Here Are 35 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Whiskey and Wine Barrels

You know what’s the best thing about a wine barrel? It is not only used to store wine. Aside from giving us the best tasting vino, you will be amazed by how many creative things you could use with this circular piece of wooden container. If you are into rustic and vintage-looking decorative pieces and furniture, then you will surely find this your haven. Though the list could have been longer, here are 35 ways you can repurpose your whiskey and wine barrels. The more creative, the better as there is no limit but your imagination.

1) Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Perhaps the most basic and expected use of wine barrel, but unique in design and execution. Get the feel of this treasure chest design coffee table made of the wine barrel for some new and distinct element in your living room.

2) Wedding Décor

Planning your outdoor rustic dream wedding? This wine barrel could make the perfect decorative piece that will fit your wedding theme. Make that fairy tale happen and check different and beautiful wedding design ideas here.

3) Wine Barrel Seats

This wine barrel seats are perfect for your backyard or garden or even in indoors. Its unique shape is its standout feature. You can stain it to keep its old wooden design or jazz it up with some splash of color or add some accessories.

4) Wine Barrel Dog Bed

Your pet dog could be dancing in dreamland as it sleeps soundly and peacefully in its ultra-chic and comfortable wine barrel bed. Don’t worry; he will thank you later.

5) Classic Barrel Planter

With all the colorful flowers blooming, this planter from old barrels of wine is a perfect piece of ornament to your house. Make a garden and a beautiful flower arrangement with it, the same as what Marie Antoinette would want in her garden.

6) Wine Barrel Table with Built-In Wine Bucket

Your friends would surely love to hang out in this table and spend their sober hours admiring the artistic and multi-purpose idea you have of turning an old wine barrel into this bucket of booze.

7) Whiskey Barrel Sink

It has a perfect size and perfect shape. This portable and movable sink can be placed conveniently around the house. Perfect to put on the patio or the backyard during barbecue party with friends and family.

8) Light Up Whiskey Barrel

Fancy and cold, you can make your unused wine barrel into this light up front porch decoration piece easily following this tutorial. Best part, you can customize and make your designs to make the design personal.

9) Wooden Barrel Bathroom Storage Shelves

Cut four equal pieces, or maybe more and hang it in your bathroom area like tic tac toe for a creative interior and useful storage shelves. You can stain and paint it too to match the room’s design aesthetic too.

10) Handmade Baby Cradle

Make your baby feel like sleeping inside a ship (or at least, looks like) at it glides and moves smoothly. The rustic wooden look makes me think of the Pirate of the Caribbean or Captain Hook, to be honest. But your baby is Tinker Bell.

11) Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Brave the cold and turn a wine barrel into an artistic fire pit. It can make a cool ornament as well while chilling and getting warm in your patio or porch.

12) Wine Barrel Sink

Get the feeling of being in a lavish beach resort with this wine barrel sink. For some reason, the wooden décor has some Zen feel to it that makes you want to relax and chill in your bathroom.

13) Wine Barrel Drum Set

For the musically inclined, you’ be happy to know you also have a place of interest here. Would you believe, you can make drums, (that actually works) with these wine barrels?

14) Wine Barrel Swing

Relax, get cozy, feel the air and let this wine barrel transport you to wonderland or to where you want to be at the moment- at least in your dreams.

15) Wine Barrel Wine Rack

Nothing can be more fitting than turning a wine barrel into a portable and stylish wine rack. We dig it. And we love how unpredictable it is, pun intended.

16) Wine Barrel Cabinet

Want to know how to convert an old barrel into this useful hidden cabinet of goodies? Check the steps here. And you could place it anywhere, and pretend nobody will know the secret passage that will lead to your treasures. Not even yelling open sesame will have them open it.

17) Wine Barrel Cooler

Stack plenty of ice, and you can make a huge wine and beverage cooler with your wine barrel. It is great to have for picnics or any outdoor recreations.

18) Wine Barrel Outdoor Table

Hold an outdoor party or reception using the wine barrels as your very chic and unique table pieces. It is a perfect match to the country and farm-like atmosphere of the outdoors and the alfresco.

19) Water Fountain

This water fountain made of barrels designed artistically can be a beautiful element in your garden and patio. With the sound of flowing water, fresh air and random sounds of the birds, it is a perfect atmosphere for meditation, relaxation and yes, yoga.

20) Wine Barrel Nightstand

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This nightstand is everything! We are obsessed with the vintage clock-design top surface and that very cool printed Blackstone name. It is even wide enough to carry a lot of stuff. And I mean a lot, as it is huge enough for a vino or videos (yeah, make that plural) to cap the night.

21) Whiskey Barrel Cooker

Wine barrel for a barbecue cooker. Why not? With wine and barbecue being practically good together, this makes sense. And we love the addition of the wheels. It’s smart and makes it convenient.

22) Wine Barrel Water Pump

This wine barrel small water pump is intended for kids to play while the older ones work in the garden. It is a good idea to keep them entertained and have a little splash of fun.

23) Whiskey Barrel BBQ Smoker

We obviously love some good smoking barbecue on our wine barrel, that we seem to can’t get enough of it. It’s a more subtle and simpler design, but as functional and unique.

24) Wine Barrel Rustic Bench

We wouldn’t mind you sitting with us in this very rustic and primitive wine barrel bench. It makes a beautiful decoration to the outside porch or garden as well by adding some flower pots, like the sample here.

25) Wine Barrel Side Table

Your patio can never be chicer and yes, cute with these twin side tables made from half wine barrel. By adding a treasure chest as your center table piece gives it the vintage romantic vibe.

26) Kitchen Stand

The construction and design concept of a kitchen stand barrel is so on point. We just found our new favorite nook in the house, not that it is not our favorite place yet. It just gives us the more reason to love it.

27) Wine Barrel Mirrors

Cut a portion and transform it into a vanity mirror. Who knows maybe, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, it will talk back and say you are the fairest of them all.

28) Chandelier

This could have possibly inspired Sia into writing her song Chandelier. I mean, this gorgeous piece hanging in your ceiling could make you sing and shout to your lungs.

29) Wine Barrel Shower Basin

Give yourself the whole Game of Thrones vibe as you take a bath on this wooden and vintage basin. Fancy can be overrated. You know that stories about women in the old times bathing in oil, this is totally what I would picture it.

30) Dartboard Frame

Jazz up that favorite hobby of yours and make it fresh and unique by adding this wine barrel frame. Remove your dart board, and it will still look a nice decorative piece on your wall.

31) Wine Barrel Ottoman

Make a functional ottoman with a wine barrel and use it a table, chair, foot rest or decoration in your home. You can even style and color it to match your design pallet.

32) Wine Barrel Hanging Light

You can place this on your kitchen counters or the bar top, this hanging light from pieces of a wine barrel gives your house the rustic design and atmosphere goals.

33) Wine Barrel Bath Tub

Feel like a goddess and soak your way into this huge wine barrel bath tub. Invite your friends and make it an instant bathtub party. You think the goddesses were allowed to share a bath and have a party too?

34) Whiskey Barrels Train Garden Planter

This very luxurious and over the top wine barrel planter must have taken a lot of time, not to mention barrels to complete. Someone must be really into unique gardening design.

35) Wine Barrel Dog Feeder

Your pet may not appreciate how stylish and unique his dog feeder look is, but your friends will think so. And the embedded name is a cute personalized touch too.

Did you enjoy the list? Who would have thought you could still use an old wine barrel and turn it into these awesome and artistic pieces? Your creativity is only the limit. I hope you were able to list several ideas to keep yourself busy for the next days. You can get as creative and artistic as you can and make your version of it.

What was your favorite and on top of your possible “to-do” list? The nightstand has spoken to me and is my favorite. I don’t mind taking the wine rack and the coffee table too. How about you? Tell us in the comment section below. And hope you can share if you approve of this article.