20 Pallet Herb Garden DIY Plans

11) Shipping Pallet Herb Garden

Via YouTube

This YouTube video is not only aesthetically pleasing, it actually delivers an effortless way to do it as well.

12) Minimalistic Pallet Herb Garden

Via YouTube

This DIY Pallet Herb Garden is a lot roomier than almost all the herb gardens on our list today and that may be appropriate for all the minimalists out there.

Having an herb garden that doesn’t scream ‘too much’ is a must for just any of us. So, make sure to check just how easy it is to dismantle and rebuild your pallet to create this wonderfully minimalistic herb garden.

13) Hanging Pallet Herb Garden

Via YouTube

This vertically hanging pallet planter is a must for those who appreciate its rustic yet colorful look with the arrangements of the plants in it. The best thing is, it’s an easy 1-minute video to follow. And it won’t take you long to finish the project either.

14) 2-In-1 Pallet Herb Garden Stand

Via Micro Gardener

Micro Gardener delivers a dual-purpose refurbished pallet for all of use DIY-ers. This DIY Pallet Planter can double as a fence. How? You might ask. Well, this project involves using both sides of the pallet and a little paint. You see the back right there? Yes, that can be your fence.

15) Tilting Pallet Herb Garden

Via CBC Life

Now, if you don’t want a vertically hanging one or a regular horizontally grounded herb garden, you can totally opt for this tilted DIY Pallet Herb Garden.

No worries, we can guarantee that if you have the perfect spot like this one CBC Life has found (the side of your concrete backyard) you can make this work.

Not much woodworking to do, more like you’ll need some serious painting skills because you’ll varnish and coat this pretty tilting garden yourself.

16) Pallet Herb Garden Triangle

Via 99 Pallet Ideas

So, if the whole pallet is getting a little redundant for you, or if you want something more exciting, or if you’re just low in stock for pallets, you can totally do this project.

It uses fewer pallet planks than most of the Herb gardens in our list. Make sure to follow this plan for best results (boring holes underneath).

17) Rustic Pallet Herb Garden

Via Life Storage

This vertical pallet Herb Garden has a stand that’s easier to build, why? Because it’s simply hammering two blocks of wood underneath a wooden pallet you’re trying to reuse.

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Now This project may look too easy that it’s not going to turn out pretty, but with a little bit of wood finishing, varnish or paint, you can make this look vintage, rusty or sophisticated. Get your tools and brushes and start on it whenever you’re ready!

18) Pallet Herb Garden Stand

Via Pink When

This DIY Pallet herb garden by pink when does not include black tarps on where you put soil in rather it uses the wooden pallet as a stand for all your potted herbs. Amazing isn’t it? Then in time after, you can totally find other uses for it.

19) Pallet Herb Garden Box

Via DIY Network

This might look totally different than the others on our list and you may wonder if it was actually made from a pallet, well then, I suggest that you go ahead and look at this plan because it is indeed made from a wooden pallet.

If you want some serious upcycling of your wooden pallets into a DIY Pallet Herb Garden, this plan is perfect for you. They detail the process and show a lot of pictures too. You can have fun while doing this on a Saturday morning and finish it in time for Monday of course!

20) Pallet Herb Garden With Wheels

Via DIY Show Off

To be completely honest, this last one is more of a DIY vertical pallet flower garden, but I mean, look at those pretty colors. What I like about this one is this plan instructs on how to add wheels on your pallet garden stand, yes, wheels.

So, take your chance on this easy to follow the DIY tutorial and just swap out the flowers for your herbs! It is the same amount of fun, I promise!


So, here’s our list for DIY Pallet Herb Garden Plans. Listing the most interesting plans out there that actually help you with the process of building it, I am hoping you enjoyed reading it.

I know that many of you may actually just be looking, but I urge you to actually try these plans because they are really easy, and you don’t need to be an expert in woodworking. Did you like this list? Tell me in the comments, and make sure to check out other woodworking plans for your next project!

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