75 Pallet Headboard DIY Plans

21) Pallet Headboard with Shelves

One of the most important things to consider in any bedroom is storage. A clothes cabinet and storage for small items are a necessity. This headboard function as a decorative feature of the room and at the same time gives you some storage beside the bed. This headboard is huge covering almost the entire width of the room. And aside from this, it also has lamps and storage in each size of this double bed.

The pallet headboard in this design was lightly stained which works perfectly in highlighting the lovely natural features of pallet wood. To improve this design, you might want to use brighter and larger lamps and larger storage areas on each side as well.

22) Whitewashed Pallet DIY Headboard

This rustic headboard was made of clean and white pallets creating a contrast for the beige wall color. This is a very feminine style as the pallets frame the back of a bed with white and gray bedding. There was nothing done on the white planks because the natural imperfections can still be seen on the surface of the pallets.

Constructing this headboard will be very easy; it will be just like assembling a fence. You can paint this according to the color you wish or you can stain it darker or lighter according to your wall color. You can finish this project early even if you are new to working with pallet wood.

23) The Painted Pallet Headboard

Now, this is a headboard made to look like the flag of Texas. The pallets were painted the flag color while the lone star was a metal ornament. This creative headboard is a very interesting piece and can be done in just minutes. What’s interesting about this design is that the wood was made to look distressed rather than newly painted.

This can be done by blotting out the paint with paint remover, using sandpaper or other mechanical techniques. This headboard is just the right size for a single bed and you can make this larger if you have a bigger bed. How about a different flag for your room? There are so many inspirations!

24) Wood Planks Pallet Headboard

Your headboard doesn’t need to be completely perfect. A look of imperfection can be good and it shows in this irregularly-designed headboard. This headboard was made from large pallets with sections jutting out and some sections attached to the wall.

You can see that this was lightly varnished too which brings out the lovely imperfections of the pallet wood. You can see the usual dark rings, dents, swirls and other irregular formations on the wood which is another imperfect/perfect design. This light stain also made the headboard contrast the bare light wall.

It’s quite easy to build this headboard and this design won’t even cost you anything. With complete materials and tools, you will be able to easily construct this in just a few hours.

25) Luxurious Pallet DIY Plans

One way to decorate a bedroom is to use items that are close to your heart. Look at the lovely photographs on the walls of this bedroom. Nothing can be better to add more homely charm than to use a simple, traditional pallet headboard.

This headboard was made from pallets with natural dark color. The pallets were stained a slightly dark stain which has enhanced its lovely imperfect designs and shapes. You can see that this headboard is huge but it lacks height which lets you decorate the wall with photographs and another lovely décor.

There are so many ways to keep a bedroom more inviting. Aside from using photographs and decorations, you can also use lighting. A touch of warm yellow light on each side of the bed makes a lovely glow enough to warm the room up. This pallet frame headboard is an easy project that can also warm up any bedroom and this can be built in just a few hours.

26) Pallet DIY Headboard Design

Pallets are versatile and can be made to look new, old, distressed or upscale. This design uses several pieces of pallet wood to make a lovely wall-attached headboard. This headboard is wide which was possibly made for a double bed. It has a ledge on top that frames the pallets but is not enough to hold anything.

You can improve this design by making the ledge wider and the headboard longer and wider if you have a larger bed.

27) Fabric Covered Pallet Headboard

Where are the pallets in this headboard design? The pallets were covered with colorful fabric and were installed horizontally to create a very lovely, very homely headboard. You can make your own design with any fabric that you readily have.

You can construct a larger or wider headboard for a larger bed. Adding lights on each side of the headboard will soak the wall with a lovely yellow glow. This is simply basic arts and crafts which can be done in less than an hour even by a novice woodworker.

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28) Pallet Headboard Made with Love

This lovely blue wall color just won’t be that lovely without the light brown pallet headboard. This headboard is wide, suited for a double size bed. The boards were carefully stained with moderately-dark stain to stand out.

As you can see, very smooth and almost perfect pallets were used for this design and no doubt that the builder has chosen only clean and solid pallets for his project.

This is definitely an easy design that you can make in just an hour or so. It was made from light pallet wood but you can also use darker pallets if you want a darker and manlier effect.

29) Very Tall Headboard From Pallet Wood

This is a large headboard that spans almost the height of the wall. The pallets used for this design had varying colors but the builder has strategically placed the pallets well in the design. This huge wall fixture was carefully stained lightly and this worked as the natural beauty of pallet wood shone through.

Don’t be intimidated by the size of this headboard because despite its huge size and design it is easy to make. You don’t have to be an expert to build this as well. All you need is lots of pallet wood and you can make this headboard easy from scratch. 

30) Crossed Pallet Wood Headboard

The design of this pallet wood headboard is its most popular feature. It has a large cross design that creates a country feel. The pallets used here are large and come in a variety of colors but the builder stained it just a little to enhance these imperfections. The design is quite obvious especially with the stenciled heart design but no doubt that this is very easy to make as well.

Do you know that pallet wood is a good canvass? Aside from this simple heart design, you can actually come up with pallet bedframes with different designs, shapes, and letters.

Pallet wood will easily absorb paint as well as other coloring materials which is why it’s a favorite among many builders. And because of this, you can adorn your pallet wood headboard with just about any design. 

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