75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

11) The Rustic Vertical Garden Plan

Now, this vertical garden system was made from pallet wood and was treated to make it look rustic and chic. The pallet frames were merely placed against a wall and these became a stable hanging station for plants in pots and planters.

The plants in this setting can grow larger and healthier because these get more sun and rain compared to plants that are found on the ground. The only problem in this setting would be root growth, root bound and rots because plant roots start to crowd the very small container. To remedy this situation, you need to repot your plans at least once a year. 


12) The Organized Labelled Garden

Whoever made this garden structure is very organized. The plants were carefully labeled therefore it won’t be too hard to recognize each one. What’s interesting about this garden project is that everything is very neat and the design is close to perfect.

The pallets were set in a vertical manner to provide more room for plants to grow. The pallet surface was painted black so this becomes instant chalkboards to write on. And because this is a very easy project, you don’t really have to do much. You can have these vertical and organized planters ready in just a few minutes.

13) The Square Pallet Garden

Some plants grow short but bushy with sections growing in different directions. These overgrowths can ruin the growth of other plants and therefore these must be controlled. This box-like planter lets you control bushy plants to keep them tight and neat.

Your plants will grow in a tight pattern, occupying the area of the box fence. You can easily make this structure out of pallets. As the plants branch out from the box, use garden shears to cut these to follow the shape. You can also push the stems and leaves into the box instead of cutting them.

14) The Vertical Pallet Garden

When you just don’t have a lot of room to grow plants in your garden then this design is for you. This vertical pallet garden was made from several pallets, arranged to make a neat planting station. This vertical garden can accommodate a lot of plants but do not overcrowd it because your plants will soon grow larger and thicker.

A vertical pallet garden such as this is a good idea for a small apartment, condo living or tiny house living because you only need a bare wall to hold it steady.

15) The Strawberry Pallet Garden

Grow strawberries inside these strong garden pallets. Strawberries need a nice, safe space in a garden to grow. This is why most growers use planters to stabilize the plant and to protect the delicate berries.

You can also use this small pallet fence to grow other types of berries and vegetables. This small fence will protect your plants from predators and will provide a structure for the branches to hold on to. You can easily make these supports in a few minutes so why not make one but three for your garden plants.

16) The Whole Garden Pallet Plan

This is an explosion of pallet garden ideas happening in this lively garden. Pallet planters were used, pallet plant beds were carefully laid out and pallet vertical planters were installed in the middle. To follow this design, you need at least a dozen pallet frames and a lot of time to lay these out in place. No pallets will be wasted in this project.

17) Pallet Garden Table

This is a huge table which has a convenient section in the middle where you can place living plants. This is a deep section that can hold potted plants, flowering plants or herbs. But aside from flowers and plants, this section is also good as a beverage section and a beer cooler.

This large size table may be used to accommodate pots and planters if you need to repot. It can also work as an outdoor dining table or a wine table to celebrate with friends and family.   

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18) The Simple Pallet Planter

This is a clean and simple pallet planter design that lets you hold your planters and pots to the wall. The planter was made by sections of pallet wood which were designed to hold all kind of plants. This planter has enough room for a number of plants however, you must avoid overcrowding since plants may find it hard to get sunlight when the plants become thicker and larger. Repot your plants once in a while to improve root growth.


19) The Supported Pallet Garden

This A-frame design lets you accommodate more plants. This is made from strong pallet wood. Placing your plants in this kind of storage will help them get more sunshine and enough water to grow and thrive. Every section of this A-frame rack gets enough sunlight, unlike vertical planters. When it rains, every section gets enough water as well.

And this is a garden structure that is so easy to make and is made from available scrap wood. This is cheap, versatile and strong, perfect for your garden or backyard.

20) Pallet Butterfly Planter

This planter will not just keep plants in pots but you can use these to hold soil and plants. Each section is spacious and is perfect for small flowering plants. This one is made from scrap pallets so you don’t have to spend anything to make this planter.

This design lets you take your plants indoors or outdoors. You can display this on your porch or leave it in your garden. You can build this easily even without woodworking experience.                            

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