75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

61) Neon Plant Pallet Planters

When you desperately want to cover an ugly wall… these planters can save the day. These were made from large pallet frames and were painted very bright neon colors. The grower must really love flowers enough to grow all kinds of them in these lovely planters.  

Aside from flowers, you can actually grow other types of plants in this setting. You can cultivate vegetables and herbs to be used for cooking and medicine. You can also grow vegetables and improve your food supply. This kind of pallet planter design is so easy to make you will be done in an hour top.


62) Floating Flower Pallet Planters

Now, this is a totally new design which features a flower pallet planter that has been suspended from the ground and attached to the top of the fence. The pallets create a very lovely design and a unique one too as it holds the plants really well.

You can count on this project to be very easy even for someone who has never worked with wood before.  And because of its very simple design, you can construct this with only a few pallets to use


63) Beautiful Planter Boxes

This is a design plan to make a suitable pallet planter box for medium-sized plants. The pallets used for this planter have been stained to look darker and warmer. The dark and warm stain used for these planter boxes also provides a smooth and waterproof surface which is essential for any planter box.

This planter box was made with such care but despite looking very neat and classy, this is quite easy to make. You may need to take a lot of time staining or varnishing wood because you need to apply at least two coats. Otherwise, this project won’t even cost you a day.


64) Pallet Display Garden Boxes

Aside from planters, raised beds, vertical gardens, and plant racks, pallet wood may also be used to make other projects like this display table. No this is not a full-sized working table but simply a small table meant for display. What does a display table really do? If you grow vegetables or flowers in your garden, this is where you show off your products.

This display bench/table was made from only a few pieces of pallet wood.  It has a very simple design which means that you can build this project in just a few hours. You can stain this display bench according to the shade you want or paint if your favorite color.


65) Framed Pallet Planters

This pallet planter was made from pallet wood but with a twist. Aside from growing plants from the slots found in pallet frames, this was set in a frame as well. This is a unique design for a planter and may have been used in a classy establishment but no doubt, you can use this as inspiration.

The planter and the frame were stained a very deep stain which means it is darker than the usual pallet color. This dark stain actually serves two purposes. First, it protects the wood from the elements. It shields it from rain and the harsh sun which can cause rotting and cracking. Second, this also enhances the beauty of wood. Despite the dark shade, you can still see the subtle natural swirls of pallet wood.

All in all, this is a project that  you can make in just a few minutes provided you have complete materials and the right tools handy.


66) Easy Pallet Planters

Sometimes the best results come from very little work. This is what   happens when you use pallet frames as planters without doing anything to the pallet frame. The grower merely cleaned the pallets before it was used, nothing more. The spaces in between the different pallet sections were filled with garden soil and the plants were carefully transplanted into the pallets.

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It’s important to stress the strength and durability of pallet wood before you use these for any project. Check for any cracks, molds, and holes. Never use very dirty pallets even insect infested pallets because this can affect your plants. 

67) Level Up Pallet Garden Design

This looks like a garden setting on a cemented ground. As you can see, there is no earth, soil that you can plant on so the gardener used vertical planters instead. These lovely, towering vertical planters made from pallet wood can grow all kinds of plants and at the same time save water as well. In a vertical planter, water is usually delivered via drip system so there’s no drop wasted.

Everything here is so clean and organized making this the perfect urban garden.  You can further enhance this design by installing pallet wood flooring and pallet steps. This is a huge project and could take time to complete but despite this, these are very easy to make. 

68) Pallet Garden Bed 2

This garden bed was made from pallet wood. in fact, a whole frame was used for this design and as you can see, every section and every bit of this frame was used. A frame such as this is used by growers and farmers to hold soil to control erosion. Garden beds are made of garden soil which is mostly lost and easy to move.  The pallets can control soil movement and still allow the plant roots to breathe

You can improve this design by adding more pallet frames to make more raised beds. Raising the pallets to create a higher fence will not just hold the soil but will also protect your plants and promote root health and growth.

69) Pallet Garden Design

This is a planter, a raised bed, utility shelf and a garden structure in one. This is made entirely of pallet wood and therefore you need a lot of frames to build this design. Call this one the all-in-one garden helper because it has all the things you need.

This is a pallet garden structure that could be a bit complicated to make but with the plans, we have here, you will be able to build this without any worries at all. You may want to improve this by painting this a bright color or staining it to protect it from the rain and harsh sun. 

70) Vertical Pallet Planter Design

Pallet wood can be used in a lot of ways in your garden but the most popular among this is building a vertical planter design. This is a photo of what lush plants look like in a vertical planter. You may have seen similar installations in parks, malls or schools but all of these have almost the same concept, growing plants vertically.

And unlike some vertical installations that do not include soil, this project lets plants grow in healthy soil because every section has a slot to pour in the soil. All-in-all, plants grow better and retain their healthy disposition when you grow these in pallet wood vertical planters.

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