South City Chicken Coop

79 Chicken Tractor DIY Plans

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  1. 1) Surprising Woman’s Chicken Tractor Plan
  2. 2) Chicken Tractor Coop Design from Scrap Lumber
  3. 3) Master Chicken Tractor Coop
  4. 4) Moveable Poultry Pen
  5. 5) From Scrap to Chicken Tractor
  6. 6) Fancy Chicken Tractor With Wheels
  7. 7) Cheerful Mobile Chicken Coop
  8. 8) Garden House Coop Plan
  9. 9) A-Frame Coop Style
  10. 10) PVC Chicken Tractor Coop
  11. 11) Easy DIY Chicken Coop
  12. 12) Kevin’s Chicken Tractor
  13. 13) The Kerr Center Chicken Tractor
  14. 14) Robb’s Backyard Chicken Coop
  15. 15) The Feathery Factory Chicken Coop
  16. 16) Downeast Thunder Farm Chicken Coop
  17. 17) A Frame Chicken Coop
  18. 18) DIY Small Backyard Chicken Coop
  19. 19) M101 Chicken Coop
  20. 20) The Poop Coop
  21. 21) Urban Chicken Coop
  22. 22) Natalie’s Chicken Coop Design
  23. 23) The Palace Chicken Coop
  24. 24) South City Chicken Coop
  25. 25) Barn Geek Chicken Coop Plans
  26. 26) Trictle’s Chicken Coop
  27. 27) Chicken Coop Plan
  28. 28) My Six Chicks’ Chicken Coop
  29. 29) Pallet Palace Chicken Coop Design
  30. 30) Easy Chicken Coop Design
  31. 31) Free Pallet Chicken Coop
  32. 32) Wire Spools Chicken Coop
  33. 33) Home Depot Chicken Coop Plans
  34. 34) Farmer Kitty’s Coop
  35. 35) Shed Chicken Coop
  36. 36) The Hoop Coop Design
  37. 37) DIY Chicken Coop
  38. 38) Large Chicken Coop Design
  39. 39) Very Simple Chicken Coop
  40. 40) Mammy’s 1895 Chicken House
  41. 41) Sunrise Chicks Chicken Coop
  42. 42) Free and Easy Chicken Coop
  43. 43) The Self-Sustaining Chicken Coop
  44. 44) The Stoop Coop
  45. 45) Picturesque Chicken Coop
  46. 46) Garden Shed Chicken Coop Plans
  47. 47) The Crib Coop
  48. 48) The Trampoline Chicken Coop
  49. 49) Small DIY Chicken Coop
  50. 50) Ana White Chicken Coop
  51. 51) The Pallet Coop
  52. 52) Medium to Large Chicken Coop
  53. 53) The Tongue and Groove Coop
  54. 54) From Playhouse to Hen House
  55. 55) The Rustic/Whimsical Coop
  56. 56) Easy A-Frame Design Chicken Tractor Plan
  57. 57) Sadie Lane Chicken Tractor Design
  58. 58) Barn Tractor
  59. 59) Easy A-Frame Design Chicken Tractor Design
  60. 60) The Coco Chanel Chicken House
  61. 61) Bantam House Chicken Tractor Design
  62. 62) Hen Hideout Chicken Coop Design
  63. 63) Very Cheap and Efficient Chicken Coop Design
  64. 64) DIY Chicken Tractor
  65. 65) 4 x 10 Chicken Tractor Design
  66. 66) Large Hoop Chicken Tractor Design
  67. 67) The Lazy B Farm Chicken Tractor Design
  68. 68) Upcycled Chicken Tractor Plan
  69. 69) Pallet Chicken Tractor Design
  70. 70) Geodesic Chicken Tractor Plan
  71. 71) Shed Style Chicken Tractor Plan
  72. 72) Traditional Chicken Tractor Plans
  73. 73) Old Style Hen House Chicken Tractor
  74. 74) Joel Salatin Chicken Tractor Plan
  75. 75) The Easy to Move Chicken Tractor Plan
  76. 76) Chicken Tractor Plan with Bottom Run
  77. 77) Simple DIY Chicken Tractor Design
  78. 78) PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor Plans
  79. 79) Reclaimed Tractor Chicken Coop Design
  80. Conclusion

71) Shed Style Chicken Tractor Plan

This is a chicken tractor plan that can be moved anywhere, see its large and strong wheels? This has a large area for at least four chickens to stay in. There is a place where chickens can stay and roost, nests are found at the side of the coop. A flap can be opened to get the eggs from the nests; there is no need to enter the coop to access the nest.

This chicken coop has corrugated aluminum roofing to protect your chickens from the rain and extreme sun. But if worst comes to worst, you can transfer the coop to another area in your yard to keep your chickens safe.

You may add a chicken pen or surround this hen house with wire mesh and a wooden fence to further protect your chickens from predators like rats and cats. This is a very easy project and may be done in just a weekend.

Shed Style Chicken Tractor Plan

72) Traditional Chicken Tractor Plans

This chicken coop has a simple design made from wood and chicken mesh wire. This has a basic design with an outdoor or open area where the chickens can eat and socialize. The hen house has been installed at the upper part of the coop. The chickens can climb up a wide ladder to enter the hen house where they can rest, roost and lay eggs.

This is a small tractor coop that can accommodate two to three chickens at a time. This has wheels to let you move it easy and quickly anywhere in your backyard.

This chicken tractor coop can be upgraded into a larger, higher and wider chicken coop that will let you take care of more chickens.

Traditional Chicken Tractor Plans

73) Old Style Hen House Chicken Tractor

Old Style Hen House Chicken Tractor

This chicken tractor is huge and is made from wooden pallets and mesh wire. The hen house at the back can house more chickens and has adequate ventilation from the large openings at the top.

This is made from lightweight materials and therefore you can take this structure anywhere you want in your yard. A door opens at the front of the pen to let the chickens out or to access your chickens’ feeding stations and water containers.

But despite looking like a seamless chicken coop, this design may be improved. You can make this larger and higher to accommodate more chickens. You can also make the chicken coop more accessible by making the pen higher so you can enter and clean up the coop interiors.

74) Joel Salatin Chicken Tractor Plan

Joel Salatin Chicken Tractor Plan

This is a tractor design that can accommodate ten or more chickens at a time. It is made from wooden pallets with corrugated aluminum roofing. The entire section has wire mesh for walls so the chickens will stay protected when outdoors.

This is a convenient, large chicken tractor that can be moved easily from place to place. Imagine moving this many chickens at a time in a quick and efficient manner. All you need is a tractor to move the pen and your chickens will be safe from rain and sun in no time.

You can construct this chicken tractor in just a few hours. You only need basic woodworking skills to be able to build this fast.

75) The Easy to Move Chicken Tractor Plan

See how this man can move this chicken coop on his own? Instead of pulling this with a tractor, you can just take the yoke and pull it easily. The coop is light and easy to build. It was made from wooden pallets, wire mesh, and plywood. The coop may be small but can still accommodate three or four chickens at a time.

Your chickens can relax, sit and roost inside this coop and remain protected from the sun and rain. And if the weather goes awry or in case of a storm or it gets too cold, you can simply move the chicken tractor to a new place.

The Easy To Move Chicken Tractor Plan

76) Chicken Tractor Plan with Bottom Run

This is a chicken coop with a built-in hen house and roosting area at the back. The perimeter of the coop was made from chicken wire mesh and wooden frames. There is no bottom run, therefore, you can move it anywhere in your yard. The hen house is small but the coop already has an area where chickens can stay and lay eggs.

The coop has a wooden roof which can shield the chickens from direct sun and rain. On the side has a flap where eggs can be collected. The entire structure is lightweight and can be improved by making the coop larger and higher to handle more chickens.

Chicken Tractor Plan With Bottom Run

77) Simple DIY Chicken Tractor Design

Simple Diy Chicken Tractor Design

This is another chicken tractor design that is made of just the most basic materials. This is made from recycled plywood and pallets and can be accessed from the top like a treasure chest. Your chickens can graze, eat and roost safely without having to leave the coop at all.

Your chickens can roost and lay eggs on the containers found at the side of the coop. This is also where you can expect eggs to beat every time you open this door. The sides of the tractor coop have an open design at the front while the back has wooden walls. You can easily take this chicken tractor anywhere you want to in your backyard.

This chicken tractor design is also expandable. You can follow this design to construct a larger and wider coop or to connect it to a hen house or chicken house.

78) PVC Pipe Chicken Tractor Plans

Pvc Pipe Chicken Tractor Plans

This is a large chicken coop with PVC pipes as frames and with wire mesh walls and ceiling. There is no hen house for the chickens to take shelter, only a large hoop that has been installed at the back that provides some sort of shelter. This coop is so light which can be moved from one area to another in case it begins to rain or it is too hot outside.

This design has a lot of potentials and is also versatile because you can tear it down and make the pen larger as you take care of more chickens. You can also cover the top of the pen with tarpaulin or plywood to provide shelter.

Aside from this being a simple design, this is also cheaper than most chicken coop designs. You can even use PVC pipes you have to lie around while the tarp on top may be replaced by plastic or a sheet of aluminum roofing for as long as this is light and won’t crush the PVC pipe frame.

79) Reclaimed Tractor Chicken Coop Design

Reclaimed Tractor Chicken Coop Design

This is a semi-closed chicken coop design that was made from reclaimed wood and hardware. This is actually very cheap to make because you can use wood or wooden pallets that you have lying around.

This is a large hen house with an adequate area for roosting and laying eggs. This size, it can house as many as five chickens. Since this is made of wood, it is strong and provides shelter from the rain or strong sunlight.

You can use this design as inspiration to make larger chicken coop designs. You can make this larger and wider to accommodate more chickens. You can also construct a wide mesh coop where chickens can socialize and eat on the ground. And being a chicken tractor coop, this hen house can be towed to anywhere inside your yard.


Raising chickens can be a livelihood or a pastime but whatever the reason you have for taking care of chickens, you need a reliable, durable and safe coop. A chicken coop can be made from different designs and from different materials. You can find simple chicken coop designs made with very decent and simple materials while there are designs made from expensive components.

Needless to say that chicken coop designs depend on the number of chickens you intend to raise. As a general rule, you must provide 3 to 4 feet of space per chicken. This amount of space should be followed closely to make sure that your chickens grow well and healthy too.

A chicken tractor may not be always a good idea especially when you are building a chicken coop for more chickens. A tractor coop may only work with a few (up to 5) chickens but more could be harder to handle. This is why builders and farmers settle with a larger, permanent chicken coop for more birds.

And if you are raising chickens for their eggs, make sure to allow space inside the hen house where chickens can quietly and safely lay their eggs. Chickens can lay five or more eggs at a time and this is achieved by proper care and paying close attention to the environment where your hens will lay their eggs.

You will be able to find the right chicken coop design after careful planning and close attention to your needs as a farmer. So good luck and happy building.