelves are versatile. These can be used in the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bedroom or living area. Because pallets have a beautiful natural surface, these can be stained lightly or in a dark way, whichever brings out the natural appearance of pallet wood.

Most pallet wood shelf DIY plans here are very easy to follow and won’t require woodworking expertise at all. Check out each plan until you find the right one that’s right for your needs. 

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