75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

51) Pallet Planter Ladder

Now, this is another unique planter design; a pallet planter ladder. It is called a ladder because it looks like the steps of a ladder. On these steps, you can place plants of different species, flowering plants, decorative plants and more. You can even keep vegetables and herbs here.

This design may look a bit complicated but actually, it is very easy once you follow the steps found in this guide. All these planter needs are a few pallets and of course plants that you intend to grow from this planter. With this project, you can save space by growing all kinds of plants even if you don’t have a large garden or yard.


52) Raised Plant Beds Made of Pallets

This garden looks like it has been cultivating plants from pallet wood for quite some time because almost all of the plants look healthy and well cared for. There is no doubt that using a raised bed is a good idea when it comes to farming or growing vegetables.

The raised bed improves water drainage, lets the roots breathe and absorb more fertilizer and nutrients. A raised bed is very easy to make but could be very troublesome to maintain. A pallet frame will keep the soil from moving and will prevent erosion especially when it’s raining.

This pallet project is so easy and takes only a few minutes to make. You must use strong, pest-free and mold-free pallets for this project.


53) Your Hanging Planter Garden

Keep your delicate plants near so you can give these extra TLC. Growing plants, especially young plants indoors is very important to let these acclimate. Indoors you can keep the growing environment the best that will suit your plants’ growth. You can maintain lighting, humidity, and temperature when you grow plants indoors. And what a way to grow these delicate plants than in a hanging planter garden.

This pallet project is small, won’t occupy too much space and is made of only a few pieces of pallets. This can be hung near the window so your plants can also receive natural light. Hanging planters like this one have a lot of room to spare. This will allow you to care for more than ten young plants at a time.

54) Perfect Planters

You can use pallets to create a small fence planter around small plants. Small planters such as this can hold small plants like tomatoes, chilies, eggplants, and peanuts. This is stable enough to protect plants from strong wind and rain. Plants that grow large fruits can benefit from this type of planter and if you have young trees, it would be best to grow these in the middle of this type of planter to protect them from wind, people, and animals.

You can build a planter using only a few scraps of wood or pallet wood. This has a very easy design plan which won’t take you too long to build. And because this uses only spare pallets, building one won’t cost you anything.


55) Pallet Wood Hanging Garden and Sign

Adding a personal touch to your garden like this sign here makes a lot of difference right? This sign hangs from the top of a pallet vertical planter which holds a few plants. This is a cute and homely sign that you can easily make.

The sign for this hanging garden was obviously made using stencils. Stencils are mostly available from craft stores or bookstores but you can also make one using your computer. Still another way to make this kind of sign without using stencils is with a paintbrush using freehand. And aside from just painting or stenciling “Our Garden” you might try something else. Something that your family would love  and your guests will remember.


56) Pallet Fence Garden

Now, this is a very large pallet structure that was made to keep plants in. Although this could be a very unconventional way of growing plants there could be some reasons why this was done.

Obviously, this pallet fence was erected to protect plants. This can protect plants from rodents, pests, and insects that can eat your plants. This pallet also protects the precious plants from thieves. It may have been placed in this garden to protect plants from high wind.

This pallet fence has a very easy design and although it may be large, it can be done in just a few hours. This fence is fixed to the ground therefor you need to use a post to hold it up. 


57) Pallet Garden Beds

What lovely garden beds! Pallet frames were used to keep the soil in place and prevent erosion due to rain. These pallet beds are strong and can withstand years of use. You can plant all kinds of vegetables and afterward use this to grow herbs.

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Using pallets as garden beds is a very easy project. You only need a few minutes to set this up on your garden.

58) Labeled Pallet Garden

There’s nothing like an organized gardener. The one who built this labeled pallet garden was obviously a neat and orderly gardener because aside from keeping his garden neat and clean, he even labeled his plants so these can be easily recognized.

Like tagging items in a supermarket, the grower took efforts to name each plant. The plants found in this large planter shelf are mostly herbs and are used for cooking. Labeling each herb definitely makes it easier to find what you need.

The shelf used here is a large one made from pallet wood. Each herb has a special section in the shelf which was spacious and made for more plants. This is a project inspiration that you should try out. 


59) Planter Pallet Steps

These are planter boxes made from pallet wood that are part of an organized and well-cared for garden. These planters have lovely plants growing from them. The planter boxes are well constructed and painted a dark color possibly to match the interior décor of the house.

This could be a lovely garden for relaxation or for display. Nonetheless, the pallet boxes here have made the overall look very inviting. You can use this design as inspiration to make your own pallet wood outdoor décor.

You can improve this design by adding more plants and making the planters larger and wider to accommodate more plants as well.


60) Rack and Stack Pallet Garden

Gardens are more than just a place where plants grow and thrive. Some homeowners prefer to meditate and relax in their own quiet gardens. You can make your own tranquil outdoor spot using this design plan.

This plan shows you how to make this large outdoor structure made from pallet pieces stacked and racked together. The pallets hold plants as well as rocks and sand. This is a tranquil spot, a place to connect with nature and meditate.

This is a symbol of peace in your garden and where you can come back, again and again, to feel relaxed and reduce stress. You can follow this design or you can make your own according to what makes you feel relaxed.

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