75 Pallet Garden DIY Ideas

71) Raised Pallet Wood Beds Design

Growing plants in a raised bed are so simple you can do this even without a design plan. This is quite popular especially since  regular raised beds  can erode and  bring so much damage to plants’ roots when it  rains.

Pallet wood will keep  soil healthy by allowing oxygen to enter to the soil and to keep the roots healthy and strong. With  healthy roots, you can expect healthy and vibrant plants. This is a very easy project that  you can build in just a few minutes. Be sure to use only clean and mold—free  pallets to protect   your plants.

72) Pallet Frame Garden Green House

This is a huge pallet structure which could be used as a greenhouse. It is made from several sections of pallet wood and was made to house all kinds of plants. These fresh pallets wait for plants to grow and cover these with lovely greens and blooms.

This is quite a huge and complicated project that can take time to make. The fact that you need a lot of pallet frames, you must plan first where to get a lot of pallets for this job.

73) Pallet Fence in a Garden

This is a small pallet fence that protects a few plants in a garden. There is something about pallet furniture that makes it so lovely inside out.  This small structure does not just keep plans  but also protects the plants from people and animals.

Small plants, in particular, are very hard to see and could get trampled on in a garden or yard. A small fence will remind people that there are small plants in the yard. It will also keep pets and other animals away.

There is no need to explain that this pallet garden  fence is so easy to make. The design for this project is similar to a picket fence design and you can paint this anything you wish.

74) Garden Tools Cabinet

This is a tools cabinet made from pallet wood. This is a nice and organized tool station and holds basically all the tools you will ever use in your garden. The cabinet was made from pallet wood frames and was simply attached to the wall of a shed. The slots on the pallets serve as sections where hooks were installed to hold different tools.

In no matter what you do in your garden and no matter how large or how small it may be, you need to keep things tidy and neat. A neat garden is a lovely garden. You can build this tool cabinet in just a few minutes given you have complete materials and the right tools to use.

75) Pallet Steps

The last DIY pallet garden project inspiration we have for you is possibly the simplest. This is just garden steps made from pallets. You need a pallet wood steps or stepping area to get from one point to another in your garden or yard. It’s a matter of just dismantling pallet frames to get the pallets for use.

The pallets were simply laid together side by side on top of a muddy or wet part in your garden. Make sure that the pieces are close together to prevent any movement. Use a blunt hammer to place the pieces in position. This is definitely very easy to make.

This can be upgraded still. You can use a few pallets to create a handrail or even a small bridge so you can keep away from dirt and water altogether. And of course, this project requires a lot of pallet wood so be prepared to look for a lot. 

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Pallets are great building material. Aside from being naturally beautiful, you can count on pallet wood to be versatile, strong and easy to use. In fact, because of the rising cost of furniture, pallet wood furniture is seen as a good alternative.

When it comes to using pallet wood in the garden, the possibilities are endless. You can make pallet wood planters, raised beds, vertical gardens, and fences. You can also build garden chairs, tables, compost piles, working tables and potting tables.

There is no doubt that pallet wood is also versatile and strong building material in gardens and yards. This large collection of pallet garden projects will surely inspire you to do well so come over and look for the pallet project that’s best for you.

And don’t forget to set safety as the number one priority when choosing pallet wood for furniture. You can never use pallets that are broken, cracked soft or mold-infested. Do not use pallets that have been chemically treated because these can harm your plants.

Always choose regular pallets and pallets used for local shipping because these are safe for general DIY use. It would be best to have a regular supplier of pallets to ensure that you have strong, top quality materials.

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