126 Pallet DIY Project Ideas

61) DIY Pallet Flower Box

Even though there are so many pallet wood projects revealing how to make a flower box for your garden, we got fascinated by this particular model because it is so effortless to make.

The pieces are nicely clamped together by utilizing a hammer and nails, so that even if you don’t have access to a complete set of instruments, this would be no issue.

Moreover, we truly enjoy the fact that this design can be adopted easily into a bigger or smaller size, depending on your personal taste and needs.

What grabbed my attention to this simple build is the pleasant and compact height you can achieve, so that your flower box doesn’t have to be placed directly on the ground.

Instead, you can play with its dimensions, and by building a few different versions of the same model, you can beautify and diversify the appeal of your garden.

62) DIY Pallet Patio Sectional

I am pretty sure most of you who enjoy the beauty, versatility, and simplicity of DIY pallet projects have inevitably stumbled across an array of DIY pallet patio ideas.

However, we think this one we are listing at number 62 is a true keeper. That’s for a couple of reasons, starting with the ease of the build, going through the explicit video tutorial, full of awesome and useful tips, and nevertheless, keeping in mind the durability of this design.

Personally, I also find the color decision to be a magnificent one, especially in combination with the bright pillows.

Meanwhile, it’s almost hard to believe you can accomplish this build with only limited tools, such as a nail gun and skill saw, among others. Plus, the size of this project is fully customizable.

63) Simple Outdoor Pallet Chair

I’ve already confessed about my passion for pallet chairs previously on this list, and even though I promised myself I will try to restrain from adding too many similar options, I couldn’t help it but to include this brilliant outdoor pallet chair.

Plus, I’ve got all the support from our team of pallet DIYers, after we all agree this particular design is a treasure.

It does take some time to accomplish this build, and depending on your level of experience, it can be anything between just a few hours and up to a weekend.

However, you don’t need any complex instruments, and the video tutorial is a very explicit one, too.

The only downside we find to this simple outdoor pallet chair is that if you are looking for pallet projects with instructions, this one does not provide any additional plans to follow, apart from the steps featured in the video below.

64) Double Chair with Bench Table

We like this double chair with bench table DIY project so much for more than one reason.

For a start, we highly approve that this is a reliable and durable design which can last for many years to come.

Moreover, we also appreciate the fact that this project is suitable for the novice wood working enthusiasts. Nevertheless, you will want to utilize only a limited set of tools and materials.

What more could we possibly want than an affordable and fun wooden pallets plan?

Step-by-step instructions are also available, plus a precise cut list, too, which only makes your mission as a woodworking enthusiast easier and fully-enjoyable.

And finally, with a pinch of imagination, you can turn this double chair with bench table into a stunning part of the decoration in your garden by painting it in suitable colors.

65) Modern Wooden Pallet Lamp

Ever since I stumbled across this modern wooden pallet lamp, I can’t get this particular model out of my head.

DIY pallet ideas like this make me want to never stop exploring the limitless designs we can create while working with pallets.

The tools you will need in order to accomplish this build include a tablesaw, a miter saw, planer/jointer, cordless drill, and orbital sander. Apart from pallet wood, you will also need to utilize 2 pieces of 25cm x 25 cm plywood.

Meanwhile, a step-by-step build plan is also available, featuring the exact metric units you will want to keep into consideration.

We’d rate this project as a suitable one for beginners, as long as you have the right kit of instruments.

66) Pallet Wooden Crate

This pallet wooden crate has such a wonderful design that we bet most of the people who get to see the end product of your efforts will never be able to tell this is a homemade DIY project.

Personally, I’ve always loved crates because these are very useful to keep handy in your household.

Whether it comes to storing your kids’ toys, some tools or cleaning detergents) there are as many options as your imagination can go. Meanwhile, the maker of the video has decided to utilize this crate for holding fire starters.

This pallet wooden crate is made out of only a single pallet and limited tools. Thus, both the novice and the more experienced DIYers can choose to take advantage of this build plan.

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67) DIY Wooden Box

Even though this wooden box is not among the DIY pallet projects with instructions, apart from the video tutorial available, we love the simplicity of this build.

As a matter of fact, step-by-step instructions are not needed because this is the type of design which even the newbie woodworking buddies can be able to accomplish with both ease and confidence.

Furthermore, no complex tools or any advanced techniques are utilized, and we also appreciate that this DIY option is fairly quick to finish.

All in all, if you are on the search for a nice hand work idea to take advantage of a free pallet and turn it into something neat and practical) we think this DIY wooden box deserves big thumbs up.

68) Modern Pallet Stool

We all agree that this modern pallet stool is one of those DIY projects which every woodworking aficionado will be excited, happy, and proud to accomplish.

The design is so stylish, simplistic but simultaneously modern, innovative yet practical, that we can’t see a reason to hide our admirations for this exquisite build.

Moreover, you can choose to utilize pallet wood or plywood in order to create this stunning modern pallet stool yourself.

When it comes to the tools you will need, these include a saw, jointer/planer (or a hand plane), belt or orbital sander, and a handheld router (or simply some sandpaper).

Even though this project can take some time to accomplish if you are still a beginner, we’d rate the difficulty of the build as an easy one.

The reason why you may need to spend more time is only due to the precision you have to put while assembling.

69) Pallet Table and Banquetos

I’ve always had a passion for rustic designs. When you go for DIY pallet projects, it is easier than ever to achieve an old-weathered, old-aged effect of your creations. I guess this is partially why I like this pallet table and banquetos idea.

By banquetos, we mean the mini chairs which go along with the build of this big table.

We all agree that this duo can make up for a wonderful addition any garden.

The downside we find to this particular project, though, is the lack of English subtitles in the video tutorial.

With this in mind, those of you who are still part of the novice woodworking enthusiasts should better opt for another plan since it can get very confusing to try to understand properly each step of the process.

Apart from that major downside, this is not a difficult project.

70) DIY Pallet Planter Pots

As we have just reached 70 diy pallet ideas in this compilation, we decided to add an easy and crafty project at number 70, with a special mind to all the weekend DIY warriors out there.

We like this particular project because it is extremely cheap (in fact, you can accomplish it with zero expenses).

We also find it suitable for anyone who wants to create a practical planter pot without having to utilize an advanced set of tools.

And nevertheless, we also adore how old pallets look good when repurposed into those DIY pallet planter pots.

Personally, I enjoy the ingenious way the wood pieces are tied and assembled together in place using a bungee cord.

Even though you can choose another option to snug those pieces together, I like the simplicity of this particular method.

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