Pallet Patio Furniture Makeover

125 Pallet Furniture DIY Plans

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  2. 1) Outdoor Pallet Loungers
  3. 2) Another Cool Patio Lounger
  4. 3) Soft and Comfy Patio Lounger Made From Pallets
  5. 4) Sit and Relax Pallet Sofa and Lounge Chairs
  6. 5) Pallet Chillout Lounge
  7. 6) Modular Corner Lounge
  8. 7) Pallet Sofa
  9. 8) Pallet Bed Swing
  10. 9) Pallet Bed Swing 2
  11. 10) Outdoor Pallet Bar
  12. 11) Wine Bar DIY Plans
  13. 12) Pallet Dining Table
  14. 13) Pallet Swing Tutorial
  15. 14) Pallet Fold Down Bar
  16. 15) Rolling Table Made of Pallet Wood
  17. 16) Colorful Adirondack Chairs Made from Pallet Wood 
  18. 17) Pallet Wood Wine Rack
  19. 18) Coffee Cup Holder Pallet Wood
  20. 19) Pallet Wood Patio Chair
  21. 20) Canning Cabinet Made from Pallet Wood
  22. 21) Pallet Wood Garden Table
  23. 22) Pallet Gardening Table
  24. 23) Pallet Bookshelf
  25. 24) DIY Pallet Sofa
  26. 25) The Outdoor Pallet Sofa
  27. 26) DIY Pallet Outdoor Sofa
  28. 27) DIY Laundry Basket Shelf
  29. 28) Patio Day Bed
  30. 29) Multifunctional Coffee Table With Storage
  31. 30) Pallet Coffee Table
  32. 31) Pallet Dining Set
  33. 32) Pallet Day Bed 2
  34. 33) Pallet Toddler Bed
  35. 34) Pallet Table with Garden Plants in the Center
  36. 35) Pallet Patio Furniture Makeover
  37. 36) DIY Pallet Day Bed 3
  38. 37) Pallet Farm Table
  39. 38) Pallet Head Board
  40. 39) Pallet Table DIY
  41. 40) DIY Pallet Ottoman
  42. 41) Outdoor Reading Nook Made of Pallet Wood
  43. 42) Pallet Outdoor Swing
  44. 43) Vertical Planter from Pallet Wood
  45. 44) Pallet Bar Design
  46. 45) Pallet Patio Furniture
  47. 46) Pallet Cooler Box
  48. 47) Pallet Pet Bed
  49. 48) Outdoor Pallet and Crate Table
  50. 49) Pallet Dining Table 2
  51. 50) Pallet Potting Table
  52. 51) Pallet Benches and Table
  53. 52) Outdoor Pallet Kitchen Aisle
  54. 53) Headboard Made of Pallet Wood
  55. 54) King Size Pallet Bed Frame
  56. 55) Lovely Pallet Bar
  57. 56) Pallet Wood Coffee Table
  58. 57) Pallet Desk Design Plan
  59. 58) Pallet Sofa With Storage
  60. 59) Pallet Adirondack Chair
  61. 60) Pallet Outdoor Patio Bench
  62. 61) Pallet Bookshelf for Kids
  63. 62) Pallet Bar Stools
  64. 63) Pallet Desk Plan
  65. 64) Pallet Wood Kitchen Island
  66. 65) Upcycled Hall Table
  67. 66) Pallet Entertainment Center
  68. 67) TV Stand Made of Pallet Wood
  69. 68) Rustic Pallet Cabinet
  70. 69) Dog Bed DIY
  71. 70) A Reading Nook
  72. 71) DIY Pallet Wood Picnic Table
  73. 72) Serving Tray out of Wood Pallets
  74. 73) Pallet Wood DIY Bench
  75. 74) Pallet End Table
  76. 75) Rocking Chair Made from Pallet Wood
  77. 76) Pallet Wood Dresser
  78. 77) Hidden Pallet Ottoman
  79. 78) Pallet Night Stand
  80. 79) Room Divider DIY
  81. 80) DIY Futon Frame Made From Pallet Wood
  82. 81) Shoe Rack DIY Plan
  83. 82) Bath Cabinet Made from Pallet Wood
  84. 83) Work Bench Potting Station
  85. 84) Lounge Tree Swing
  86. 85) Woodworking Table
  87. 86) Pallet Wood Spice Racks
  88. 87) Pallet Wood Bookshelf
  89. 88) A Pallet Horse
  90. 89) Kitchen Utensil Box
  91. 90) Pallet Bar Shelf DIY Plans
  92. 91) The Corner Desk
  93. 92) Pallet Sofa 2
  94. 93) Paracord Hanging Chair
  95. 94) The Rolling Coffee Table
  96. 95) Kids’ Workbench
  97. 96) Raised Planting Beds
  98. 97) Wood Cabinet
  99. 98) Eco-Rustic Bookshelves
  100. 99) Staggered Pallet Planter
  101. 100) Hanging Garden Made of Pallet Wood
  102. 101) Pallet Garden Loungers
  103. 102) Pallet Wood Laptop Riser
  104. 103) Kitchen Shelf from Wood Pallets
  105. 104) Kitchen Cabinet Pallet Wood
  106. 105) Fruit Basket from Pallet Wood
  107. 106) Pallet Desk for Kids
  108. 107) Bench and Table
  109. 108) Day Bed 3
  110. 109) Pallet Cooler DIY Plans
  111. 110) Pallet Clothes Cabinet
  112. 111) Pallet Table with Beer Cooler in the Center
  113. 112) Best Coffee Table Out of Pallet Wood
  114. 113) Very Modern and Sleek Pallet Bar
  115. 114) Double Adirondack Chairs with Pallet Cooler
  116. 115) Pallet Bar and Decorative Shelf
  117. 116) Pallet Head Board for Large Bed
  118. 117) Pallet Wood Man Cave Bar
  119. 118) Wood Pallet Cabinet
  120. 119) Pallet Couch and Table
  121. 120) Colorful and Cute Pallet Stools
  122. 121) Pallet Cabinet
  123. 122) Pallet Hall Table
  124. 123) Pallet Wood Cinema
  125. 124) Stunning Indoor Planter Made from Pallet Wood
  126. 125) Bench Around a Tree Plan
  127. Conclusion

41) Outdoor Reading Nook Made of Pallet Wood

Do you love to read outdoors, simply let yourself become immersed in a book for hours and hours? Then this lovely reading nook is for you. This is made from pallet wood assembled into a small but accommodating reading area.

It has plants, flowers, and other accessories to inspire you. You can make this reading nook larger and wider to be able to accommodate a chair or a small table. This is again a very easy project that you will be able to carry out in just a few hours tops.

Outdoor Reading Nook Made Of Pallet Wood

42) Pallet Outdoor Swing

This is a pallet swing that was made from either a few pieces of pallet wood or a large pallet wood frame. Apparently, swings are not just for kids anymore. Wooden pallet swings like these will be able to hold a large adult even two, depending on the design.

You can sit, read, listen to music or nap. You will surely feel relaxed and at peace when you have any of these pallet swings. And as you consider the plans for this swing, take note of a few things.

Choose strong, solid pallet wood. Use strong hardware like strong rope and chains to hold the large swing in place. Check and double check the strength of the beam or branch of the tree where you will hang your swing. Never overlook any of these to ensure that your swing is safe and sound.

Pallet Outdoor Swing

43) Vertical Planter from Pallet Wood

This is a lovely planter for small plants, herbs, flowers and more. This is made of a single pallet frame which was cleaned and painted. Only a few sections of the frame were removed to make way for the plants. Each plant has its own special section where it can grow and thrive.

This pallet planter can be used indoors or out because it is very light to be taken anywhere. But when growing plants indoors, you must never forget to take these out once in a while to give them some sun and air.

You can also place these on a sunny spot in your home like your window sill or from your patio. And when your plants have already matured, you can plant these in your yard. A truly good pallet wood project piece that’s worth your time.

Vertical Planter From Pallet Wood

44) Pallet Bar Design

Entertaining guests is now going to be so much fun when you have this large C-shaped bar. This spacious and lovely bar has a pallet body, storage area, and top. The counter was polished and stained a dark shade. The shape lets you accommodate more guests compared to a bar with a traditional design.

Although this pallet bar looks very normal out front, the back is very promising. There’s a lot of space to move around. Imagine serving your guests inside this bar and mixing drinks. You have a lot of space to hold bottles of beer or wine, glasses and more.

You can mix drinks on an area at the front while your guests await. This cool bar will surely be the center of attention when you have your next party at your place.  

Pallet Bar Design

45) Pallet Patio Furniture

Now, this is a patio worth showing off because it’s chic and very welcoming. This pallet set is composed of a large sofa, three chairs, and a table. A few pallets were even used to make a pedestal for some outdoor lamps.

What’s awesome about this patio furniture is that it’s very easy to assemble. The table was made of two stacked large frames. Large frames were also used to make the different sections for the seats and sofa. You can see that all the pallets used for this project retained their natural color.

No stain or varnish was applied and the pallets were not painted at all. If you were to follow this design plan you need to apply at least two coats of stain or varnish to protect your wood from the elements.   

Pallet Patio Furniture

46) Pallet Cooler Box

Back in the old days when modern conveniences like the refrigerator were not invented yet, people relied on something like this to make their food cold and their drinks chilled. With a standard plastic Coleman cooler, a few pallets and a wicker basket, you can make this vintage pallet cooler box.

This looks very simple to make and it is with its pallet frames and wicker basket cooler body. The plastic cooler is flushed at the middle while the cover is attached to the cooler body. You can keep your beer cold and fruits chilled as you eat lunch outdoors with your family.

Pallet Cooler

47) Pallet Pet Bed

No, we have not forgotten your furry friend. This is a simple pallet bed made from only a few pieces of pallet wood. The bed is large enough for this cute Chihuahua but you can make a large one if you have a larger dog.

As you can see, a soft standard cushion/pet bed was placed inside the pallet bed. This has wheels so you can take it anywhere fast. This pallet pet bed is so easy and quick to make that you only need a few minutes to make it. You can paint it any color you want too.

Pallet Pet Bed

48) Outdoor Pallet and Crate Table

This pallet and crate table is merely an outdoor table that’s meant for picnics and outdoor gatherings. This table can accommodate four people with plenty of room for food, tableware, and some decorations. This pallet dining area is quaint and simple; you can easily build this from scratch.

And because it is made from only pallets and crates, it is very light and can, therefore, be taken anywhere you wish to eat or picnic. You can improve this design by making the table more solid and adding legs to elevate it from the cold ground. Otherwise, this is a very easy project to do.

Outdoor Pallet And Crate Table

49) Pallet Dining Table 2

This is a classy dining table that has been finished really well. It even seems to look like a plastic table because of its color. The table top is an entire pallet frame. The legs are made of solid wood to provide a good even place to eat and rest.

This is a dining area where you can entertain friends and have dinner with family. This is a great and easy design to make so why not make three or more of these tables with matching chairs as well.

Pallet Dining Table 2 1

50) Pallet Potting Table

This is a potting table that will give you plenty of space to work outdoors. This may be small but it can hold plants, pots, cans and other things you need to care for your plants. It is a good place to hang your tools too. You can build this project in just a few hours because of its easy design. And because it is just made of pallet wood, this will cost you next to nothing.

Pallet Potting Table