53 Pallet Chair DIY Plans

21) Standard Chair 3

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This standard chair uses almost exclusively just the slats of wooden pallets. After disassembly, you can use the wider slats and not the narrow stringers to use as the seat and frames of this chair. The backrest and its support can be made and shaped by a planer or a saw.

22) High Outdoor Chair

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This long and voluminous bench can be made by using more pallets together. The backrests of this bench are also individual pallets themselves. A perfect furniture for a roof deck or a patio. Although if it is meant to be outside, it is better to be finished with wood finishing products.

23) Double Chair

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These cool twin benches are connected in the middle.  Using one side of the wooden pallet, use it as seats and as the backrests. But to connect these two you can use long and regular wood either reclaimed or not as frames for the seat. The armrest in the middle should be connected to the middle of the frame.

24) Single Standard Chair

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This chair would require good measurements. As it would need to be sturdy despite its narrow legs. The stretcher support can help a lot with the stability of this chair. The seat and the backrest can be easily done with wooden pallet slats.

25) Simple Chair

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This indoor wooden pallet chair is easy to do with just using two and a half wooden pallets. The YouTube video gives a very good explanation on how to do this. This chair does need disassembly of the slats.

26) Black Chair

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This Elegant sofa chair painted in black is an easy DIY furniture out of wooden pallets. Make sure to watch the YouTube video to see the instructions on how to do this DIY chair.

27) Elegant Chair

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This DIY bench from wooden pallets can be designed to be placed at corners or by the wall, you can opt not to do wooden backrests and instead use customized foams and seats.  Most importantly. You can simply paint your pallets and stack them together, put some pillows or a customized foam on it, and voila, you got yourself a bench.

28) Easy Chair

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This chair is on the easier side of this list, it may not look as elegant, but it is functional all the same. This chair can be done in less than two hours if you already have a disassembled pallet with you.

29) Adirondack Chair 2

Via Youtube

This Adirondack chair is a standard one, although this YouTube video is one of my favorites since it does show the details of the process and the woodworking involved. Perfect to follow through for beginners.

As a wooden pallet recycler, there is one thing that you would always almost certainly have to do, and though you must do it a lot, does not mean that it is easy. I’m talking about disassembly of wooden pallets.

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Some people, especially that beginner DIY-er can spend up to six hours trying to take apart a single wooden pallet for repurposing. There is an easier way to do it in less than seven minutes with a hundred percent usability. Here is an easy way to disassemble and take apart your wooden pallet for reuse without all the painstaking hard hours.

First, you should recognize that pallets are designed strong and built to hold tremendous weight on top of it but are light in transport. There are different kinds of pallets, but usually, when I talk about a standard, I am talking about American Wooden Pallets, this pallet is standardly having 48” slats and some can be 36” wide and 60” in length.

Basically, construction of a wooden pallet is a 2×4 regardless of fork cutouts to support the top and hold by bottom slats. Some pallets can have 4×4 blocks instead of 2x4s. You should know that the slats are secured by a pneumatic nail gun.

These nails have a spiral twist and are preheated with glue to hold the 1×4 or 1×6 slats. The twists in the nails prevent pulling out of the board so the pallets can last long and extensive use. Wood pallets are also treated to prevent rotting. These are basically designed not to come apart.

30) 2-in-1 Chair

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This DIY pallet chair can easily double as your Dog’s bed, as all your sofa would be. This easy to do chair is just a collection of two pallets nailed together to make a chair out of it, truly easy way to DIY furniture.

To disassemble, most would use a pry or crowbar, a hammer, or wood contraptions to pry the slats of but these poses problems.

One, this is a lot more work when you can spend more of your energy on building your DIY.

Two, doing this, prying apart your wooden pallets, and breaking them down with brute force takes a lot of time. With the need to pull out and prod each and every nail from each slat.

Third, after de-nailing your wooden pallet you may have already damaged your wooden pallet. Spending so much time and energy on it only to have debris everywhere and splinters all over. The short and small pieces that would be left unharmed won’t be good enough for big DIY projects.

The best way to disassemble your wooden pallets is by cutting the nails. The tool used for this is a reciprocating saw. This can be bought for $50 as brand new but old and used ones would be cheaper. It is sometimes called a Sawzall.

You have to insert a special blade between the slat and the 2×4 board and cut the nail. Then you can use a special bi-metal style saw blade to cut nails. After removing all the nails, you can do a quick pull out of the slat and you’ll have your ready-for-DIY wood

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